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In this video I'll be recreating outfits From Pinterest on a petite body type I Have seven different outfits I want to Recreate in today's video I have to say Every time I make these videos I get so Excited I always have so much fun with It because I love recreating outfits With pieces I already have I don't have To buy as much stuff and I can wear the Items that I already have many different Ways and it just kind of helps me get Creative when it comes to styling Outfits I tweak them sometimes to what I Think reflects my personal Style and What I think flatters my body type best Anyways if you happen to be new to Subscribe for more weekly videos and Let's go ahead and get started with this First outfit here so this is the outfit That I'm recreating so I love this on Her she's got like those really nice White linen shorts a striped shirt some Brown slides she does have a much larger Bag and of course I'm just gonna swap Out to you know my bag that I like for Myself so this is how I recreated it I Have this striped shirt from Suzanne I Love this stripe shirt I've been sharing It for months now and if you're looking For for the perfect classic striped Shirt I highly recommend checking out Suzanne because they have so many Options this one I love because I feel Like it's the most classic option and

It's very simple great to wear for Spring summer fall it's just one of Those very classic pieces it's Definitely an investment but the price Definitely makes sense for the quality That it is and how durable it is and It's also a classic so to me it's worth It I've been recommending it for a while I love it and then these linen shorts Are a Splurge so I will link these but I'll link in affordable linen short Option in the description box for you Guys too in case this is out of your Price range but these are wonderful I Love how they're pleated they're very Classic very minimal I love the belts That it comes with it kind of just gives A little bit more style and makes it Look a little bit more classy and then I Paired it with brown slides and then a Straw bag anyways I love this outfit Recreation definitely going to be saving This for future inspiration the next Outfit inspiration is with another Stripe shirt so we have this one here With a striped shirt black shorts black Flats and then a straw bag and this is How I recreated it I have this basic Striped t-shirt I got from Uniqlo I love This one because it's budget friendly And the quality is also great and I love The fit of it I'm wearing it in a extra Small and then these high-waisted shorts I love them because they're fitted at

The waistline looser around the thighs I Think they look really really flattering For me and then I paired it with the Slingback flats and then my straw bag And overall again another really easy Outfit to recreate that's very minimal And Timeless and very comfortable at the Same time and it just really works for Summer time you can wear it just Casually like this you can dress it up Even more if you want to just change it The accessories out a little bit maybe Wear heels next outfit Recreation is This one here so I'm pulling out my Linen shorts again for this outfit and Then I'm wearing this basic like cotton Blouse that I got from Banana Republic My slingback flats and then I just Decided to wear a straw bag rather than Like a structured black bag I feel like For summer I am definitely taking more Advantage of wearing my straw bags Because I feel like they just make the Outfit look so summery and so kind of Like beachy and relaxed and natural Looking I just love how it looks Especially if you go for a straw bag That's structured Um this one is from mango I've mentioned It before I love it I feel like it's Very minimal and Timeless and it really Makes an outfit look so summery it has a Crossbody strap as well so you can wear A crossbody which is really great and I

Do love this entire combination I feel Like the combination of linen shorts and Then you pair straw bag in that same Outfit looks so classy so natural Organic relaxed and I just love that Okay next outfit inspiration is this one Here we have a black midi dress some Slides and a straw bag so I have I think Three different midi style black dresses My favorite one is this one by Amazon This halter style I I hope you guys Aren't annoyed I've been sharing this Like in way too many videos at this Point but it's seriously so perfect I am Like this close to getting it in another Color but I shared it in an outfit with Black strappy sandals which I think Looks phenomenal but just to slightly Change it because you've guys seen this Dress already so many times I wore these Brown crisscross slides that I got from Everlane and then a straw bag that I Also got from Amazon so again very Beachy very relaxed very classy very Simple and minimal such an easy Comfortable outfit to wear on a really Nice summer day whether you're going to The beach you can swap out the flats for Heels and dress this up wear it to a Wedding if you want to it just is so Versatile it it's amazing it just blows My mind how just stunning this dress is And I just love how it looks the next Outfit I so loved recreating is this one

Here again it also looks very natural Very relaxed these are the types of Outfits I look for in recreating when I Am dressing myself for those summer Months I really love those minimal Timeless classic looking pieces so in This outfit I'm wearing this midi cotton Dress that I got from Uniqlo paired it With a straw bag with some brown slide And this is another really beautiful Classic outfit for summer time I love Just like this kind of structured Cottony and slightly flowy dress for Summer time actually not even slightly Flowy it's actually pretty flowy but Since it is in 100 cotton it has that Nice structure to it and it has eyelet Detailing on it as well in the bust line And then at the hemline of the dress as Well and it's also scalloped at the Hemline and I love how the straps are Wider as well so it's really flattering Really comfortable you can wear a Regular bra with this too it just gives Off that beachy relaxed organic look Especially when you pair it with the Right accessory so like a straw bag and Some minimal slides I think this just Overall is so stunning so anyways love This outfit and then on to the next one Which is this one here I was actually Pretty surprised I didn't have high Hopes of this outfit on myself because We have a lot of like looser relaxed

Pieces going on here so we have the Looser relaxed paper bag pants and then We have the more relaxed looser fitting Blouse on top so I put this on myself And surprisingly I actually really Really loved it because the pants I mean They fit me really well they have that Loose to relax style however the length Is perfect for me and then it's really Fitted at the waistline so it draws the Attention there the bow is also not too Big or dramatic or frumpy looking it's Smaller and it just looks right for my Proportions and then this blouse I just Tucked it in all the way so that way Everything just points to my waistline It shows my shape there but I still have Looser relaxed pieces on which kind of Gives that kind of cool casual Vibe and Also being so comfortable and wearable For the summer time paired it with my White slides and my straw bag that I Mentioned earlier that's from mango and I love it I feel like this outfit is so Perfect for summer okay then the last And final outfit is this one here so I Thought this one looked really cool Relaxed casual so it definitely sort of My vibe when it comes to dressing myself So this is how I recreated it so I'm Wearing these linen shorts a basic tank And then it looked like she was wearing A more structured outerwear piece at First I thought it was just like a

Blouse and she just had it unbutton but It actually looks more structured kind Of like a jacket so I pulled out one That I got from everlane I think a year Or so ago and I decided to style it with This outfit here I would have the Sleeves rolled up especially on those Days that it's a lot warmer paired it With my brown slides and then a white Baseball cap instead of the teal and I Think this outfit looks great you have Really light natural colors going on Here and everything like kind of looks Monochromatic yet we have different Shades going on so anyways I love this One these shorts are great because uh They are like in a linen blend and I Love the fit so they're looser on the Thighs fit at the waistline and they are An affordable option for a linen short So these are linked down below as my More like affordable option for a linen Short because these white ones that I'm Wearing are Splurge but I think these Are 100 linen uh so if you're working on A budget I do like these ones from Uniqlo always been recommending them all Right you guys so that is it for this Video that was seven outfits that I Recreated from Pinterest on a petite Body type Um I really hope you guys enjoyed this Video I just got some outfit ideas and Outfit inspiration if you liked anything

I mentioned in this video I do have it Linked in the description box for you Guys but I always encourage you guys to Shop your own closet and pick outfits Using the pieces that you already have If you feel like you're missing Something then I think it's fine to add That into your wardrobe if you think It'll make sense for your style and if You'll wear it all often but always Start first by recreating with pieces That you already have anyways again Thank you guys so much for watching this Video I really hope you enjoyed it Subscribe if you're new and I'll see you Next time bye