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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'll be sharing six different Petite friendly outfit ideas that I have Been recently wearing so a lot of times When I make these outfit ideas videos I Either recreate outfits from Pinterest Or I share work outfit ideas just Specific outfit requests that I get in Here on this channel but for this video I wanted to share what I have been Actually wearing for the past like Couple weeks some outfits I have just Been repeating wearing over and over Again and if you are interested in Anything from this video I always link Everything in the description box along With sizing details so let's go ahead And hop right in with this first outfit So you guys know that I got these um Abercrombie rompers in not too long ago And I would say since I got these in This is probably the most worn piece in My wardrobe right now for summer because It's really comfortable it's just an Instant outfit it fits me really really Well it comes in a petite and this is Great if you're like stay-at-home mom And still want to feel Paul published And put together but yet practical and Comfortable like I totally get if you Don't want to be all dressed up during The day if you're a stay-at-home mom Like I totally understand that so this Is great as just like an instant outfit

You throw on and for shoes I just wore My white slides and then matched it with My white bag so I feel like this outfit Is very comfortable yet practical so Anyways love this one I have this Romper Actually in three colors so it's a Really really good summer piece for me At least because it's just a really easy Effortless outfit to put together next Outfit I wanted to share is with another Romper but this is actually a different One it has a more sporty material to it I think this is the one that I have been Wearing the most for stay-at-home mom Life because this is really easy to go Out on walks with the kids so Um I always am going out for walks with The kids we're walking to Parks going to Parks I'm outside all day with them Hanging out at home so this is a really Easy outfit to wear every single day for Me as far as shoes if I'm just going Around the house like in the backyard And such I'll just wear these flip-flops Or if I'm going out on a long walk with The kids I'll swap out the flip-flops With sneakers so again you can just Tweak this to your liking I actually Love wearing this straw bag even as like A stay-at-home mom life because it Actually fits a good amount in there I Could just put all the snacks in there For my kids and then we're off on our Walk for the day so

Um it is very stylish yet practical at The same time and this Romper is so Comfortable okay then this third outfit Is a little bit more elevated so I'm Wearing these pleated tailored shorts That I got from revolve this satin Cami From Abercrombie some slides and a straw Bag so this is an outfit I would wear if I am going out for most of the day I Just want to be a little bit more crisp And Polished just slightly more dressed Up but still comfortable and practical For the day this outfit for me was so Comfortable to wear especially on a Really hot day because the Cami is very Light very Breezy and then the shorts as Well they're not super super hot or Anything they're very flowy light and Breezy again and then slides and a straw Bag can fit all the snacks in there for My kids most importantly and this just Makes a really comfortable easy Practical outfit so I love these shorts They're very expensive though so I will Link an affordable dupe down below for You guys in case you're interested in Adding like a tailored Shore to your Wardrobe I highly highly highly Recommend it because it just really Makes summer outfits look so polished Okay so if you live here in Washington State like I do you know that Um for the first half of June it's Actually pretty cool and we have a lot

Of rain the first half of June I feel Like in Washington and if you guys live Here let me know if you agree or not but In Washington state I feel like the Month of May is more Sunny than the Month of June for us here I feel like it Really starts to kick off summer here in Washington Um towards the end of June because the First half it's like gloomy rainy colder So for this outfit Um I wore this on a cooler day when I Went to church so I have this olive Green drape trench on the same satin Cami I wore in the previous outfit these Are Goldie straight jeans and then my Slingback pump so this outfit I love so Much I think a reason why I really love It is because it looks a little bit Different with a different colored Outerwear because usually I'm wearing Black or beige different nude colors Um so I Love Actually this olive green I Think it just makes the outfit still Look very minimal and Chic but it's a Little different because of adding a Different color from what I would Normally wear and I feel like this color Looks really great on my complexion so I Think that's a win this is draped trench Just recently came out from Banana Republic Factory I was actually able to Get this on sale which is great so it'll Be linked down below

Um it's a very lightweight piece it is Fully lined on the inside but I wouldn't Be wearing this for the rest of Summer I Think I'm this outfit was the last time I'm going to wear it until we hit into The Fall season because now it's Starting to really warm up here in Washington but if they're still going to Carry this in the fall season I will be Re-sharing this coat with you guys but If it is on sale I do recommend snagging It because I'm pretty sure that the Petite sizes will definitely go out of Stock Um especially if they keep continuing Putting this on sale so uh if you've had This on your wish list I don't want to Pressure you but Um if you've had something like this on Your wish list and it's on a really good Price right now I would definitely say It's good to snag it if it's something You've been waiting to get okay then This next outfit I actually wore this on A Sunday as well to church so it was a Really hot day and I wore this long Drapey flowy midi dress that you guys Probably seen way too many times on this Channel I'm actually so close to getting Another color Um but the black is just so classic I Love the halter neckline and I'm wearing A strapless bra underneath it I decided To wear my straw bag with it and then

Sling back pumps kind of gives a minimal Yet Parisian vibe to the outfit with the Shoes and in the bag so I loved that Little flare to this look but this bag This bag actually has been the top Seller on my channel lately is the Strawback from mango affordable price Really good quality love the minimal Design so if you've been wanting a straw Bag to add into your summer collection I Really do recommend this one because It's petite friendly a minimal design Something that will last for years you Won't get sick of it it looks so Polished and put together with outfits And it makes almost any outfit look more Summery which is amazing so it has like A little pouch in there where you put All your things in there and then um it Has drawstrings where you just tie it And then it keeps everything secure in The little pouch so I love that little Detail okay and then this last and final Outfit is with this gray tank black Shorts Brown slides and then the straw Bag again actually I have to say this Drawback I have been getting the most Use out of this summer which I'm really Happy about I got two different kinds I Got one from Amazon and then this one From mango I have been wearing the mango One the most so that one is my personal Top recommendation because of the design It's really easy to style I feel like it

Looks great casually or dressed up so This is my number one recommendation for A straw bag so these shorts are from Last year I shared them before maybe Some of you guys remember them but They're from Madewell they're the mom Short if they're still available I'll Link them down below they might not Carry this black color anymore but if I Cannot find it if Emmanuel doesn't carry It anymore I will link like a similar Fit and color of these shorts I really Love them I raved about them so much Last year I love styling them with Outfits like this with either gray tanks Or White Tanks or even just having an All black monochrome look looks great so This is an outfit repeater I have been Wearing so I either wear these shorts With the gray tank or all my different Colored tanks were a really basic yet Cool and casual outfit idea so this Outfit combination for me and as well as The rompers are definite outfit Repeaters because of how comfortable and Practical they are for me and for my Lifestyle and I always feel so good and Polished all right you guys so that is It for this video that was six outfits That I've recently have been wearing I Hope you guys enjoyed this video seeing Some outfits that I have been actually Wearing because you know a lot of the Outfit ideas I do um are based on

Requests I get in so I put together Outfits for you guys depending on what You're looking for Um so this is a nice little change just To show you guys what I'm actually Wearing if you want to see more videos Like this of outfits I personally put Together for myself and wear on a Day-to-day basis let me know I would Love to share that with you guys more Often and if you are new please hit that Subscribe button and I'll see you next Time bye