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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'm sharing my favorite petite Bottom so I'm staring trousers and jeans And finally I'm sharing some new trouser Recommendations I've been sharing these Throughout the past year a couple of Them are new that I've already shared on This channel but I just wanted to round Up my favorites that I've been loving And specifically I wanted to share Petite friendly bottoms that need no Hemming at all I have a lot of jeans That I love and wear but they did Require like a quick safety pin hem no Why Finding petite bottoms is such a Struggle I really think petites is not Really an uncommon thing but yet we Still struggle to find pieces for us so This video again I wanted to share my Favorite bottoms for jeans and trousers Also these are just the ones that I'm Reaching for for more colors that's how I know I'm like obsessed with something I keep grabbing it in more colors that Let's go ahead and hop right in I'm Gonna start with these trousers that I'm Wearing these are actually a new pair That I really want to pick up in another Color they're from Uniqlo uh they're I Think they're easy ankle pants or Straight pant the cool thing about Uniqlo's website is that you can do a Custom hem for an extra five dollars so I went ahead and purchased these and

Then I requested these to be hemmed to 25 and a half inches which cost me an Extra five dollars so to me that is Absolutely worth it especially if you're Petite uh it's really easy no fuss if it Really well in the waistline they do Have a tiny bit of stretch to them and They just look very sleek and Polished They have the little pockets in the back Uh pockets in the front here you can add A belt to it if you want to as well uh They're a perfect high rise so they're Right at my belly button and these are a Really great affordable or budget Friendly option they retail for 49 so For the quality that you get this is Fantastic the next one that I wanted to Share this one's a little bit more Expensive well it's like double the Price so not a little bit but this is The everlane dream pants but they are Phenomenal I share these in my fall Wardrobe Essentials video I'm wearing This in my true size which is an extra Small these are the ones that do need to Be hemmed or folded and the reason why I'm including these in this video even Though they still need to be like Technically hemmed is that you can fold Them in and they stay put like that all Day which is great so that's why I Wanted to put them in this video because You don't technically need to hem them You could just fold them in and they

Stay put all day which is great so the Waistband is nice and stretchy and again These are thicker they feel like Sweatpants but they look like a trouser Because they have the seam going down in The front and the leg and then they have The pockets in the back so they really Do look like trousers but they feel like Sweatpants they're thicker stretchy Really soft have a nice easy straight Leg fit to them and this one you can Totally say true to size that's what I Did and I think they fit beautifully you Can also go down a size if you want them To be more fitted waistband is not a Problem because it's really stretchy and You can also tighten it on the inside as Well okay next trouser I actually shared These last year uh I love these These Are the Hayden taper pants that Banana Republic Factory shares I have them in Two colors I love them so much these are More of a mid-rise so if you're looking For something that's mid-rise I think You'll really like these however I would Say with this one definitely stay true To size I actually went down to size in These while they do fit I think it would Have been better if I just stuck true to Size because they would have fit a bit Better around my waistline come in Many Colors petite regular and Tall this is The petite and there's absolutely no Hemming needed they hit perfectly as

More of like a ankle style a little bit Cropped so they look great with sneakers With Flats with heels with sock booties So this is an all-around really really Good pant next up I want to share jeans If you're looking for denim jeans that Require no hemming whatsoever uh this One is a Splurge but these are the Goldie Riley jeans uh and these are the Crop versions so Goldie does cropped Jeans which is a very petite friendly Inseam I believe these are a 25 5 inch Inseam they're a button fly and I Actually went down a size in these a Goldie Riley cropped jeans because they Do have a good amount of stretch to them And they fit really nice around the Waistline the length is great I feel Like they're really flattering around my Hips and thighs get no waist Gap with These as well so they are absolutely Perfect and I love the length I mean I Get no ankle scrunch if you're looking For a good denim Branch to splurge on I Love a Goldie specifically the Riley Crop jeans are my favorite I really Think the Riley jeans are the most Flattering style they make and of course My regular viewers know I have to Mention girlfriend jeans because it's Another designer brand I highly Recommend splurging on if you're looking To invest into premium denim a goalie Riley jeans and then girlfriend Carolina

Jeans because they specifically carry Petite jeans both of these are in a size Petite one of them is distressed one of Them is more of that classic Non-distressed vintage washed color both Are fabulous both are a button fly as Well and I would say the non-distressed Version is more of a higher rise the Distressed version is more of a mid-rise So it sits below my belly button both of These I'm wearing them in a size 24. uh The Carolina jeans do have a little bit Of stretch to them they do kind of Stretch out as you wear them but you can Still stay true to size if you want to Those just have a little bit more of a Relaxed fit if you want them more snug You could go down a size but I stuck True to size with these two and I think They fit wonderfully on me love the back Pockets I think they're absolutely Flattering and if again if you're Looking for a really nice investment Jean a Goldie Riley jeans girlfriend Carolina jeans I've been recommending Them for I believe a year now I still Keep going back to them recommending Them they're just an all-around perfect Jean and if I'm shopping for denim jeans And like a new color my first brands That I look at is a goldian girlfriend Because they are just worth every single Penny uh they wash they dry really well I air dry them by the way but I do put

Them in the way washer also checking Abercrombie jeans all the time this one Here is a really popular style they Carry this is the ankle straight ultra High rise I'm wearing this in a size 24 Short I would say they fit perfectly for Petite obviously no hemming needed Abercrombie is great because you can get Their jeans on sale for under a hundred Dollars the quality is fabulous and they Carry so many different sizes they have Extra short short regular tall so so Many different lengths which I really Appreciate this medium wash color is Really dark so perfect for fall I think It looks great pair it with some ankle Boots and I think it would look so Beautiful another style is their skinny Jean which is this one and I actually Really like this one as a skinny jean Because they're not super like stretchy And tight skinnies they have more of a Thicker rigid stiff feel for the denim They have really nice structure to them And they're not like super tight Stretchy skinny jeans they're again more Of that thicker rigid denim but more Skinny style but since they don't have Much stretch to them they're more of a Rigid structured Denim and their skinny Style I definitely recommend staying True to size with this type of Jean and This one that I'm wearing is actually in The regular length it's folded so it's a

Little long but they do carry this in Short which I couldn't get my hands on Sadly so these I will hem but you can Purchase these you're correctly another Option which I don't have here because I Actually returned them and I'm planning On exchanging them for a different size But it is the Abercrombie 90s straight Jean also really popular denim I Actually reviewed this in a denim jeans Video I did not too long ago and this One is a really good style for a Designer look and feel denim jean and I Said that in the last video they look And feel like my a Goldie and girlfriend Jeans uh but they are much less under 100 if you get them on sale they just Run really long so the ones that I'm Wearing here are actually in a short Size and I had to fold them probably Like three or four inches inside so they Were definitely too long they really Scrunched at the bottom if they were Unfolded so I did return these waiting For the extra short to come back in Stock and the extra short is a petite Friendly inseam which is 26 and a half Inches I think they're meant to be long But I don't like the ankle scrunch so That's why the short didn't work for me Uh the extra short in my opinion is a Much more petite friendly inseam anyways That's all of the pants that I wanted to Share today trousers and jeans again

Everything is linked down below if you Happen to be interested in anything I Really hope you guys enjoyed this review Thank you so much for your love and Support and I'll see you next time bye