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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I have a fun Abra comi try on haul I haven't done one of these in a while And I ordered eight different pieces During like the Black Friday Cyber Monday week and as always everything Will be listed in the description box if You wanted to check out anything for Yourself and I'll let you know what size I'm wearing in each piece for reference I'm petite I'm 5'1 let's just go ahead And start with what I'm wearing so this Is called the glossy Sltp and I love this one because of you Know what it says in the name gloss has Like a shine to it which is really cool It also makes it you know just more Elevated with you know regular outfits You can put together some jeans bottoms Um here I paired it with this mini skirt I got from them which I'll talk about in Just a moment but I love this top Because the neckline kind of almost has That boat neckline that slash like where That name comes from I actually really Love that paired with some layered Jewelry I think looks really pretty and The sleeves are a little bit long for a Petite I that doesn't bother me too much I much rather have sleeves that a little Bit longer than sleeves that are too Short so cuzz in this case I can just Cuff them and I'm good to go paired with This satin mini skirt okay well actually

It's a squirt there's built-in shorts on The inside but honestly I was expecting This to be cheap uh cuz in the pictures It just doesn't do it justice I love the Fit of it but I wasn't getting my hopes Up for the quality I don't know for some Reason the photos didn't do justice I Got it in showing it in the footage is Here it is one of the most high quality Skirts I've ever purchased it's really Thick it has two leg So it has the satin layer on top that's Very stretchy and then it has another Layer on the inside and then it has Built-in shorts as well so it has three Layers which kind of sounds stuffy but It's not it just has the top two layers Of the skirt and then like tiny little Shorts that are built into it which is Really nice and you get in and out of it With the zipper the waistband is so Stretchy really high quality honestly if You've been looking for a mini skirt Like this that's like a true mini style Very cute girly nice nice fit to it um Not too tight but not loose and fit out The waist this is your skirt it comes in Multiple colors okay I saw really good Reviews about this long sleeve ribbed Top by the way these are not bodysuits They're just a basic long sleeve so the Differences between the two is the Neckline the SL sweater top is kind of More of a boat neckline this white one

Is more of a crew neckline or is a crew Neckline it is so thick like keep in Mind if you order this white one that I'm sharing it is very very thick this Is a perfect layering top for winter It'll keep you so warm really easy to Layer with outerwear pieces and it's Just really thick and really warm like The quality of this is truly shocking Especially I paid like a pretty low Price for it during the sale and this is Honest if you're looking for a very Basic shirt sweater that's thick enough To wear for winter and layer this is Your shirt it is incredibly thick it's So stretchy I'm wearing this in my Normal size extra small fits really well Maybe just like slightly long in the Sleeves but again I can just cff that And I'm fine okay if you guys seen this Sweater on the abber comi site hopefully You thought of me in it because I feel Like this is just me and a sweater me And a cardigan uh it's this button one I Thought this was just so classy and so Just elegant and really dressy but Comfortable and stylish at the same time I love the button detailing and with This one honestly I didn't have my hopes Up for it because buttons can be done Really well well or they can be done Really really bad they can look really Cheap but in this case the buttons are Done so well they are heavy they sit

Flush they're not drooping or anything Which is so nice and the length of the Sweater is so freaking petite friendly I Was really really happy with it I don't Have to tuck it in in the least bit at All it sits perfectly with high-waisted Bottoms uh it's not too short where it's Showing my stomach but it's not too long So it just really just accentuates my Waistline hits at the right spot um it's Really soft really comfortable I would Say it's a little bit long in the Sleeves do I just have really short arms Or something I feel like I say that in Literally every top the sleeves are just A little bit too long maybe I just have Like really short arms okay I got Another dark navy blue item I think the Theme in this video is like dark navy Blue and like charcoal gray can you tell I've been loving those colors lately I've been incorporating more of my Favorite pieces to wear in those colors And I've been loving it I've been loving The vibe lately uh so I got this dark Navy striped sweater and one of the Things I love about it as you guys Probably notice it is the really wide Dramatic collar um it kind of reminds me Of Varley I recently purchased like this Uh set from them where it has like the Sweater with a really wide collar uh and I love the vibe and so AB comic came out With this sweater it comes in multiple

Colors and other patterns as well but I Love the dark Navy with the white Stripes and this zipper is great you can Open it up expose more neckline or you Can close it up a little bit more have Um just like a basic collar going on but I love exposing the neckline especially With a more slouchy fitted sweater like This and also I love the length it's not Too cropped it's not showing my stomach Even when I go about my day and do my Normal things it doesn't show my stomach Which I love I don't like showing my Stomach but this one it hits at the Perfect length where I can like just do A cute little front tug with my High-waisted jeans it looks great in the Back it's not too frumpy or Bunchy in The back it just lays beautifully and The sleeve actually is not too long in This this one I don't really think I Need to Cuff it which is great so Anyways this is a very very petite Friendly sweater again it comes in Multiple colors different patterns as Well but this one of course I was really Drawn to because you guys know I love Stripes I am really loving the sunlight Coming in it's coming on me here not on My face which is great it can really Wash me out but it's kind of just like Coming in I think I have pretty good Lighting going on to compensate for all This lighting coming through I think it

Looks really pretty it's just really Just sunny and just happy uh so anyways I decided to try out this faux leather Dress from ABI and I love it I think it Looks so cute with the pair of knee high Healed boots and It just fits really Well I'm wearing an extra small petite I Love the way my normal size throughout Ver comi fits in this it's not too tight It's not too loose I love the length not Too short not too long I think it's just Like the perfect length for me being 5'1 For reference I have a long torso and Wonderfully enough short legs for being 5'1 if that's a thing so anyways um I Would say it fits really well so you can Stay with your true size with your Normal length you get through abber Cromie one way I think is so fun styling This is wearing a long sleeve turtleneck Sweater under this so here I paired this Turtleneck sweater from Amazon and I Think it looks really cool with it and Look what I finally ordered in my right Size I got the ultra highrise 90s Straight Jean and originally I got the Size uh 23 three short apparently it was Still too long for my legs so I needed The extra short isn't that wonderful Anyways again I'm 51 for reference and The extra short in a size 23 fits Perfectly the length as you can tell Here Perfect full length I wouldn't Change it I wouldn't make it any shorter

I wouldn't want it to be any longer it Goes perfectly with my heeled sock Booties and I said this before these Jeans are the closest in qu quality and Style and fit to my premium like $200 Designer jeans that I've been raving About so if you've been looking for just Like a really nice good quality stiff Rigid denim for more reasonable price Point the specifically the ultra Highrise 90 straight from ever cromie is The most similar to like the designer Jeans that I Rave about and they come in An insane amount of colors literally the Options are like endless for the colors To choose from I went with this washed Black I went with the Curve loveu so They have regular fit and curve love fit Okay last but not least another gray Item can you tell the theme Navy and Gray but this wool Blended Blazer coat This is perfect for winter fall and Winter but it's definitely really thick Enough to wear for winter and keep you Warm it's fully lined on the inside and Then this dark gray color has a herring Bone very subtle Herring bone pattern to It which I really love it almost kind of Makes it look like a heathered jacket But if you look close enough it's Actually a hering bone pattern and this Comes in other colors as well so I Actually own this coat in the cream Color I really love it especially for

Winter and especially if I want to wear A blazer during the winter time had the Darker gray color on my wishes for Forever and then of course during the Black Friday week weekend um this was on Discount so I was really happy with it I Went with my normal true size with everi Which is an extra small petite I would Say it fits perfectly I can layer Thicker knits underneath it and not feel Too stuffy uh no need in my opinion to Go down a size or up a size I think the True size fits perfectly and I love that It's lined I love how thick it is it Keeps you so warm and the petite size Fits really well in the sleeve length The length of it as well um all around I Love it it's a great great jacket coat So that brings it to the end of this Video that was eight new arrivals that I Got from Apper cromie as always I'll Have everything linked down below if you Wanted to check out anything for Yourself let me know if you would like To see more AB cromie hauls from me and If there's any other brands you would Like me to check out and do hauls from Actually you know who I've been really Interested in trying and getting more Pieces from aritzia I don't know I I Love their style they're very expensive Though so that's why I'm kind of like Hesitant but uh I don't know would you Guys like to see in arito haul next I'm

Really tempted to let me know what you Think about that but anyways thank you So much for watching I love you guys so Much and I'll see you next time bye