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So as you could tell by the title of This video if you haven't heard already I am pregnant with mine and my husband's Thirdd baby so thrilled so thankful Grateful um I feel like most people have Probably already know by now because I Shared on Instagram and then I did share On YouTube I put like a quick little Short video and it recently occurred to Me I haven't done a Q&A video in 3 years And to be honest you guys the longer I Do social media as my job the more Closed up I get with my personal life And honestly I'm not sure why I mean I'm Actually pretty open if you ask me a Question I'm quite open I guess I've Just been so heavily focused on my Fashion petite content and I thought now Would be a good time to do just like an Life Update since it's a pretty big Life Update just going to grab my coffee here Just sitting here waiting for me so Currently I'm 13 weeks pregnant I'm just Finishing my first trimester um and then Let me pull up the questions I'm going To try to go in order with this so I Guess I'll start with like the pregnancy Related questions a lot of people ask When the baby is due August August 16th is the due date However I'm always late so I am not Stuck on that I my mind is like stuck on Being going past that like after the 16th that's when I'm giving birth

Another one asked uh do you know the Gender we do not and actually since we Have a boy and a girl already my husband And I really don't want to find out the Gender until the baby is born I really Want that surprise we both really want That surprise then this next question Really surprised Alex and I a lot of Questions in the Box I posted people ask Was this baby planned I find that so Interesting obviously I'm not offended In the least bit at all I get people are Curious if we wanted more than two I Just find it so interesting that by the Third pregnancy people are asking if it Was planned but anyways yes this baby Was planned then someone else asked how Did you come to a decision about the Third asking as a mom of two also has a Boy and a girl so you know we're in the Same situation we have a boy and a girl We've always discussed that we wanted at Least three kids like three kids if we Were able to have that we would be so Happy with it I'm grateful for let mean Three and if that's all we have I mean Wow what a blessing I've always been Told this you'll never regret having More kids everyone in my life that I Talk to that has older kids now one of Their regrets in life is they wish they Had more children because if you look at Your life as a whole this part of your Life raising kids and little children is

Such a small part you know in the moment It feels like so long and especially if You're having kid after kid once all That passes All That season passes and Your kids are grown you realize how fast The time flew and as far as like making The decision to have a third there was Honestly no reason to not to I mean we Purchased a house we have space for the Baby financially we're great I'm Thankful for that I'm beyond thankful For that I mean what a dream come true And one thing I realized when we had Even our first kid is what a blessing Family is how fulfilling they are God How fulfilling goddess how fulfilling The children are I mean I look at them And I'm in tears and in awe and I'm like Starting to tear up now it could be a Part of like pregnancy hormones is truly Such a blessing and such a fulfilling Thing in life to raise children teach Them about Jesus and love and get to Know him and have a relationship with Him and have a relationship with each Other and however many children you can And decide to have is completely up to You there's absolutely no right or wrong So anyways I just wanted to share my Thoughts and experience with that that's Some really good YouTube questions how Did you start on YouTube are you able to Make a decent living any advice for Those who want to start a YouTube

Channel YouTube yes you can make a Really good income and living off of it For sure truly thankful for it it's Shocking how amazing it is with that Being said uh obviously I'm not going to Share how much I make but there are a Lot of accounts out there that openly Share how much they make how much they We make each week weight make each month If you watch those videos I really want To point out it is different for Everybody I see some of those videos Some of those posts and I'm like oh my Gosh I hope you're not giving people the Impression that this is what everybody Makes small or large it is truly depends On what you do in the space how you Monetize and again it's different for Everybody that's the really interesting Thing I noticed when I started getting Into this and started getting paychecks In is that it is really different for Everybody keep that in mind if you see Some content creator share how much they Make small or large it varies Tremendously by person and it also Varies tremendously how much they make Each month it's not the same it's like All the time it's always different and Another question was uh do you think It's worth it paying for like those Courses um that you know how to start YouTube channels how to grow on social Media stuff I'm going to save you like

Three $400 $500 right now by just giving You some quick tips on how to start uh What are you going to talk about on your Channel why should people watch you why Should they subscribe to you and not Someone else what value are you bringing To them as well how are you serving them A lot of people are so focused on making Money through social media because a lot Of people know how much money you can Make through social media which can be a Lot but that cannot be your focus your Focus should be serving people providing Value to people whether it's through Entertainment maybe you're selling a Product or selling something I mean There's so many different ways you can Use social media your goal shouldn't be To make bank and make money because That's only going to go so far Eventually you'll get burnt out don't Know how to help people or serve them Your passion and drive should be serving People and now you have to identify if You're starting a channel what is your Why what do you want to do for people How are you going to serve them how are You going to help them once you decide On that and do something you're Passionate about money will follow but That shouldn't be your goal really want To point that out because a lot of People get into it hoping they can make A lot of money and then they get upset

When they don't and it takes years to Build up living off of social media so It's not something that's going to Happen quick I'll tell you this didn't Happen quick for me but my passion is What kept me going the money followed Eventually so that's big tip number one And then after you make a plan up with Some content ideas jot down tons of Videos ideas that you're passionate About how you want to help people and Then I would say make a YouTube channel And start filming your first videos will Be cringey not going to lie everyone's First videos are always cringe mine were Beyond cringey once you get past that You start feeling more comfortable you Get more confident in your space and Then I would recommend paying attention To your analytics YouTube provides the Best analytics I have ever seen any Platform give uh and that is what can Really help you accelerate your channels Paying attention to what's popular and Then the last thing I would say is be Consistent if you're able to do one Video a week one video every other week Two videos a week stay consistent with It because people will subscribe to you If you will provide them content and Continuous content okay those were all The YouTube questions I feel like I gave Quite a bit of information on that um Someone asked I guess back to like the

Pregnancy thing what's the hardest thing About pregnancy right now honestly it's My boobs um they have blown up like Crazy this is how I feel like it's a boy Because this was the same way with my First pregnancy with my son they like Rocks on my chest it is so annoying it Hurts they are so sore and uncomfortable Like it probably doesn't look so Noticeable on camera here but they're There trust me someone else also asked Uh uh do you have any nausea like how's The first trimester going have you been Sick at all um don't hate me if you're Saying this this has been the easiest First trimester I've ever gone through My first two kids I was so freaking sick Especially my second one and I went into This third pregnancy bracing myself of How hard the first trimester is I had The most mild nausea ever for Just 2 Weeks and that's it and honestly the Nausea was so mild that I was still able To eat I was just a little queasy and a Little more tired that's it and so I am So thankful for that I mean in that area God blessed me beyond my wildest dreams Is because having two children to take Care of already a business to run at Home uh is already like you a lot so the Fact that was able to feel pretty close To normal the entire first trimester has Been such a gift then I forgot to answer This one age difference between each

Kiddo including Baby when born um so Nathan and Emma Nathan's turning five Emma's turning three so Nathan and Emma Are 2 years apart and then Emma and this Third baby will be 3 years apart and Then someone asked what are you planning For schooling uh your kiddos public or Homeschool and then um I did answer this On Instagram I said most likely Homeschool Nathan starts in September And then someone asked a follow-up Question to that what made you narrow Down to homeschool so before I give my Answer please be respectful so I was Homeschooled and I went to public school So I did have half I personally did not Like public school I just didn't I Honestly didn't care about the social Aspect of it a lot of people say well When you homeschool you know you missed That social aspect of it honestly I Didn't freaking care personally when I Was a kid I had so many friends in a big Social life outside of school I know my Parents weren't concerned about that in The least bit and that same thing with Our kids they part out of the question Absolutely not worried about that and When I was in homeschool I freaking Loved it and I loved the freedom and Flexibility of homeschooling I was able To be with my family more often spend Time with them more often and I cherish That so so much and going through that I

Realized I want that same thing for my Kids and now the thing is that's amazing Is like we'll try homeschooling and if It doesn't work can always change it That's the beauty of schooling nowadays Is you have options then somebody also Asked how are you going to manage taking Care of a newborn while doing homeschool So my husband's going to take time off The baby is born so that's going to help A lot and the beauty of homeschool it's So flexible family that can help us if We really need it to honestly I'm not Even worried about that in the least bit Someone asked I have a question but I'm Afraid to ask if it's personal Russian Absolutely not personal at all yes half Russian half Ukrainian next question Looks like you balance everything so Well how do you do it and honestly I Really do think I balance everything Really well I have a really good routine With my kids with my job with a Homemaking that I just somehow manag to Fit it all into my day into my week and Part of that is that I'm just a hustler Like I get up and I'm on my feet or Filming sitting here like from the Moment I wake up until like my kids go To bed and another thing that really Helps is like I'm not on my phone very Much during the day as well that's Probably another reason why I'm not Posting too much on Instagram nowadays

Unless it's like fashion content and Usually that's when I'm working I also Keep my routine really simplified and Have a few priorities like my priority Is is one spending time with my children Building that bond in relationship with Them and teaching them as well Academically as my business here YouTube I fit that into my day usually that's a 2 to three hour slot third is taking Care of the home and even with all of That you guys I don't feel overwhelmed At least not yet but surely like if I'm Struggling during the day I just figure Out a way to do something more Efficiently and just somehow I figure it Out so I know I think it's just a really Good balance of all those three main Things I prioritize each day another Question do you cook yes I cook 95% of Our meals I homecook and we'll probably Eat out once a month once every other Month like it's not normal for us to eat Out I just don't want to spend the money I love cooking oh the another one will Your content change to maternity and Baby things no I am keeping content the Same as far as petite styling uh petite Fashion I'm just going to be sharing Clothing that is Bump friendly but it's Not going to be maternity specific so It's something you can wear if you're Pregnant but you can also wear it if You're not pregnant I was pregnant with

My daughter I did share quite a few Videos of like baby related things and Stuff I I feel like not many people Cared about that those didn't do well uh There's other channels that do those Videos that do really well in them I'm Not going to do them I'm sticking to What I already do it's just going to be A little bit redefined what I can wear And what I can share and recommend for The time being and that actually brings It to the end of this video with all the Questions I wanted to go over today Hopefully this was really fun and Interesting to listen to nice little Life update hopefully this video didn't End up being too long I have been Talking for an hour can you believe that Hopefully when I condense this it's like More like 15 minutes and I just want to Again say big thank you to guys for all The love and congratulations on this Pregnancy I'm just again Beyond thankful That we get to have another child and I'm just so excited so you guys will you You obviously be taking along throughout The journey be posting more like Pregnancy things on my Instagram YouTube Is going to really stick to like my Fashion content and such like always but Um if you want to see anything like Pregnancy related how I'm doing Day-to-day life things I'm trying to be A little bit more social on Instagram so

I'll probably post a little bit more There throughout pregnancy but um if you Want to follow along my Instagram handle Is here I'll link it below but anyways Thank you guys so much for your love I Truly appreciate it it's I'm just Overfilled with with gratitude and just Thankfulness so again thank you guys so Much love you and I'll see you next time Bye