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So in this video I'm sharing fall work Outfit ideas on a petite body type these Outfit combinations are very minimal Classic Timeless I'm sharing some Outfits that are dressy some are a Little bit more casual in between I'm Sharing outfits with heels with flats And I'm sharing 10 different outfits Today I have five different bottoms I'm Going to be styling two different ways For you guys just to give you some Outfit variety ideas with the same piece As always I have everything linked down Below if you happen to be interested in Anything my size measurements what size I'm wearing you each piece is listed Down there as well feel free to Screenshot the outfits from this video If you're looking to recreate these I Also want to point out the dress code For work definitely varies from each job So of course make tweaks to the outfits If you need to so the first bottom I Wanted to style today is a midi skirt I've had this one I think for three Years now this one's from Abercrombie I Don't think they sell it anymore but I'll try to find a similar one for you Guys it's my favorite it's been in my Closet for such a long time I pull it Out every single year with this one that I'm wearing it has a slit on the side Um if you prefer to have one with no Slit definitely opt for that one but

Here I'm just styling it with a slit I Think it looks so flattering for a Petite and how I'm styling this first Way is with this beige sweater slingback Black pumps then this beautiful minimal Tote bag so this tote bag fits an iPad Uh the larger size I believe and so you Can actually fill a lot of things in it It's very minimal very classic you can Also adjust the strap as well and in my Opinion it seems like a petite friendly Bag it doesn't hang too low on my body Which is great and if you don't want to Wear heels to work I totally think you Can wear midi skirts with Flats so Here's an outfit example I decided for My base to go all monochrome with this So it almost looks like a midi dress and Then I added this minimal belt to Highlight my waistline add a little bit More accessory to the outfit so that way It just stands out a little bit more and Then these flats are incredibly Comfortable uh the reviews on these are Just so mixed if you have narrow feet They won't work for you I think they're Going to be too wide if your feet are Average like mine they work really Really well so paired with this midi Skirt I think it looks fabulous with it And I especially think it works because The midi skirt has a slit on the side so There's that break in fabric when you Walk and move uh it just looks

Incredibly flattering okay next bottom I Wanted to style I'm really excited about These I shared this in my fall wardrobe Essentials video These are the everlane Dream pants they feel like a sweatpant But they look like a trouser because They have the seam going down the leg in The front and then they have the pockets In the back as well and the waistband is Nice and stretchy so they really feel Like sweatpants they are perfect for Fall and winter so first way I'm styling It is very edgy with the leather jacket Some heeled sock booties paired it with A minimal belt like I did with the midi Skirt and then just a simple long sleeve Top underneath and this is a great Outfit idea if you're really into those Edgy outfits I love the leather jacket Totally petite friendly I believe I'm Wearing an extra small fits really well Love all the zipper button detailing and Then the next way to style these I love Wearing these pants with a striped shirt Because black and Stripes just look so Good together I love this one from Cezanne I've been recommending it for Months now it's very beautiful Timeless And stunning paired with these very Comfortable pants and then the two-tone Flats and with the gabbing crossbody bag Which has Gold Hardware on it also just Um accessorizes the outfit makes it look A little bit more unique so love this

Combination all together and if you want To add a layering piece I always Gravitate towards my trench coat Especially when I'm styling Stripes Stripes and trench coat to me just is The perfect combination so I tend to Pull for the trench coat especially for Fall now next up is a pair of medium Wash slim straight jeans now if your Work allows to wear denim jeans this is A great great option it is a Splurge but I love a Goldie Riley jeans they're so Flattering I went true to size with These These are folded or hemmed Slightly with my safety pin hack so they Do come pretty long first way is with my Black sock booty striped shirt again and Then my wool black coat love this I love Matching also the color of my coat to my Shoes and then adding in the stripes This feels very classic kind of French As well also very comfortable and so Wearable and even the sock bootie is so Wearable because the heel is thicker uh The shoe is softer and it's just really Easy to wear throughout the day and the Other way is with a lot of brown in it This one just really screams fall to me I feel like I should be holding a latte In this video clip with this outfit uh I Love the combination of blue denim with Brown nothing screams more fall to me Than that so I paired it with black sock Booties a striped sweater and then my

Camel colored coat I feel like all of This together looks so beautiful and Then I paired it with the cream colored Um shoulder bag this one is the gabian Crossbody bag from Charles and Keith Shared it several times I love it so Much I think it goes well especially Since the stripes in the sweater uh They're in white Ivory very light color So it matches the purse next up I wanted To share this pleated skirt again I hope You guys are not sick of seeing it I Have been wearing it more times than you Guys may think I swear I probably wear This every single week so I love it I Have it in two colors so here's two ways I styled it uh the one that I'm wearing Right now is with this gray sweater the Alpaca sweater from Quinn's and then I Paired it with the gray wool coat this Is the same one as the black color I Just shared but I purchased a new one This year in Gray and I think it looks So pretty with the gray alpaca sweater Kind of having that monochrome look Going on and if you're wanting to wear Flats I love these slingback flats from Steve Madden I purchased them in the Spring definitely great to wear for fall And especially for the office they're Comfortable they're stylish and all Together we have black and gray and I Love that combination and then with the Beige pleated skirt so here's a lighter

Colored outfit idea this one would Actually be really cute to wear for Springtime but we're wearing the same Pleated skirt but in the beige color and Then my white slingback pumps and then I Have this ribbed long sleeve bodysuit I Got from Abercrombie last year I'm Really hoping they restock it because it Was one of my favorite pieces I Purchased last year and I'm pulling it Out again this year held up so well they Still look good as new and I really hope They bring it back so I paired it with a Skirt and then adding this uh beige wool Coat over as well I think looks very Feminine very girly so love how this all Came together I love all the lighter Colors as well I think it just goes Perfectly together and then last but not Least I wanted to style these and Taylor Pants for you guys so here's two outfit Exam samples one with the cropped Cardigan two-tone Flats quilted bag and Then the next one is with the trench Coat the ribbed bodysuit that I shared In the previous outfit and then my white Slingback pump so one is a little bit More dressy one is a little bit more Casual I think both look great and Whenever I'm styling a beige pant like This I really love sticking to kind of Like that monochrome look pulling pieces In my wardrobe that are in different Shades of like beige khaki uh pairing

That all together to kind of get like a Monochrome look I think looks so Polished effortless put together and it Just makes beige pants like this look Even better once you pull pieces in your Wardrobe that are similar in color so You guys probably notice I wear Monochrome outfits a lot I definitely Don't wear more than three colors in one Outfit but a lot of the times I'm pretty Much sticking to two colors or maybe Even one uh just depending on the pieces I'm wearing but always no more than Three for me I think if you stick to the Three color rule I'm sure we all know Outfits look very crisp polished and put Together all right you guys so that was 10 work outfit ideas for petite body Type I hope you enjoyed seeing these Different outfits different combinations Styling each bottom two different ways Just to give you some ideas again feel Free to screenshot your favorite outfits And recreate them in your own ways if You happen to be interested in anything I always link everything in the Description box for you guys thank you So much for your love and support and I Will see you in my next video bye