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He guys welcome back to another video so Today I wanted to share new things in my Closet so I'm currently 14 weeks Pregnant and I'm in that sorry look Who's here her name is Coco by the way She's [Music] Purring okay I'll leave you alone I said I'm 14 weeks pregnant so I'm looking for More stretchy pieces to wear as my body Grows uh throughout spring to Summer Everything I purchased everything I'm Sharing is not maternal are items I plan To wear after I give birth later in the Year they're great whether you're Pregnant or not pregnant I just want to Point that out anyways you'll see the Theme of this video is a lot of stretchy Pieces so everything that I share will Be linked down below I have a lot of Pieces that I got from Amazon that I Love so let's go ahead and get started With that actually so let's start with Bras now when I am pregnant this is my Third time my breasts get so large so Uncomfortable and it's probably my Biggest insecurity being pregnant Because I naturally have Very large breast already and then you Add pregnancy into that and then Postpartum breastfeeding get incredibly Huge like it just looks comical on my Petite frame so anyways instead of just Dealing with it well I do deal with it

But find bras that flatter my breast so I feel like this bra that I'm wearing Doesn't make them look as big as they Actually are so I've actually been Recommending this bra for I think a year Now I just purchased it in a bigger size Since they got a lot bigger this is Technically a strapless minimizer bra But since my breasts are really really Heavy right now um I actually just wear It with a strap so it comes with straps You can uh attach them crisscross them Wear one shoulder so you can like really Customize it if you need to with the Straps and I'm wearing a size 30e which I think is a double d triple D I can't Quite remember I just purchased like Whatever biggest size I could this bra What I love is that it's inexpensive It's it's not like 5060 $70 which my Size is constantly changing and it will Be this whole year I'm going to have to Keep repurchasing bras and I love that Uh this is I think under $30 I think Maybe $24 then another bra I wanted to Share with you guys is something a Little bit more sexy um it's this H like Sheer lace one and these are like one of My favorite bras to purchase being a Fuller busted lady is ones that have no Padding in them because the padding Emphasizes your breast and makes them Look a little bit bigger which I'm not Trying to do that nothing wrong with

That but I don't want to do that I feel Like they're really large and plump I Like minimizing them if I can this one I Believe is advertised as a minimizer bra I really don't think this is minimizer Bra I mean it's a great bra for Fuller Bus for sure it's absolutely wonderful I Just you know if I compare it with the Bra that I'm wearing right now it Doesn't really minimize it so it while It is a great bra I just think the Advertising ment is false okay so I have Been on the hunt for ribbed stretchy Long sleeves in a full length not Cropped version I can't do cropped for Another year this is what I actually do For my YouTube channel I'll purchase Like an item a similar item from three Two or three of my favorite Brands and Then I usually compare them and then Once I narrow down my favorite one I Share that with you guys so I actually Tried out three different brands I'm Going to share all of them with you guys So the first one that I'm wearing is This chocolate color one and then I also Got it in a gray color it's a scoop Neckline rib stretchy full length this One is from Amazon it's the least Expensive one and I love it way more Than I expected to like Amazon truly is Such a hit or miss with clothing but This one is totally a hit it is so Flattering it makes me feel comfortable

And I love how it looks on my body and It's I love it it just like comes in Many colors so nice I got it in the gray I'm going to reorder this in Black I Especially love that the price point is Really reasonable too and the colors are Really pretty then two other brands that I ordered similar long sleeves but They're much more expensive so one is From Lulu and this one I would say the Lululemon the brown color I think is Prettier than the one that I'm wearing Even though they're both great they're Just the shade is different and I would Say the Lululemon one it does feel Really really nice on my skin if I'm Comparing them all the Lulu version it Just feels like a dream on my skin like Truly just so Airy stretchy in Incredibly soft it just feels like a Dream on uh the price is really Expensive so I didn't really want to Stock up on more colors in this one Especially for the price I'm not sure How it's going to hold up so that's why I'm just keeping one for now and then I'm going to wash it and rewear it and Just see how it holds up and then this Other one here it's a little bit Different it's a high neck open back so It has a little bit of a sexy vibe to it Which I really like this is from one of My favorite Brands nudes um and this one Is very similar to to the Lulu version

It's like a micro rib to it a very airy Very soft very stretchy um this one I Would say you probably have to wear a Strapless bra with it cuz if you look in The back um you can see my strap Sticking out on the side that's the only Thing but otherwise it's really really Pretty but out of the three the Amazon One is my personal favorite because I Love a scoop neckline I've been wearing These more often because it just feels More flattering wanted to know my Opinion on that I prefer the Amazon ones I'm going to order one more color maybe Two maybe I'll order the white I'm not Sure but for sure I'm going to be Grabbing the black and I will be living In these all of spring until summer oh My goodness another thing I got from Amazon do is so incredibly beautiful and Minimal and stylish this is going into My spring capsule wardrobe I'm going to Be posting long midi ribbed stretchy Dress it is lightweight so you can Easily wear it all through spring and Summer Um it has like these Camy straps to it It has a open neck V neckline and the Kicker about this dress that I was so Like hesitant on purchasing is that it's One size if you look at the reviews There's so many helpful reviews and Pictures of women sharing from all Different body shapes sizes height it

Fits all of them pregnant or not Pregnant just stretches to your body and It's such a petite friendly dress which I'm like so surprised about and what I Really like also is that the back has a Little slit so it makes it easier to Walk and move around in and I'm just so Excited about this all right so you know Being pregnant I'm stocking up on Leggings so first one I got is from Lulu I wanted to match that like um espresso Colored long sleeve I kind of just Treated myself splurge on a little Set Uh so but I've always wanted to try I Hate the Lulu Alliance let me point that Out I mentioned that so many times the Alliance suck I absolutely do not Recommend them but I do love the Lululemon Wonder trains and the Wonder Unders so I wanted to try another Legging from them these are the Wonder Unders so the compression is very Similar to the Wonder trains I would say If not the same so it has a really good Amount of compression I would say this Is a great higher intensity workouts for Walks not so much on lounging if you go Up a size I think it's fine you can Probably Lounge in it um it does run Kind of small so I suggest either Staying true to size or going up a size In this style I love this espresso color It's just really gorgeous and probably More for fall not so much for spring but

I am excited to wear this for as long as I can until my bump gets too big then I'll Whip these out uh in the fall time Again so these are gorgeous fit really Well I got the 25 in inseam love these From Amazon for more of like a loungy Legging this is definitely more soft not As compressive as the Lulu version and Obviously those are Lululemon these are Amazon and these Olive leggings are Actually my second pair from this brand Specifically I forgot what brand is I Think it's crazy yoga I ripped off the Tag but um I love these because these Feel the most similar to the Alli Without the price buttery soft smooth it Comes in two inseam lengths I think 25 And 28 in inseam I'm wearing the 25 in Inseam comes in So Many Colors I've had The black for so long and um I decided To get another color since I'm wearing Leggings way more often another thing I Kind of traded to my pregnant Self oh my goodness just shaking my head At myself uh but I got a ribbed lounge Set so something look at this so Stretchy that my bump can grow into and Then I can wear at home I got the Bottoms they're sold separately which is Nice cuz I wanted to get a different Size top versus bottom and then this Like baby tea top and I have to tell you Guys I hate baby tea tops because Normally they squeeze my arms this one

Is nice because the sleeves actually Flare out a little bit they're looser so It's like that baby tea look without Having the really tight sleeves which I'm here for super soft and stretchy now This is cropped see how small that is I Got this in a size small so I went up a Size glad I did I feel like it runs kind Of small the bottoms I got them in a Extra small and I feel like I'm really Swimming in the bottoms I'm going to Wash them and dry them and see if they Shrink which I hope they do and they're Also really long so the bottoms are Probably an item I don't recommend much As a petite if you're taller you'll love These do love the style especially how Stretchy they are and just how gorgeous They look everywhere else I'm going to Try to hem them but before I do that I'll wash and dry it and see if it Shrinks I can report back if you guys Want to know but I'm planning on washing It today so check this out I got a Puffer vest so I've been wearing the Black color that I have to death like it Has gotten so much use already I'm Obsessed with it and and I told myself Okay go ahead and grab another color um I found this one from Amazon that is I Think around $30 I hate quoting prices From Amazon because they constantly go Up or down paid I think around 30 32 35 Maybe love this color this cream color

Looks so pretty with like the espresso Colored long sleeve and bottoms and the Inside is fleecy so it's super soft and Then it also has pockets on the inside On both sides and it has pockets on the Outside but my complaint is the pockets On the out side I feel like are too far Back if that makes sense like a little Too back so I have to like really reach There so that's my only complain Otherwise I love the fit now I'm wearing A double extra small in this I'm Debating if I should exchange it for the Extra small still not sure yet I guess It just depends if I want to layer thick Sweaters underneath it then I got this Really oversized flannel from revolve I Personally love it I know not Everybody's into like this kind of style But I've been definitely more into the Oversized layering pieces love the Powder pattern and like the colors Palette in this it's like dark Navy Beige hope in it and it all just looks Really really pretty together so I love It all right you guys so that is it for This video that was all the new pieces I Got lots of ribed stretchy comfy pieces I hope you enjoyed seeing that I feel Like I share so much of dressy pieces I Definitely love sharing all the Casual Pieces especially now cuz that's what I'm wearing a lot lately anyways thank You guys so much for watching I love you

So much and I will see you in my next Video bye