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So in this video I will be reviewing Denim jeans from all different price Points on a petite body type for Reference I'm five foot one denim jeans Videos is such a classic and staple on My channel now I don't think I've ever Done a video comparing denim jeans from All different price points all the way From something more inexpensive to Something that's designer so we have Abercrombie everlane Levi's Goldie and Girlfriend denim jeans and they're all From different price points especially The Abercrombie I would say the Abercrombie ones are the least expensive At least if you get them on sale which Is the only time I recommend getting Abercrombie jeans is waiting for a sale Because they practically have sales Every single weekend and if you happen To be interested in anything I will have Everything linked Down Below in the Description box along with sizing detail I want to start with Abercrombie so I Actually went to the store a couple days Ago and picked these up in store so I Have I think one and that's in a size Petite or short and then the others are Regular so I'm going to start off with The ankles straight ultra high rise I'm Wearing these in a size 24 regular so as You can see the regular fit is a full Length for me maybe just a little bit Too long I would probably hem these like

An inch or half an inch just so they Don't scrunch too much at the bottom but If I were to wear these with ankle boots With a heel they would be a perfect Length for that would make my legs look Super long and these are supposed to be An ankle fit but since I got them in a Regular they're a full length pants on Me if I were to go with a petite size The short it would be a more cropped Length for my height these are very Stretchy so very stretchy compared to All the other jeans I'm going to share Today so they're very comfortable now I Do have the tag for this still only Because I mean I really like them and I Do think they're a great pair of jeans So if you love how they look I do think You'll really like them I just don't Love them enough to keep them Considering how many denim jeans I Already have in my closet okay even Though I have so many pairs of jeans I'm Really considering keeping these even Though I totally don't need them so the Next Abercrombie Jean I'm reviewing is The 90s straight Jean and I got this in The curved love fit so as you can tell They really snatch at my waistline Comparing it to just a regular fit and I Do think the curblock jeans do give Women a curvy look like they really Snatch out the waist they leave more Room in the hips and thighs and it kind

Of just emphasizes everything and it Really gives that curvy silhouette I'm Wearing these in a size 23 and I have to Say I'm always in between 23 24 and Denim jeans in any brand but in Abercrombie it is so rare for me to get A size 23 Abercrombie tends to run small In pretty much every product they make So most of the time I'm getting a size 24 and they're denim jeans but these do Run big so if you're in between sizes I Would go down a size in the 90s straight Jean if you're interested in them but What I like about these is that that They are very similar in fit and look to My premium designer jeans that I'm going To share later in this video If you were To take off the tags off of these jeans And give them to me and tell me that They are like 150 plus Dollar Jeans I Would absolutely believe you they Totally feel designer they look designer To me they have a nice rigid stiff denim Feel to them and look and are the only Con about this is that even though this Is in a short they are still too long For me so I actually have them folded in Probably like two or three inches so They do run quite long and now that Could be the style on purpose they're Meant to be long otherwise this is a Great Jean I do like the 90s straight Fit more than the ankle straight fit Here the previous two so out of the two

That I just shared the 90s is my Personal favorite next up I've actually Gotten believe it or not some requests For me to share skinny jean options and Yes I still do wear skinny jeans I love Skinny jeans and I cannot wait to wear Them more this fall and winter so I Picked up the Abercrombie the skinny High rise I got these in a size 24 Regular so again I picked these up in Store and on a lot of products they Didn't have a short size so these are in A regular I did fold them in about like A couple inches this is the ideal length For me that I like for denim jeans Especially if they're skinny and for a Skinny jean just Apple IDs don't feel Like they have much stretch to them if You're in between sizes I would highly Recommend going with your bigger size Because they don't have that stretch These are done well to where you know They don't have much stretch they have That rigid stiff denim feel but they're In a skinny style but they're still Wearable they're not like super Uncomfortable or anything but they do Feel more stiff so I would definitely Say go with your bigger size if you're In between however I know I said I Really don't need another pair of denim Jeans but I am keeping these I love love Love how these are more budget friendly Option for a a skinny jean and again

Same thing with this one if you took off The tags gave them to me and told me They were 200 jeans I would absolutely Believe you they feel a lot like a Goldie girlfriend jeans the designer Jeans I always Rave about so the skinny High rise and the 90s Abercrombie great Jeans to pick up if you want that Designer look designer feel but for Less Uh they just give that Vibe which is Amazing so I've had these everlane jeans I think for almost two years now this is The 90s cheeky Jean it's an organic Cotton everlane runs quite big this is a Size 23 so if you're interested go down A size if you're in between two sizes And these were the short version but They were still a little bit too long For me so I actually cut the Hem lined On these a couple years ago and this is Just kind of my preferred like if I'm Wearing like something a little bit more Cropped just wanted to point that out Even the short option is still just a Touch too long for a petite but still Wearable and I actually have a safety Pin hack I shared in a YouTube video not Too long ago actually I did that with Some of my jeans recently so here you Can see the safety pens Um where you can keep the original Hemline but you don't have to sew Anything you just use safety pins so if You want to know this tutorial if you

Haven't seen it I'm going to link a Video down below in the description box I'll put a time stamp on there as well So that way you can skip through and Find that tutorial so you don't have to Cut jeans anymore you can use the safety Pin hack so you can keep the original Hemline so moving forward since I Learned this hack I just do that now but I did this a couple years ago so anyways These are great straight classic fit the Quality is amazing they hold up really Well I also love this color I mean I Pulled these out every fall because this Medium wash color is a perfect fall Denim jean you can wear with sweaters And Ankle booties very similar to the Abercrombie jeans right here if you Compare them side by side here they look Quite similar so these two are a great Classic fall color these are a little Bit more on the expensive side uh I Think they retail for like 118. I Remember when they used to be 88 so they Went up so much in price in the past few Years do go on sale from time to time so You can keep an eye on them if you're Interested the next step is the wedgie Straight Jean now fun fact my first Denim jean video I think I ever did on My YouTube channel this was like three Years ago was a Levi's wedgie straight Denim jean review that did really well That helped me gain a lot of petite

Subscribers so if you're still here Thank you so much for sticking around so This is actually a newer pair of the Wedgie straight Jean that I wanted to Pick up and see if it's still the same Because it's been a few years so I want To see if the denim jean changed or Anything and also fit and material can Vary by the color that you pick so I Would definitely recommend just compare The Fabrics when you're looking at Different colors because different Colors some of them have a little bit More stretch some have a little bit less Stretch so that's just something I Learned after purchasing world colors so Again wedgie straight this is in a size 24 they are a touch too long so I have Them folded in about a couple inches These are very very very stretchy I'm Surprised the light wash color of the Wedgie straight jeans that I have are Very stiff rigid denim but the black Color has a lot of stretch too it feels Very stretchy and actually if I compare It to all the jeans that I have here the Wedgie straight in this black color is The most stretchy out of all the ones I'm sharing today and honestly the black Doesn't feel as high-end as like the Other color I have I have the light wash Color but that one feels a lot more Designer and higher end compared to this Black color so I'm not like I'm

Disappointed I still think they're a Great denim jean but they do feel a Little bit cheaper and I'm not sure if That just has to do with this color or If that's just in general how they are Now I'm not sure but I do think they Look and fit great I just think there Are other options here now that feel Like better quality they just look and Feel a lot more designer to me if you're Interested in the style the fit the Color you like everything about it I Would just say maybe wait for a sale so That way you can save a little bit of Money especially with fall coming up They typically on Black Friday they do 40 off all their jeans and that's the Largest discount I've ever seen them do On denim jeans if you see them for 40 Off and you love them Um that's when I would snag it now next Up is the wedgie icon Jean which is my Personal favorite if I'm comparing it The wedgie jeans now the way edgy icon Fit has a more skinny fit to it it's not As tapered it's not as loose still has Stretch to it and again I have the Wedgie icon fit I think in three Different colors they're all different When it comes to stretch the black ones Are more stretchy the light ones have Less stretch in them viewing these black Ones here they are in my opinion better Than the wedges straight jeans I like

How they look more I like how they feel More as well again these are the wedgie Icon they don't use this name anymore FYI I forgot what name they use now for These but I will link the exact one down Below and now we are on to some designer Jeans so I'm gonna start with the Goldies now I did a video Several months ago reviewing a Goldie And girlfriend jeans in so many Different styles that they carry so if You want to see more designer Jean Options I will link it down below and up Here so you can see a different variety But I've just narrowed it down to my two Favorite designer jean styles that I'm Personally wearing the most so first one Being is the a Goldie Riley jeans now The Riley jeans are a little bit Different from each other just depending On what color you pick these ones have Little to no stretch in them I'm wearing These in a size 24 and this is the one That I did that safety pin hack with Which thank goodness I discovered this Hack so I didn't have to just straight Up chop off the hemline but these are Also a button fly oh and also I forgot To mention the Abercrombie jeans are a Zipper fly there's no button fly on any Of these Abercrombie jeans sorry I'm Getting sidetracked here but These I love so freaking my right these Have a straight leg fit to them I'm

Wearing them in a size 24. I really love That straight look they gave me this Light wash color is so stunning it looks Way better in person than modeled on the Website on the website honestly the Color does not do it justice it does not Look good in my opinion so that's why I Was hesitant on trying them but then When I got them in the color is Absolutely stunning in person a perfect Classic blue color no distressing very Beautiful fit really easy to style love The back pockets last and final one is The girlfriend Carolina jeans now out of All the jeans girlfriend makes the Carolina jeans are my absolute favorite They even carry some jeans in petite Sizing so these ones specifically are in A size petite size 24 and these are Definitely a looser more relaxed fit Definitely have that nice straight leg Fit to it and they are thicker stiffer Denim if I'm comparing girlfriend to a Goldie Riley jeans the girlfriend is a Thicker rigid denim the Goldies is a Thinner rigid denim these are just more Of your stiffer rigid Denim and you can Go down a size in these if you want to If you're in between sizes I actually Have these jeans in a size 23 and they Fit they just look more like a skinny Jean but if you want more of a straight Classic a little bit more relaxed fit I Would stay true to size out of all of

The jeans I would say my favorites of Course are girlfriend and a Goldie I Know that sounds so annoying Um truly they're worth to me every Single penny I think they're absolutely Worth the Splurge but I also am so Obsessed with the Abercrombie uh skinny High-rise jeans love these even though I Don't need them I'm keeping them because I really like them and then if you're Looking for a straight Jean that's more Budget friendly the Abercrombie 90s Straight Jean is fabulous like totally Feels like my girlfriend a Goldie 200 Jeans thicker stiffer rigid denim that Just looks so flattering they come in Regular fit curve love extra short to Tall so many different sizes and I would Snag them on sale because they do sales All the time so if they're full price I Would say just hang on wait until they Go on sale and that's how you'll be able To get the best price especially if You're looking for some really nice High-end looking jeans and that feel High-end too for Less so anyways those Are my favorites if you did like Anything from this video it's all linked Down Below in the description box along With sizing details thank you so much For watching and I'll see you in my next Video bye