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Hi guys welcome back to my channel so Today I'm sharing some petite friendly Outfits that I will be wearing this Summer at 27 weeks pregnant I have a Pretty good round bump now I'm trying to Embrace the bump we some beautiful flowy Pieces pieces that accentuate the bump As well in general pieces that are peti Friendly bump friendly items I can wear After baby cuz nothing is a maternity Except for one item one thing that I Struggle the most with styling while I'm Pregnant is my bus because as I said Before they win up almost four cup sizes Most pieces sold online they don't Accommodate Fuller bust let alone at the Same time having a pregnant belly so That's probably my biggest challenge not So much finding bump friendly Styles It's more so finding styles that are Fuller bust friendly with my struggles I Love a challenge so I take my struggles And I try to conquer them and still find Some beautiful pieces that I feel great In good pieces that I can recommend to You guys everything that I'm wearing Will be listed in the description box Down below let's go ahead and get Started with this first outfit so I have Been getting my cost per wear out of This Romper like crazy I probably have The cost per wear down so low at this Point especially with the temperature Really warming up here in Washington

This has just been perfect to throw on I Could just wear it around the house I Can put on a cute pair of slides wear it Out I just roll up the sleeves although I would love to find something like this In the color black and maybe with Shorter sleeves also I'm so sorry if I'm Out of breath I'm trying really hard I'm Literally just standing and talking and I'm like completely out of breath I'm so Sorry I'm really trying my best here but So far I love this I would just love to Find this fit in black and then maybe Shorter sleeves again like I said but I Love this because I still have room for My belly to grow I'm wearing a size Small petite again this is not a Maternity piece I love the color uh Comes in a couple other colors I think This is actually a clearance item on Abber cromi but I think they actually do Have a another version like this with Shorter sleeves so I'll try to find that Link it below me and I styled it with Strappy sandals and then this oversized Straw bag so you'll see the theme of This video and all these summer outfit Ideas I have done for this year is just Very organic light Airy the Linens and Textures next outfit combination I Wouldn't wear this very often I probably More so wear this outfit I don't have my Kids with me so if like my husband and I Go in on a date but this mini dress if

You're looking for bump friendly Styles Or styles to feel like a tummy for Example check out free people they have Such beautiful styles that are bump Friendly they can be petite friendly a Lot of the times as well this dress Happens to be has like a slight A-line Silhouette but very flowy and Airy Accommodates a bump love the button Detailing going down you can roll up the Sleeves and then I also paired it with Just these strap crappy sandals a straw Bag and I just love how this entire look Came out so this is something I would Most likely wear if it was just me and My husband going on a date jumpsuits Have also been my absolute favorite this Year and I love how it looks being Pregnant it accentuates the bump uh I Love the straight leg fit I love the Color I think it's great for spring and Summer and then I love dressing it up With these heels so if I want it more Dressy I'll pop on shoes like this uh to Give me height make my legs look longer Also flatters my more ftic build legs Which is really nice just so dang Comfortable this is also something I can Wear postpartum so this is the one piece That is actually maternity just wanted To point that out put in two colors I Have this green color I have a black I Have already gotten my cost per wear Down so low cuz it's one of those pie

Just throw on and go and that's just Kind of been the theme for me this Entire year is just throw on and go is That look Shake but are petite friendly Bump friendly I'm still maintaining my Style throughout this pregnancy if I'm Wearing pants I'm wearing these that I Got from Macy's not too long ago like if I were to pick one pair of pants to wear My entire pregnancy it would be these They are so freaking comfortable light And Airy don't feel tight on my bump in The least bit so so dang comfortable Again this not maternity uh but it does Run quite big so if you are interested In this style I would definitely go down A size I'm wearing a size small petite Oh not pregnant definitely go down a Size I think staying true to size would Be a little bit too big but nonetheless It's so like stretchy and Airy and Comfortable and something that's just Perfect for summer speaking of Accentuating the bump the next outfit is This knit midi dress I've shared it so Many times I love it so much uh it's Definitely so so so pretty and I'm not One and I'm sure you guys probably Noticed this from my from my channel I'm Not one to wear a lot of like bodyc type Of fitted dresses it's just never really Been my style but you know with Pregnancy a friend of mine have just Been encouraging me to just accentuate

The bump try it out I think you really Love it so you know I got this like nit Midi dress I got it in the safest color Black I always feel great in the color Black and I love it I got to say it's Definitely different I'm not used to it Seeing it on myself but I do think it's Really pretty and it shows off the bump Really well it's super comfortable Something I can wear and still you know Take care of my kids in and stuff this Is something I could wear on like a Beach day or going to the park just on Some slides uh oversized straw bag and I Think it just looks so pretty for the Day and quint's linen jumpsuit I've Shared this so many times just quickly I Have been wearing this non-stop I have The black and the dark Navy love them so Much and they're just so flattering so Comfortable and I have no idea how I Still freaking fit into this I'm 27 Weeks pregnant my bump is very round and I think I might have just a few more Weeks left of wearing this at least in The extra small size probably be able to Wear this out until 30 weeks maybe 31 32 Weeks Max being pregnant which honestly I feel like is amazing going from having No bump all the way to like around 30 Week bump wearing a piece like this is Like seriously so worth it and I didn't Even have to go up a size I think this Jumpsuit just naturally comes a little

Bit more oversized relaxed just the way My body type is I'm petite with very Very narrow hips I literally look like a Rectangle and my bump doesn't really Grow wide It Go grows more forward so I Don't know I think just based on my body Type and stuff I can get away with a lot Of these pieces especially just going For more relaxed Styles flowy dresses Maxi midy link has definitely been a Go-to for me so far especially you know Getting into my third trimester here Pretty soon they're just so easy again To throw on and go and this is something That's definitely wearable being a mom Of two already down a lot you know just Doing all the things this is a linen Dress that I got from Quin uh they have Been my go-to pieces for bump friendly Styles like this and they also have Maternity as well so if you are pregnant To find some Chic pieces that don't Break the bank check out Quint I was Able to get several pieces there like Leggings the jumpsuit actually a lot of Options at really good price points that Also looks so pretty and then next up is This dress I got from goelia another Midi Maxi flowy style that I love and Feel so comfortable in and I say this One has half sleeves so if you're s Conscious about your arms this is such a Beautiful style to have it's a little Bit ruffled around the neckline you can

Wear off shoulder if you want to expose A little bit more of your neckline and Shoulders you can wear it on your Shoulder which also looks so pretty I Love it both ways I actually wanted to Share these flipflops so I'm wearing it With this dress and this is probably you Know In The Heat Of Summer more Realistically the type of shoe I would Wear especially if we're going to a Beach to a park if I'm going to be on my Feet a lot these are probably the Prettiest flip-flops I've ever found I'm Not a fan of flipflops I have to say but These I think are really pretty they're Just a beige color with brown straps I Got them from Amazon I think they're Around 20 bucks maybe even less uh they Come in so many colors I've had them Since last summer they're still holding Up definitely worth the price and They're also just really minimal and Simple and for flipflops I love these And but not least I have no idea how I'm Squeezing into this white dress this is One from last summer I got from Unico I'm not sure if they still have it if Anything I'll link something similar Below but um it's smoked in the back so It just barely fits my chest now I mean My breasts are so big now uh so it just Barely fits but it's still nonetheless Really pretty it's a mini Maxi link so Very practical wearing it with white

Strappy sandals the straw bag again I Love the Airy look the organic kind of Cotton lit detailing to it too it's just So pretty again very wearable very Practical fits the bump right now I wore This last summer I loved it another Dress I've shared this so many times uh It's another longer maxi dress uh I love It in the color black I shared this in a Very recent video I just wanted to put It in here as well it's another longer Flowy dress it's just this one the skirt Is more dramatic more poofy more Voluminous so I think for a black dress A longer black dress this is a more Dressy option great for vacational Events so you can even wear it casually Just with some sandals it's just what I Do it is more of a dressy look so just Keep that in mind but I do love it it's So pretty you could I wear it on my Shoulders usually or you can wear off Your should shoulders which looks Fabulous brings it to the end of this Video I hope you guys enjoyed seeing These petite friendly summer outfit Ideas always I'll have everything linked Down below if you wanted to check Anything out for yourself thank you so Much for your love and support and for Watching uh don't forget to subscribe if You happen to be new and I'll see you in My next video bye