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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'm sharing how to style crop Jacket on a petitte so I'm 5 foot one For reference I have a long torso short Legs and I was actually surprised I Mentioned this in a previous video I Think about petite styling that I have Very large breasts for petite a lot of People didn't know that so yes I am Currently a 30e they're getting bigger Because I am pregnant oh these outfits Are very petite friendly and a lot of Them really flatter and minimize a Fuller bust if that's what you like to Do so definitely pay attention to all The little pointers and details I Mentioned on that but today I think I'm Sharing six different outfits that I Love wearing cropped styles with so I'm Sharing this brown jacket I have a Cropped Trent and then another cropped Vintage jacket and then I think I'm Sharing a cardigan as well like a crop Style first I think the easiest outfit Combination with crop Styles as a petite Are trousers denim jeans something Highwaisted uh where the hemline of the Outer work piece is kind of around the Waistline of your jeans or trousers this One is a little bit longer but it's Still considered cropped it's like right At my hipbones my pants are like right Here and then the jacket ends here uh But it's a very flattering style it's

Playing in the rule of third so my Jacket covers a third so on my top Portion and then the 2/3 is my legs here And I always love adding a heel like I Mentioned literally every single petite Video it adds literal Heights so it Makes it really flattering pulls the Look together really well so this is a Super easy outfit combination I also Love going monochrome as much as I can Underneath personal preference and also It looks really flattering as well and One thing I want to mention for my Fuller bust girls is you know when You're getting a jacket with uh smaller Lapels here so these flaps you want to Make sure the jacket fits right and is Not too tight cuz that's what can really Exaggerate a fuller bust and make it Look even bigger if the jacket doesn't Button all the way so you want to make Sure sometimes it's just better to go up A size um if it's a really fitted style Uh this jacket stayed I believe to my True size so I didn't need to go up a Size in this one to accommodate a fuller Bus that actually fits really well so This one in particular is good for true To size next up is this crop trench Jacket so I love this it's crazy how Versatile crop styles are on a petite Because it really pulls outfits together And balances everything out so well this Outfit to me is very balance you have

The mini skirt uh the crop jacket that Sits right at my natural waistline and Everything is like more polished Structured which is very flattering for A petite person and this outfit I Tailored more towards warmer Temperatures up styles with mini Styles Look so flattering and it looks very Very balanced next up is this black Vintage crop jacket this one is more Fitted and more cropped than this brown One I'm wearing they're kind of similar But with a little different combination Is very similar to what I'm wearing High-waisted bottoms some Flats the crop Jacket that sits right around the Waistline this is probably my top outfit Combination as a petite especially since You know you add a layered look I'm Wearing a tank underneath exposed just a Slight bit of neckline the crop jacket Also since it's giving some visual line Kind of minimizes my really full bust And overall just balances out the look In a way I love and feel great in I've Also noticed I've been wearing my slim Straight leg Jean style so often and I Think one of the reasons why I feel like It gives my legs a little bit more Length it's the way the Jean or pant Just tapers out around the ankle it's Not tied around the ankle like a skinny Jean which I do love those Styles and Wear them but something about the ankle

Of the Jean just having a straight cut Off there I think is the illusion of a Little bit longer legs especially if you Go for a fulllength bottom next up is Cropped outerwear pieces with midi Styles now I was kind of hesitant of Trying to put this outfit together Because I thought maybe it's not going To look very balanced but I pulled out My midi skirt here and I think it pairs Really well with the crop trench uh Because one it's monochrome underneath And two there's a slit in the side so it Provides a lot of balance and movement As well as my shoes are open toed I Believe I rolled up the sleeves as well In this outfit little bit of an open Neckline going on at the same time and I Think what really helps is that this Trench is really cropped so it actually Sits right at my natural waistline the Hemline of it so I have a lot of inks on My bottom half and I think that's what Really pulls the look together I'm Exposing skin here and there and also The skirt is flowy it's thin it's drapey It doesn't make me look bulky same thing As the jacket it's thinner it is Structured so it doesn't add too much Bulk to a petite frame another thing I Want to point out for my Fuller bus Girls is jackets I know I'm not wearing One here so this these have smaller Lapels but they still work because the

Cut of this jacket uh It just fits Really well and it's a bit looser right Here so it actually just gives the Illusion of a smaller chest size I mean You I honestly really think you could Never tell I have a 30e uh breast size With outerwear pieces like this but this Crop trench it has very large lapels and I love that the large lapels really Minimize a fuller bus which is such a Cool trick I've noticed and it makes me Pull for these wardrobe pieces way more Because I feel gray in them it doesn't You know add so much emphasis to my Chest SI so I think the large supp pels To just cover a lot of surface there They distract the eye to the bus Especially since they're really large it Kind of minimizes the bus line Especially if you wear open neckline It's truly shocking how you can really Play around with so many wardrobe pieces To achieve the look you want and so you Can look and feel your best that's the Point you want to feel your best in what You're wearing and hopefully these like Little tips and tricks are helpful Because I really pay attention to Details when I'm trying on something I Love I ask myself why do I love it why Do I feel great in it if I put on Something I don't like I always ask Myself why do I hate it what's something I don't like about it and I love sharing

That with you guys now aside from crop Jackets they're great but sometimes we Don't want to wear a jacket cropped Cardigans are fabulous buttoned up ones Uh I think they're great because you you Can wear them closed you can wear them Open they're very versatile um I love Like the crop style as well to where I Don't necessarily have to tuck it into My bottoms but they sit just perfectly Around my waistline so like this outfit For example I have my slim straight Jeans that are pretty much a full length I think they're just slightly cropped Like around my ankle bone added a heel For some extra height and very simple Great spring outfit combination you can Keep in mind like a cream Ivory Off-white colored card crop cardigan Light wash jeans some heels last outfit Was a little tricky it's with a maxi Style dress and this one I had to belt For it to look better and more balanced On me without the belt I just look like A rectangle and I don't know if you guys Know but my figure I don't have that Natural like curvy silhouette I give That illusion with certain wardrobe Pieces and little tricks but I am Literally a rectangle um when it comes To my body type so a lot of styles like I have to Bel so it can give that Illusion of more of like an hourglass Silhouette uh so anyways I had to Belt

This one to feel more comfortable in it So I builted it around the same length As the crop jacket and again this is Pretty similar to the midi style Although there's no slit here the fabric Is thinner and more delicate and when I Walk and move it just looks so Effortless and elegant and the crop Jacket again covers a third so it looks Really balanced thinner Fabrics open Neckline as well at the same same time Open toed slides and overall just all Those little details pull the outfit Together and you can really pull off Wearing crop styles with pretty much Everything which is so fun so anyways Each wardrobe piece is so unique every Woman's body type is so unique so it's Really comes down to you experimenting And trying these on yourself taking what You love leaving what you don't not Everything works for everybody right so Hopefully hearing these tips suggestions You can try them out with the clothing That you have anyway hopefully these Tips were helpful if you were interested In checking out any of the Wardrobe Pieces I have links down below by the Way the outer pieces like this crop Jacket the trench and then the sparkly Black vintage jacket I have a discount Code for those so I always write that Down in the description box if you Wanted to check it out you guys so much

For watching I love you so much and I'll See you next time bye