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Let's recreate outfits from Pinterest But at 23 weeks pregnant if I'm being Honest you guys it is not easy watching Your body change so fast while I am the Most grateful for this experience I'm Pregnant with our third baby it's not Easy watching your body change my breast Size is probably my biggest insecurity During pregnancy with all of my Pregnancies cuz I naturally have Fuller Breast but at 2 weeks pregnant I'm Almost up four cup sizes that is absurd It's getting so huge to the point it's Going into my armpits now I'm not Complaining well just a little but I'm Very uncomfortable and I'm still just at Halfway through my pregnancies my Pregnancies I go past my due dates so I Have a long time still I guess all I'm Just trying to say is that it's hard so And one thing that does really help me Though throughout pregnancy is putting Together really cute outfits purchasing In pieces in bigger sizes cuz it really Helps just kind of go through the Process with your body changing just Really putting in an effort to finding Some outfits that you'll feel really Cute and put together in and that's why I want to make this video I'm recreating Outfits from pin but being pregnant and Throwing together some cute outfits so If you are pregnant as well hopefully You find some inspiration from this but

I specifically picked outfits Pinterest On women who are not pregnant and then I Just tweaked it to suit my body type Right now anyways let's start with the Pinterest outfits let's start with this One first I cannot wait for the day I Can wear jeans again but instead I just Swapped out leggings and this is the Only outfit I'm wearing leggings with Trying my best actually not to wear Leggings out of the house too much but Sometimes it's just like it is what it Is I have to throw it on if I want to Wear just like a long pair of pants fits Really comfortably so in this case I'm Wearing leggings uh but I try to keep The top the same the cardigan the same I Went with an oversized fit cardigan like The inspo picture from Pinterest uh I Just make sure when I'm wearing leggings I have that booty coverage cuz it's just More comfortable for me this cardigan I Actually just got it in it's from Quin Um I have it in the white color you guys May remember me sharing it from my Spring Essentials video and I loved it I Was waiting for the speckled beige to Come back in stock now I know it's going To be getting pretty warm here soon so I Won't be able to wear this too much Right now but then once fall Hits in Winter this bad boy will be out all the Time uh but I actually went up a size my The white one that I have is in a size

Extra small this one that I'm wearing The Buckle beige I went to a size small And actually I prefer the size small Even if I was at my pre-pregnancy size I Just like the way it lays and how it's Like bigger around the body and the Length is longer too so it gives me more Coverage in the back and thighs if I'm Wearing leggings really nice having an Outerwear piece that has more of like a Slouchy fit I just feel a little bit More comfortable if I feel like it looks Better in my arms as well so next Pinterest outfit inspiration is this one Here so I love like the wide leg Straight leg pants and actually for Pregnancy I have been loving wearing Like a straight leg fit pant this one is Actually not maternity I actually wore These pre- pregancy and they just have a Very stretchy waistband uh so if I turn To the side didn't pull it I still have A little bit more room oh hi Coco They're actually surprisingly so Comfortable and I love the straight leg Fit I feel like it's really flattering For my legs I feel comfortable I feel Really cute they're lightweight and then I actually decided to throw on a stripe Knit over it I actually really loved how The stripe knit looked with the pants And the strappy sandals so took elements Of the Pinterest outfit inspo but then I Made it my own which I try to do that

With these outfits not to copy it to the Tea uh but to twist and make it kind of Like my own so in this way it is because Of the stripe knit I think it looks so Pretty and it fits so beautifully Especially on my shoulders and arms I Feel like it looks so flattering on me And then uh I am trying to most of the Time wear open neck lines right now While I'm pregnant because my bust is Ginormous like I said I'm up almost four Freaking cup sizes uh so open necklines Actually are very very flattering if you Have a fuller bust so that's why opted For this one I think it looks really Pretty rolled up the sleeves to expose a Little bit more skin uh the strappy Sandals look so pretty I'm actually Wearing them right now in this video as I'm filming uh I got them last spring I'm obsessed with wearing them with like Um midi or maxi dresses and straight leg Bottoms I think they look so pretty Whether it's with jeans or with trousers And next up is this outfit here I love How this looks on her uh so I'm actually Just recreating this by wearing the same Pants these are again from Amazon and I'm surprised they still fit me because I've gained a lot of weight are stretchy They're not too tight on me not to tie Around my thighs and legs and waist so Anyways I'm going to be reusing these Pants for s outfits you'll see but with

This one I just decided to wear this Beige color tank with it uh to recreate This outfit in a similar way strappy Sandals a little tote bag as well and I Honestly really love this outfit and I Specifically picked this tank I wanted To highlight because with goelia tanks I Noticed on the sides where the arm holes Are they come up higher so it provides More coverage if you have a fuller bus Cuz we tend to have like our bra Sticking out a lot on the side if you Have a bigger breast I like how it comes Up higher so it actually feels more Comfortable and flattering around my Arms and I like how the straps aren't Too thin either um I'm trying to wear High-waisted bottoms as much as I can You guys notice it may look silly from The side but regardless I actually I Feel pretty cute in it I feel cute it's What I can wear right now I'm going to Rock it and enjoy it and I feel great in It so very minimal simple outfit I'll Definitely be wearing this on a really Warm day came across this outfit and I Realized I remembered I got in these Olive colored linen pants these I Believe are actually meant for maternity And postpartum and I think you can just Wear them when you're not pregnant as Well how I styled is with the oversized Cotton shirt but I wanted to wear it as A layering piece because my breast are

Heavy my bump is really big and if I Wore this shirt closed I would just look Very very topheavy so it's really nice Having it as a layering piece so I wore A tank underneath used the white Oversized shirt as a layering piece and Then I added some platform heels just to Dress up the outfit a little bit um you Can obviously tone this down and make it Look more casual but I love the platform Heels because I think they look really Flattering for my legs especially being 5'1 uh so I feel more comfortable and Really pretty in this is this one I Believe this this is uh her name is Kate And I love this outfit combination super Easy for me to recreate even being Pregnant at 23 weeks uh again I'm Wearing the same black pants that I've Restyled several times oversized white T-shirt uh these slides I have the dupe Version of them and then a minimal cross Body bag I love this outfit so much I'm Comfortable I feel really pretty I love How sleek and Polished it is I just Loved how minimal and basic this outfit Is and it's so easy to to recreate and Then postpartum I'll be able to recreate This as well I think it's so pretty easy To throw on and go and look so Chic for The day last but not least I had to Include a jumpsuit outfit because I have Been literally living in jumpsuits Specifically is a non-maternity jumpsuit

I actually just repurchased this one in A different color I'll share with you Guys later but here I'm wearing the Black to recreate this Pinterest outfit And with the strappy sandals man if These strappy sandals are still in stock I will link them below they are my Freaking favorite and they're so pretty I just love how they look with so many Different outfits have a very minimal Vibe but the jumpsuit is amazing because It's a throw on and go and you look so Stylish and Chic for the day you can Dress it up dress it down I even Included it in my spring outfit ideas Where I was styling 10 pieces in 26 Different ways and and this jumpsuit was Included in that video I was able to Style it several ways but it's just such An easy throw on and go looks Chic Effortless fits well I love the wide leg Fit even being 5'1 it still is so Flattering on me and this is something I Can wear postpartum to that's nursing Friendly as well all right you guys so That was me recreating six Pinterest Outfits at 23 weeks pregnant also can I Say one of the best things about Pregnancy is how my hair grows like a Weed I don't I've been getting so many Compliments and messages to you guys Like what the heck are you doing with Your hair it's so shiny it's getting so L

It's literally pregnancy it happens to Me every single pregnancy I'm so Grateful for it so if I have to deal With the boobs thing to have the hair I Will gladly do that you guys for hanging Out watching this video and chitchatting With me I feel like I was a little bit More chit chatty in this video about Pregnancy and such but everything just a Little update is going really well with Pregnancy baby's head is actually really Low which my Midwife said that's Actually a really good thing especially With a third kid that's normal then what Else I did my 20 we Anatomy scans Several weeks ago everything came out Perfect you don't know the gender by the Way we plan wait until baby's born to Find out so I'm so excited uh we already Have a boy and a girl and we don't know If this is our last baby or not so we've Always wanted a surprise wor the other Two we found out in this one I was like Okay just in case this is our last baby I wanted to be surprised I don't want to Find out until the baby's born I just Want to see how that feels like just Finding out at that moment that's super Exciting no gender reveal party or Anything like that so you guys I'm so Excited for the newborn phas I love Babies I love having a tiny little baby Nursing them taking care of them Snuggles the things it flies by so fast

I already have almost a 5-year-old and An almost three-year-old they're turning Five and three before this baby is born So it's been a while since I've had a Little peanut I am just so grateful for The experience so thankful so excited Anyways again I'm sorry I keep lobing Thank you guys so much for watching this Video if you are new and you happen to Listen all the way to here here Subscribe for more weekly videos and I'll see you next time bye love you guys