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So today I have a super fun Quin summer Try on haul now I'm not keeping Everything but I thought it would be so Fun to share with you guys everything That I picked out and what I'm keeping What I'm not keeping why I'm not keeping It uh so a full detailed review as Always I'll have everything linked down Below if you guys wanted to check it out This is just some of their spring to Summer pieces that I'm really excited to Try on for you guys so let's get started With actually what I'm wearing and I Have been sharing this linen jumpsuit to Death I am so sorry if you guys keep Seeing it over and over again it's just I am 24 weeks pregnant and I'm surprised This fits me and it has a more looser Relaxed style so I think that's why it Just has a little bit more room here uh I think linen tends to stretch out just A little bit too so it has some give it Has a elastic in the back here where It's nice and stretchy um I love the Square neckline the straps are Adjustable I did share this originally In the black color and I did purchase it In Navy it has been my favorite color This year for spring and transitioning It into summer as well and just being 24 Weeks pregnant truly I'm not feeling the Best but this is just one of the pieces That I could just throw on and I feel so Pretty in it I am just so in love with

This piece it's very comfortable flowy In the legs this has been the number one Top seller on my YouTube channel since I Shared this I mean this by far Takes the Cake on being the top seller and they Recently came out with this in so many More colors up are these sunglasses that I'm wearing here so I have never never Tried Quint sunglasses before and I had Honestly no expectations but I'm very Pleasantly surprised the quality of them They feel so incredible they were Packaged beautifully and perfectly come In their own little box baggie as well And one thing that really stood out to Me is the shape of this you have a small Face if you're petite these look perfect Do struggle with glasses being too Oversized because I do like the Oversized glasses look but if I get an Oversized pair of some glasses they look Way too massive for my face cuz I'm Petite and these don't do that you still Have that like oversized uh look but it Doesn't look like it's too big for my Face so I love these they have so many Other styles to choose from I told Myself only to pick one and I had such a Hard time naring it down but I'm really Happy I went with these they're very Simple they also have Aviator Styles and Other styles but I do love these next up Is this cashmere tank so I love their Cashmere sweaters because they're on the

Thinner side so they're very lightweight And very breathable and they feel so Amazing on the skin so can you guys tell I've been obsessed with the dark navy Blue color it went up a size to a size Small it's super stretchy very very soft And lightweight and comfortable and this Is something you can easily wear in the Summer months uh because it is very Lightweight very breathable and easy to Tuck in it's not super thick at all and You can still transition this from Season to season so I love this those Are the three pieces that I am keeping Obviously see the jumpsuit the Sunglasses the tank I'm like so excited For those but I will be returning these So these are the linen wideleg pants and I'm not sure if I don't like it because I'm pregnant and I have a pretty good Bump now or if it's just the style of The pants so um they are super stretchy Around the waist that's why I purchased Them cuz I was thinking oh I can wear Them during pregnancy and postpartum but They fit well around the waistline Around my hips but I think in the legs They gave me that Barrel leg look versus Like a wide straight leg uh so they kind Of taper in a little bit around the Ankles and kind of give that again Barrel look which you guys know I'm not A fan of that style and then it just Kind of gives my legs a funny look which

I don't like it didn't look like that in The model so I'm assuming that's just How it looks like on me probably just Curious how they would look not pregnant We'll be returning these maybe I'll try Them out again next summer if they still Have it next thing that I actually am Returning for two reasons so this mini Dress here it looks gorgeous on the Model but one I don't like the length of It it's a little too long I think this Works better if you're taller I'm 5'1 For reference this hits me around my Knees and I do like my mini dresses mid Thigh so that's reason number one number Two uh they're too big around the Shoulder so they make me look really Wide at the top and I already have a Fuller bus then making my shoulders look Really wide again makes me look very top Heavy so that's another reason third Reason honestly I'm not impressed with The quality most of the Quin pieces that I get in I would say probably 95% of Them that I get in I'm very pleased with Them this one I feel like it stitched Kind of poorly the fabric feels very Thin kind of noisy feels like plastic And very cheap and I hate saying that Because I love quits like in general as A brand I love them I mean I have a Closet full of their pieces in all Different seasons and I'm just obsessed But this is just one piece that just I

Was not impressed with next piece that I'm 50/50 I'm not sure if I want to keep But I probably will send it back because If I'm not absolutely in love with it my Rule is just to send it back but it's This silk maxi skirt I think this would Look gorgeous baby I think maybe the Reason why I'm not a big fan of it on Myself because I have a pretty good bump Now and I don't know I don't think it Looks bad but I'm just not in love with It and I don't really see myself wanting To pull out pull it out and wear it so That just kind of gives me an indication I probably should return it but the Quality of it is amazing it feels so Comfortable on the skin again very Lightweight very soft silky smooth great For spring and summer and U I love that It's a maxi skirt that still works if You're petite so now this is definitely Not a summer piece but I saw it came Back in stock in the color I've been Wanting for months It's this uh 100% organic cotton Oversized sweater I think it's the Boyfriend's sweater but it looks amazing I love the beige color it is just Perfection the only thing I did Differently with this one is I went up a Size so the white version that I've had And been recommending I have it in a Size extra small this one I'm wearing in A size small and I love it I think this

Sweater is great to go true to size or Up a size if you want it long ER in Length and a little bit more oversized In the body because otherwise it still Fits pretty good in my sleeves shoulders And it doesn't look too frumpy or Oversiz so I'm actually very happy I Went up a size cuz I also if I want to Wear with leggings I have booty coverage Which is so nice this speckled beige Color is just so stunning the button Details look gorgeous I mean this Sweater just reminds me of like $150 Plus doll sweater but I think they Charged $60 for this I can't remember so It's just amazing I love it I cannot Wait to wear it for fall I mean I'll Wear it for as long as I can until it Gets too hot this year but then this bad Boy will be out to play in the fall time I'll be sharing this again okay this Dress is definitely such a keeper this Is the 100% linen um midi or maxi dress I love this so much I feel so pretty in This very lightweight very airy it's Totally smoked in the bust so if you Have a fuller bust it looks so beautiful The straps are nice and stretchy they're Not adjustable but they're not super Long straps and they're also stretchy so I could see it working if you're taller If you're shorter fits me perfectly and I'm wearing this in a size small so I Did go up a size I think it looks and

Fits beautifully I love the dark navy Color again this is a piece that you Throw on and go and look so Chic for the Day next dress actually surprisingly Fits really well and it does run really Big in my opinion uh this is a size Extra small it's this tiered maxi dress And it actually works really well being Pregnant I'm actually surprised because This is not a maternity piece um but it Does run really big so you can see looks Really wide I think that's the intent of The design this one also I'm not sure if I want to keep even though it works Really well for me right now I have Other dresses and jumpsuits that I love So much right now that I'm not sure if I'm really going to be pulling this Often I might return this TBD but Otherwise like the quality of it is Great it fits really well I love how it Has a slight open back at the same time I'm sorry if I sound winded right now Pregnancy makes me so winded and I Always have to give myself breaks when I'm filming these videos and even with The breaks I'm still so winded my first Time trying out shoes from Quinn so this Is 100% leather ballerina Flats have More of a point at the toe and these do Feel very stiff first trying them on out Of the box are real leather so they will Stretch over time so they do need to be Broken in just FYI they do feel stiff

When you first get them in so probably My little trick usually if you guys have Any other tricks let me know but I Usually put on a thick pair of socks and Then I walk around with them on in the House to stretch them out and so that Way when I wear them for the day without Socks obviously uh they're much more Comfortable and easier to break in when I'm actually wearing them out so that's Just like a little tip that I do wanted To share with you guys but this comes in I think two other colors I didn't have Them in Black so I decided to try them Out the qual of them are fabulous they Feel very very nice but they do feel Stiff so they do need to be broken in But again they're real leather so They'll stretch over time so those were All the pieces that I wanted to try out From Quinns for spring and summer stuff That is again not maternity but Obviously fits a bump if you have a baby Bump and if you're not pregnant Obviously cuz they're not maternity and I have everything linked down below if You wanted to check it out they're Always coming out with new pieces so if You guys want me to do another video Like this please let me know I love Trying out their pieces so many pieces In my wardrobe that I wear every single Day is from Quinn so I really love the Brand and the style of their pieces and

How you can get gorgeous pieces at Reasonable price points so anyways again All of it is linked down below along With sizing details don't forget to Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you Next time bye