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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today is my annual spring wardrobe Essentials video I am so pumped so 2024 Spring Essentials I have some beautiful Very minimal Timeless pieces that you Can wear from Spring and transitioning It into summer um I'll be sharing tops Bottoms outerwear pieces a dress and a Jumpsuit that's pretty friendly by the Way as far as shoes and bags I'm going To put that in a separate video a little Bit later reference I'm 5 foot one I'm Very short petite I have a long torso Short leg so you can use that for your Reference everything that I share will Be linked Down Below in the description Box along with sizing details also I Want to point out I am pregnant so a lot Of these pieces you'll see a lot of Layers you see a lot of stretchy pieces Nothing is maternity let's start with Tanks so I feel like you know tanks Obviously is great for spring and summer They're that perfect P that you can Transition from season to season it's Perfect for pieces like this where you Want to layer so this first one that I'm Sharing is from ever cromie you know There's a few Brands I love going to for Basics tanks bodysuits and such ever Cromie has always been my go-to for like The past five or six years um this one I Love it's gray it's uh ribbed stretchy Has a scoop neckline uh medium with

Strap I would say this runs true to size It's super comfy I think it comes in Other colors when it comes to Colors Three basic neutral colors I always Recommend it's just gray black and white These two tanks I actually got in a two Pack from aboc I didn't I didn't know They actually did like packs or sets Until I came across these so this came In a two pack white and black uh same Style it's more crop so this is a crop Tank versus the one that I'm wearing Right now the gray one is a full length And this one what I love it has the Thicker straps and then it's thicker the Hemming around the bus line and then it Is slightly ribbed cropped it's very Stretchy I'm wearing both of these in a Size small and they are just very Comfortable very lightweight and just Perfect to throw on on its own when it Gets really hot in the summer or you can Layer it under like button blouses or Cardigans trenches uh so this is again a Great base to layer on top of or wear on Its own next up I've shared this stripe Tank so many times it's one of my Favorites you know along with the basic Solid color tanks I think it's a great Idea to add in a striped version if you Don't have one this one has higher Neckline it's still open neckline but Not as low as the previous ones I shared And it's just very basic black and white

I like the thicker hemming around the Neckline and is great if you have a Fuller bust for reference I'm a 30e and This fits beautifully not too long not Too short again you can wear on its own Layer on top of it next let's talk about This button- downon shirt I love this so This one was a bit of investment for me I really wanted to find something that Was thicker in quality structured I was Really picky about the fit I wanted it To be oversized I tried on several Different styles uh I do like this one The most and I essentially wanted to Oversized so I can wear it as more of Like a layer layering piece so layer a Tank underneath as you know my bump gets Bigger this is just going to be nice to Throw on in the spring summertime and it Is on the thicker side like you can feel The quality of this it's just topnotch And I went with their recommended sizing Which is going down a size if you're in Between so I went with the smallest size So this runs quite big so just FYI every Time I follow saon sizing chart it's Always spot-on for me the front here When you wear it open it folds out so I Don't know it just kind of gives this Like really cool and relaxed look I roll Up the sleeves it has like a slight Little panel in between right here the Hemline is curved covers the booty so This is something I would wear with

Leggings as well I did want to try one From Banana Republic Factory so I got it In a stripe version I'm still not sure If I want to keep this uh so you can Definitely feel the difference in fabric When you're comparing like something That's a little bit more inexpensive Like this and then uh this saon piece Both are great though if I being honest You guys both are fantastic the pricing Is drastically different you can feel That but it doesn't necessarily mean It's bad uh the Banana Republic one is Thinner it's more lightweight this one Has a similar fit although in the front Is shorter but the back is much longer So it has that booty coverage and this Is essentially the same thing like their Oversized cotton shirt uh I went with a Petite extra small and I really like it The pricing was really fair on this one And I think if you're looking for Something more on on a budget like this Is a piece you don't necessarily want to Invest in Banana Republic Factory has Wonderful options I have like their Classic fit ones and I recommended this Blouse last spring wardrobe Essentials In 2023 I had to bring in this video I'm Sorry if you guys keep seeing this piece I style it so many times in my videos it Is truly one of the prettiest blouses I've ever come across I have the white I Also have the floral pattern they are so

Petite friendly so Airy so lightweight Girly feminine elegant classy I love the Scallop detailing it's just elevates and It's so gorgeous so if you're in the Market for just like the perfect blouse That'll last forever something extra Special I really recommend checking out The clo blouse from suzon they are just Absolutely wonderful I want to share a Few lightweight knits highlighting the Lightweight cuz you know as the Temperatures get warmer this is just Nice to wear on its own with like some Trousers uh this is an off-the-shoulder Stripe top from abber cromi I'm wearing This in a size small I went up a size And I love how it fits the Navy and the White something I didn't have especially The off shoulder design I think it this Looks so pretty paired with my Navy uh Pants and it just has that kind of like Monochrome look looks very like Chic Polished and classy or an off the Shoulder it stays perally so I was on The hunt for a classic striped sweater That is budget friendly I've shared many From suzan and obviously those are a Splurge I was on a mission you guys a Mission to share something that's budget Friendly but I'm not sacrificing the Quality Quin actually just came out with A striped version of their Mongolian Cashmere sweater you guys this is 100% Mongolian Kashmir for 50 freaking dollar

I would say when I am comparing their Mongolian Kashmere sweater to others This is thinner like it's not as thick As a lot of other cashmir sweaters I Have however some of you may love that Because I mean obviously if it's thicker It'll keep you much warmer but what if You want something a little bit thinner And more lightweight this is a fabulous Option for $50 and they come in so many Other colors I think they just came out With a Stripes version in another color Combo but this is just a classic black And white so if you're looking for Something budget friendly that doesn't Sacrifice quality and that looks very Lux in high-end I so recommend checking Out Quint like they have just some of The best pieces I've ever come across Okay the boyfriend cardigan from Quint This has been on my wish list for Forever and I thought now would be a Perfect time because I'm all about the Layers for this entire year buttons are Gorgeous the thickness is amazing so This is great for all spring I would say I would personally just layer a tank Under this throw this on top either wear Some jeans trousers maybe even leggings Because it does have that booty coverage And you're good to go this comes in Several other colors it is on my wish List to grab this in another color the Speckled beige I've been waiting for

That one to come back in stock but this Ivory color is gorgeous it also comes in A beautiful green color and black as Well so if you're looking for more Oversized buttonup cardigan this is a Fabulous one this is 100% organic cotton Priced so well again a piece from Quint I like seriously cannot recommend them Enough then one more lightweight sweater That I think is great to throw on with a Pair of jeans or trousers some sneakers With slides or flats the springtime is This gray one I got from Ab cromi it's An oversized fit has a drop shoulder This light gray color is beautiful um The sides are slightly split the sleeves Are a little bit long and kind of Oversized especially if you're petite Very classic very basic but this is just A nice piece to have in your wardrobe Let's say if you're in a rush you want To throw on a really simple Chic outfit This just you throw on and you go and It's amazing abber cromie has been Killing it with their jacket this a Sweater jacket has the buttons in the Front this reminds me so much of a piece I would find from goelia um this one is A sweater jacket so it's thicker so this Is something you can definitely wear for Spring I would say but it's going to be Too hot for summer but you can Transition this into fall as well uh the Buttons definitely elevated they're gold

And they just look so nice the pockets Are real not that you would put anything In there but you know they're real They're there and the length is great I Would say if you're petite the sleeves Are going to be a little long so keep That in mind otherwise the length of it Hits perfectly around my hips so I Really love this piece it's definitely Warm so something you would wear like Right now as the weather is still cold Here's another jacket from ever cromi This is a tweed jacket I've had my eye On this I think since last fall it is Stunning so the sleeves are just a Teensy weny bit long uh better than the Previous one but still a little long However like the fit everywhere else is Just perfect perfect crop length the Buttons are great fits really well on The shoulders they're slightly padded so It looks very structured and Polished I Love how the body of the jacket isn't Too tight either especially with me Having a bigger bust it's nice that I Have that extra room and it just fits Really really well more room in the body Of it but it still looks very classic Polished and tailored and again this is Something I would love to wear again With jeans when I can wear jeans again Browsers is just such a gorgeous piece The Tweed is such a fun interesting Texture now if you're looking for

Blazers I feel like Banana Republic Factory has a beautiful selection of Very classy Blazers especially for work This one like a off-white cream color as You can see it's has that A-line Silhouette but it's not like so tight so Anyways this Blazer comes in regular Petite and tall believe I actually chose The regular size two I wanted the jacket To be longer and I didn't want it to be So close to my body that's why I didn't Pick the petite um so it is a Teensy bit Long in the sleeves I'm fine with that I Know that probably bothers some for me It's not too big of a deal if it's just A little long but I am happy very happy I went with the regular because I did Want a longer length next up let's talk About trench jacket so I have one from Goelia here that I have shared for a While now this is just so stunning it's So different is really cropped so this May not be like for you if it's maybe a Little bit too cropped I personally love It love the large lapels uh love how It's not super tight It just fits really Nice and then the color of that one is Absolutely stunning now if you want Something cropped but not as cropped of This one I found this version from Nordstrom actually a very similar fit And style is just slightly longer in the Body and I love this one as well I mean I like both one that's a little bit more

Cropped one that's a little bit longer I Guess it depends on your height or Personal preference uh this one what I Like is that it comes in other colors I Think the goelia one comes in just this Color but this one from Nordstrom comes In more color but it's very light very Airy just feels so nice on the skin it Is fully lined on the inside as well as The goelia one that one's fully lined Too just fits beautifully aside from Again the sleeves being a little too Long again I have pretty short arms I Guess again I'm fine with that usually I Roll up the sleeve I'm good to go but This navy color is so pretty it goes Really well with the trousers that I'm Wearing right now now if you're looking For a classic trench coat um I really Wanted to share crop versions because I've never shared that in my spring Videos I've always shared classic ones Now classic is classic you'll never get Sick of these they're so Timeless um This one from goelia has been my Favorite this one is not like a cotton Trench coat where it's like stiffer uh This is made up of actually 100% wool But it's so breathable and feels very Light it is fully lined so that's Probably why has more of a drapin and Flowiness to it whereas other trench Coats or the one I shared last year is Stiffer 100% cotton structured and

Doesn't have as much movement as this One this one as you could see flows and Drapes because of the fabric the Material of it or just how they made it I love all the button detailing again I Mean this is just as classic as you can Get and this knit midi dress is Absolutely stunning it's petite friendly And get this this is one size I was very Has intent I mean I'm like how can it be One size and fit all these different Body types look at the reviews and you Will see it looks gorgeous on everyone So I am in love with this comes in many Colors it's from Amazon just so Surprising cuz like look how Chic it Looks very minimal very Timeless and Just throw on some slides for late Spring and summer and you're good to go And this is again great because it's Bump friendly so if you're pregnant like Me this is a great piece to add in check Out what I found a jumpsuit that is Petite friendly so again this is from One of my favorite Brands Quin this is a 100% linen jumpsuit for $60 it has a Belt so you can tie it around the Waistline highlight your waistline looks So flattering um again for reference I'm 5' one and it's a full length on me and Just when I walk and move it just looks So elegant and so effortless this comes In I think maybe three or four other Colors they're all gorgeous every single

Color is just stunning and this is just A nice piece you throw on and you're Good to go and you look instantly Chic Put on a pair of slides a cute bag and You're good to go as you guys know my Baby bump is growing there's only very Few bottoms I can fit into these Trousers being one of them you know why Cuz that waistband is nice and stretchy Back here so I'm currently 17 weeks Pregnant as I'm filming this and I'm Still able to fit into these which is so Cool I wore these pre- pregancy and Obviously during pregnancy so these are Just fabulous the best petite pants I've Ever found I just throw them on they Instantly just flatter all of my curves The length of them are perfect so I have It in this navy color I have it in their Cream color and then I also have it in Black and I think they have this in a Couple other colors but these are just My main three I've been rotating between Wearing them they're so comfortable very Lightweight and I love how their Straight leg fit just look very slimming And very flattering and I just love them I think they're just really good petite Find pair of jeans that I love and that I can't wear um are these a Goldie Riley Jeans I know I'm a broken record when I Talk about these so I'm going to link Two lightwash Jean options these a Goldies which is my number one favorite

And then the Abra cromes that I always Talk about can't fit into either of them But here's old clips of me wearing them They are absolutely flattering so Stylish and gorgeous again my number one Favorite are the a Goldies I think they Just fit me and flatter me better my Body type but I do love the abres as Well especially if you get them on sale You can get them for under $100 and the Denim quality and thickness similar if Not the same as the goldie one the fit Is just slightly different I do prefer The Goldies but anyways both are great I'll link them both so if you're looking For a good classic like slim straight Jean these two are my favorite Brands They also have many colors so that wraps It up for my annual spring wardrup Essentials for 2024 I really hope you Guys found something you love or either Got some good inspiration from it and I Have everything linked down below if you Wanted to check any pieces out for Yourself my sizing information is listed Down there as well I want to give you Guys a big thank you for your love and Support you guys mean the world to me I Love you so much and thank you again for Watching this video and I'll see you in My next one bye