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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'm recreating outfits from Pinterest on a petite body type I have Five different outfits I'm recreating Today that I want to walk you through And a lot of times I notice when I Recreate outfits from Pinterest I'll get Almost like a template of what the woman Is wearing and then I'll start changing Few things here and there and then Before you know it I kind of come up With my own outfit combination so that's Also really fun I just love sharing that With you guys and I know a lot of you Guys enjoy that so again Um I'm sharing five outfits today if There's any pieces that you're Interested in um from this video I Always link everything in the Description box for you guys and I put Sizing details at the same time so Anyways let's go ahead and get started With this first outfit so I'm going to Be recreating this outfit here and I Didn't honestly really change much with This outfit I actually really liked how It is and I feel like this is great kind Of like a summery outfit something that Is great maybe for early morning whether It's a little bit cooler or like later Spring Um I love the looser flowy bottoms and Then the button up top that's opened Exposed so how I recreated it is I wore

An open neckline tank underneath now the Original photo has a crew neck tank Um which looks great but personally I Love an open neckline so that's what I'm Doing here and then I have this linen Blouse that's from Banana Republic I got It last year I'll try to find something Similar for you guys if you're Interested in like a nice linen top I Have one from Quinn's that's really nice But I don't think they carry it in white I'll double check but Um if not I'll try to find another Version that's in this color and then I Wore it with my Hayden taper pants that I've been raving to you guys about for So long they're not as loose and flowy As the original outfit inspiration photo But Um they do have like a straight fit and This is just personally the fit I like The most out of myself and then I'm Wearing these strappy sandals that I've Shared already several times with you Guys Um I actually really like the look of Looser like bottoms with strappy sandals Specific particularly for spring late Spring and summer okay next outfit I'm Recreating I actually really like this One Um so she is wearing just like a crew Neck Um tank and then a looser flowy bottoms

Strappy sandals this is how I recreated It and I have these paper bag waist Pants that I think I got these last Summer I love these so much now they're Obviously not exact as like the original Inspiration photo but they're a little Bit looser and then wearing them with Strappy sandals and then a tank I Swapped out the crew neck for an open Neckline tank and I think this looks Really nice now these uh paper bag waist Pants they are in a size petite forgot What size I think double zero or zero I Think double zero Um I got these last year so I will see If they still have them in stock I think I got them from J.Crew J crew Factory or Loft loft Factory one of those stores Um if they don't have it in stock I'll Try to find something similar for you Guys that carry it in a petite size These are so nice I really hope they Brought them back Um or if I can find something similar For you guys because these are really Nice to style and they are like a little Bit more of a stiffer cotton material But they're not heavy and very warm They're definitely more like lightweight Breezy if that makes sense so it's Actually really nice for summer time Especially with a tank and then strappy Flats this is one of my favorite looks In this video I actually really really

Like this one and I think I'm Gonna Save This one specifically to wear it in the Summer months here in Washington this is Going to be so easy for me and my Lifestyle okay this next one I actually Really want to wear this combination to Church here uh she looks phenomenal so We got straight jeans kind of a medium Wash color black blazer black tea and Then slides Um this is a super easy outfit to Recreate and you can even wear this for Work you can probably just swap out the Sandals for just a closed toe shoe if That's what you need to wear for work But how Ivory created it is with my Everlane Straight jeans I haven't styled These for you guys in so long Um but this is like in a dark medium Wash color so I usually wear this for Like fall and winter Um but I think it'll still look so Pretty for spring I did cut these by the Way I get questions about that these I Bought them in their crop length they're Still too long for me so I did cut them A few inches Um so that's why they're this length for Me Um I'm wearing these in the small size They come in which is a size 23 everlane Jeans this specific style they run big So I would recommend going down one size And then this Blazer I shared many times

Is from the Amazon brand the drop is a Really really nice blazer for under 100 Um Quality is great it fits really nice As well it does run slightly big so I am Wearing this in the smallest size which Is an extra extra small so it does run Quite big so I would go down a size in This Blazer unless you want it to be More loose then you can definitely stay True to size but I love this outfit so Much I think I'm going to wear this for Church maybe this upcoming Sunday Because I really love the look of this Everything here together looks so pretty You can even swap out the blazer for Like a trench coat I think that'll also Look really pretty okay this next one I Actually made a lot of tweaks too and This is like one of the outfits where I Was like where I used it as like a Template and then I start changing a Bunch of things with it and then I come Kind of come up with my own Alpha Combination so um she looks Fab in this The only reason why I didn't copy it to The t is that button up top that she's Wearing the blue one it's a shorter Length compared to the shorts and I just Didn't really like that on me if I'm Wearing shorts and an outerwear piece Usually I like the length of the Outerwear piece to hit the length of the Shorts so it's all the same length Personally I don't know why for my brain

It just makes sense and I really like How that looks on myself so what I'm Wearing instead is a shorter trench with White uh loose and flowy shorts and then A tank underneath as well and then Slides so I think this is really cute For summer and actually all these pieces Are very lightweight so I do have like a Layer going on especially you know Wearing layers in the summer time can be Tricky even though there's layers all These layers are very lightweight and so Wearable that I don't see my yourself Getting too hot and if I do I just throw Off the trench coat and the outfit still Looks so stylish and then I also didn't Share this new purse that I got this one Is from Amazon I think it's under fifty Dollars the quality of it is actually so Incredible I review it a little bit more Later on but I love the durability of it And then the style of it it's really Hard to find beautiful minimals bags That look expensive but for Less that Can be kind of tricky but I feel like This one is done really really well and I think it's so worth it for the price It's just a couple cons to it the Closure on it it opens easily but Closing it can be just a little bit Fussy but it's not too bad and then the Strap that it comes with is really long And it doesn't adjust enough for my Height so I actually bought a chain

Um crossbody strap that I feel like Um looks so pretty with the purse so I Bought that from Amazon separately so I Can link both of that the chain straps And then the purse Um in case you want to have this the Same look okay this last outfit I love So much more than I thought I would so Um it's what I'm wearing here Um I'm wearing these uh like linen Pull-on shorts I've been so obsessed With these and these are Under thirty Dollars too so for the price and quality And just how often I wear them too is Actually so dang worth it and then I'm Wearing this Cezanne leontyne jumper you Guys know this is one of my favorite Striped sweaters that I have it's really Beautiful very um loose and flowy I love The buttons how you can have it open or Closed usually I have it open and I just Love how this looks and I love how it Looks because exposing that neckline is Beautiful wearing layered jewelry I also Just love the buttons because it just Adds more detail to the top it does run Quite big so I would go down a size if You're in between I'm wearing the Smallest size it comes in and it's Already like quite big on me which is I Think extra extra small this also comes In different color combinations and then I'm wearing it with these taupe colored Flats these are knit flats that I've

Been sharing for a while now and they're So incredibly comfortable it's insane it Literally feels like I'm just wearing a Pair of socks and I love it anyways That's this outfit and that brings it to The end of this video that was five Outfits that I recreated from Pinterest I hope you guys enjoyed this video as Always I link everything in the Description box if you wanted to check Anything out also if you guys have any More outfit ideas requests Um let me know because I'm trying to Share more outfit combinations and Outfit ideas here on this channel you Probably notice I've been doing that More often Um so I love recreating outfits from Pinterest I've done like athleisure Outfit ideas I've done vacation outfit Ideas Um so if you have any more ideas for me Let me know if there's any other types Of outfits you like to see I have been Getting lots of requests to share more Color now color isn't really something That's for me but I do like to wear it From time to time so I do want to share A video on if I do wear color this is How I wear it so um I don't know if you Guys want to see that so anyways if you Happen to be new don't forget to Subscribe for more weekly videos and Thank you so much for watching I'll see

You next time bye