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So in this video I'm sharing 10 petite Friendly spring and summer dresses Rompers jumpsuits I have a total of 10 Items I want to share with you guys Today and I feel like a broken record Saying this but uh keep in mind I am Pregnant so whereas these pieces do fit A bump they're not maternity except for One item which is this jumpsuit but Everything else is just bump friendly or I went up a size or went for a flowy Style and I'll write down what size I'm Wearing in each piece as well so with That let's go ahead and hop right in This jumpsuit so this one is not Maternity again nothing is except for This one that I'm wearing but this has Been my top seller on my channel since I Shared this in my spring wardrobe Essentials video last month this 100% Linen jumpsuit it's petite friendly it's Like a full length for me the straps are Adjustable and it's just a really comfy Relaxed style that comes with a belt you Can cinch your waist in and it just Looks so flattering it's Fuller bus Friendly it has thicker straps so it's Really flattering it's squared at the Neckline you can make the strap shorter Or longer if you need to depending on Your height and in the back here there's An elastic so it creates a little bit More room so petite friendly Fuller bus Friendly great for spring and summer

Comes in many colors this item has also Been top sailing this is a stretchy Ribed midi dress from Amazon and I think This was under $4 it has been such a hit on my channel Too I also share this in my spring video Um It's like a a thicker rib but still Perfect for spring and summer and if you Look at the reviews it looks gorgeous on Every body type every height um this is Actually one size which I know it's kind Of like H I don't know but it somehow Magically works it just you slip it on It just Smooths everything out Highlights all of your curves and it's Just a really gorgeous throw on and go Piece where it with some slides and you Look so Chic for the day okay I want to Share a couple wedding guest dress Options so this first one is an offthe Shoulder dress I went up a size in this One I'm wearing this in a size small Petite it is so gorgeous I am debating Between wearing this or this next one I'm going to share with you guys for a Wedding I have coming up kind of going More for this one cuz I think it'll be More springy uh for the wedding that I'm Attending and this has a slit in it and It hits at the perfect spot U me being 5'1 and again I ordered this in a petite The length is fabulous it's also fully Lined in the skirt is so pretty it has Really good weight to it it's kind of

Puffy and like flowy and a little bit Bigger so it creates more drama looks Really girly I love the pattern it also Comes in solid black and then uh white And blue stripes but I thought this Would be perfect for a wedding guest Option because you have like the green Florals it's also smoked in the back and The offsh shoulder is perfect I love how It's thicker as well so it's really Flattering if you have a fuller bus and You like to kind of minimize and conceal That area and it doesn't expose cleavage At the same time which is wonderful and It's very stretchy like the off shoulder Strap so you can see that stretch it's Really really nice and comfy I'm pretty Sure I'm going to go with this one for The wedding but let me show you the next One this is called the goddess dress From aritzia and can I just say I Literally do feel like a goddess in this I think the back is just so showstopping It has that low V in the back which it Works if you have a bra strap extender Uh to lower your STP a little bit or you Might even be able to get away with just Loosening your straps lower the band in The back because see this dress it hides The straps on the side so you could wear A regular bra and just lower the straps Or wear a bra strap extender so this Works great if you have a fuller bust And you need that support but still want

To wear something open back this comes In multiple colors but I loved this Shiny purple color I do think every Woman needs a gorgeous tear dress like This something really casual or you can Dress it up as well with some heels like Strappy heels but I would wear this with Slides and this dress is from Quint I my First time trying it out I love it I Went up a size to a size small I would Say it fits beautifully I love the Thicker straps I love the smoked bus Line and then the stretchy shoulder Straps and then the skirt is nice and Flowy and teered I love the dark navy Color as well it just looks very High-end and this dress comes in two Versions 100% linen and 100% organic Cotton I'll link both but the one that I Have is 100% linen is this mini black Dress from abomi I love this one so much It just is a runs short it runs really Really short so I'm 5'1 for reference I Feel like I probably should have gotten A regular even with me being 5'1 so if You're below 5'1 my height go with a short but if You're my height or any taller even half An inch taller get the regular length Because you can see it looks pretty Short on me even with me having a bump I Don't think it shortens the dress yet Because the dress has like a bigger fit To it and more of like a boxy fit I

Don't think my bump is really making it Shorter but it just runs really short And it's just really simple minimal and Classic and it kind of gives me like a 60s vibe to it which I've always loved The 60s style era and when I saw this Dress I had to have it even if I may not Be able to wear it for too long right Now this will be so fun to wear after Baby next up is this linen blend Romper I was surprised how bump friendly this Is because um it's like a relaxed fit I Think they call this a relaxed fit linen Blend Romper and the waistline is Cinchable I did go up a size to a small Petite um I have the sleeves cuffed I Even cuffed the shorts a little bit too Cuz I wanted them a little bit shorter For me two pockets in the front here uh It has side pockets in the shorts Cinchable waistline and I love it it's Very minimal basic and simple and again My wardrobe for this spring and summer Is pretty much just throw on and go Outfits because that's probably what I Can only really wear realistically with The baby bump so it's nice having pieces Like this that I can wear now and after Baby and that you just throw on and you Instantly look so Chic with like some Slides maybe heels if you want to dress It up now I have been loving Free People Dresses since I got pregnant um cuz they Have some petite friendly lengths for

Mini Styles and they're pieces that I Can wear now and definitely after I have Baby when I had my second baby I wore a Lot of free people dresses when I was Pregnant with her and I just lived in Them CU of the flowy relax Styles Perfect for spring and summer so first One is this floral one one I love um Because you can wear it two ways so Here's it in the front I did have to pin It because it would expose way too much Cleavage for me cuz my girls are large And in charge right now since I got Pregnant I'm like guys I went from a C Cup pre-pregnancy to a triple D in 22 Weeks I mean I'm just like wow that is a Lot of growth there try to conceal this Area cuz it's very out there right now Uh so anyways if I'm wearing it with the The right way correct way was advertised I have to pin it in the front but if I Flip the dress around and wear it Backwards it also looks so pretty I Don't know how it would look for someone With that is not pregnant you can always Try it out if you're interested in this Dress I actually love it both ways I Love the open neckline and then I love Flipping it around if I want to be a Little bit more modest in my chest area It that way as well the band is very Stretchy super duper stretchy and what I Like is that the neckline they have that Elastic in the neckline as well here as

You can see when I pull it it's really Stretchy I just got in earlier this week I love it very casual cotton mini dress I like to wear it with the sleeves Rolled up I love how the buttons are Going all the way down but it's still a Really bump friendly piece it has all of These seams in the skirt which I think Gives it a lot of a really pretty detail It's fully lined comfortable very simple And girly great to wear with a pair of Slides wearing this in my true size Extra small so I love that with a lot of Free people dresses I can get my regular Size it's going to be nice and flowy for My bump but then when I deliver the baby It's still going to look beautiful and a Lot of their pieces are nursing friendly At the same time and then I'm sharing This jumpsuit for last it's so pretty And honestly you guys I really hope this Works after I have the baby because this Is a maternity specific item wearing it In my true size extra small comes in Another color and if I turn to the side This is how it looks oh my God my bump Is so big can you believe that's like 22 Weeks I mean it's my third baby so I Mean it's Expected but I love it it's so pretty I Feel really pretty in this it looks Great in the back very flattering here All I had to do was just hem it cuz the Length was a little bit too long for my

Legs so I did Stitch it and hem it Myself and it looks so nice how it has These sleeves and it's also nursing Friendly so I'm assuming this may work After baby because I think they designed It intentionally to wear post part Partom as you're nursing cuz it has the Buttons here to open and feed baby and The belt makes such a difference when You're pregnant and wearing a jumpsuit Or even not pregnant in wearing a Jumpsuit just defining your waistline Makes it look so nice when you're Wearing like a one piece like this that Brings it to the end of this video This Along with everything else will be Linked down below if you wanted to check Anything out again what size I'm wearing In each piece I will list it down there As well don't forget to subscribe if You're new and I'll see you next time Bye