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So in this video we are going over 10 Viral beauty products that we see all Over social media Tick Tock Instagram YouTube and I'm so excited to be giving You my honest review on all of these Beauty products I have 10 different Items that I'll be reviewing today and Most of these are makeup products that I Thought would be fun to put all of these Makeup products on for one makeup look So throughout this video I'll be just Doing my makeup and reviewing these Products with you guys so I thought that Would be really fun so you can see it on See me apply it how it looks like and Just me going over it I wanted to do Something a little bit different here on This channel so if you are new please Consider subscribing and if you enjoy These beauty related videos let me know I could do more of these and let's go Ahead and hop right in okay so the first Two viral makeup products that I see Everywhere so first one is the IT Cosmetics CC cream I actually reviewed This already not too long ago probably Like a couple months ago I've had this For a while but I wanted to put in this Video because it's very very viral and Then the drunk Elephant D bronzy Anti-pollution Sunshine drops sorry That's a very long name so I actually Wanted to review both of these together Because I actually wear both of these

Together so the D bronzy Drops are very Dark when you look at it at first it Kind of looks intimidating especially When you have lighter skin like I do it May seem like it'll just make your face Look really really dark but it actually Blends into your skin so beautifully and Looks so smooth and kind of gives that Really nice bronzy glow it says here you Just use a drop of it to any serum oil Or cream or you can use this on its own But I've actually been mixing it with my It Cosmetics CC cream so I just put the Two together blending into my skin and I Think it gives a really nice smoothing Natural Glow so the IT Cosmetics you Guys already know I love this thing this Is the only CC cream that has not made My skin break out I have sensitive skin When it comes to makeup especially and Any products I put on my face let's be Real and this one is the only one that Has not given me breakouts which is Incredible so this is a forever Repurchase for me the IT Cosmetics it's Very light it doesn't feel heavy it Gives me the coverage that I need they Do have full coverage but I have the I Believe medium coverage Yeah medium Coverage skin tint and then mixing it in With this bronze drops I think gives you The best very natural looking skin Without feeling so heavy and without Feeling like you have a full face of

Makeup on so I feel like this is great On those days where you want to wear Very minimal makeup or those like no Makeup days but you still want to have Something that gives you a little bit of A bronze a little bit of a glow I think This is great I'm going to actually rate All of these products from let's just Say one through ten Um I would give the IT Cosmetics Honestly a 10 out of 10. it is Absolutely phenomenal the Deep bronzy Drops I will give of it an 8 out of 10 Because I think it's great but I'm not Like absolutely wowed by it it gives a Very subtle natural looking glow and Color but again I'm just not like oh my God this is the best like the It Cosmetics is definitely a 10 out of 10 And then this one I would give an 8 out Of ten so the next thing that has been Very viral on social media is rare Beauty I decided to try out the rare Beauty concealer and I got this in the Shade 110n this is very very creamy very Thick very concentrated a little goes Such a long way like you really do not Need to use a lot of this which is great Because I feel like it'll last longer However I think one con for me with this This concealer and I think I mentioned This before is that it does feel kind of Heavy I've out of all the makeup Products that I'm using in this video or

Wearing Um this feels the heaviest for sure but It does give fabulous coverage I think The coverage is absolutely spectacular And it lasts all day long so I give it That I I would give this product a 6 out Of ten I'll give it a six out of ten Because I love it but Um I'm not sure if I love it enough to Repurchase it I feel like once I run out Of this I will be looking for another Concealer to try out that is not as Heavy next up is the makeup by Mario Contour shaping stick so this is how it Looks like I think I went with the yeah I went with the light medium I think This is like the second to lightest Shade and this one has been so viral I've been seeing actually this brand in General just pop up everywhere I've Never heard of it before until social Media started sharing it I was really Excited to try it so for me contouring My face is very difficult I like how This is a really easy application so It's uh a cream and it's really easy Just to directly put it on exactly where You want it so I put it just on the top Of my cheekbones and then on my temple So I just applied there and I just blend It in with my artiste brush and it Blends so so perfectly if you're new to Contouring or if you're not like Comfortable with it or if it's difficult

For you I feel like going for a cream Based product makes it so much easier to Apply and give you the makeup look that You're looking for I think just the Biggest thing for me is just how easy The application is it's just you Directly apply it to where you want it And then you just blend it out like it's So easy to apply I also love the color It's not orangey it doesn't look fake I Think it looks very natural very Beautiful and I personally love this Shade on my skin tone and my skin is Pretty fair so to rate this one I would Give this one a oh I'm so close to Giving it a 10 out of 10 but I feel like I would have to be absolutely head over Heels for it so I'm gonna give it a nine Out of ten because I do absolutely love It and I do think this will be a Repurchase for me I think I need to give It a little bit more time before I give It like a full 10 out of 10. next up I Wanted to share are two different Highlighters so first one is the Ilia Liquid light serum highlighter which I Shared this a couple months ago and then The next one is the rare Beauty liquid Highlighter as well so I'm just putting These two side by side you can kind of See the different Um color the color difference I feel Like the rare beauty is a lot lighter And then the Ilia version it has more of

A nude color to it so anyways again Another rare beauty product that's Really popular and then Ilya has been Popping up a lot lately I mean they Carry it at Sephora at least the Sephoras that are in my area you can Always find Ilia products there I think One thing that they're really popular For is that they're clean Beauty if I'm Not mistaken you can correct me if I'm Wrong now in the clips here I'm putting On the rare Beauty highlighter um this One is my newer highlighter that I Purchased Um purely because I really wanted to try Out more rare beauty products so one Thing to know I love how lightweight This is this is like so different from The concealer like I mean they're two Totally different products but the Highlighter feels so light on my skin Like it's very liquidy Um it's really easy to apply really easy To blend it out and I feel like this Highlighter you can really tell that I'm Wearing a highlighter like I mean it Doesn't look fake as long as you blend It in really well but you can tell like It gives you that nice glow to your skin Anyways I love the rare Beauty one I Feel like the color is also stunning and Then the Ilia one I do love and enjoy This one too however it does feel a Little bit more heavy at least if I'm

Comparing it to the rare Beauty I mean I Think it's fantastic Um and I shared this many times so I do Love it and if they are clean Beauty Then I think that's like a huge Plus on Its own and then on my hand here I'll Show you a clip the Ilia highlighter and The rare Beauty highlighter Um the one that's to my Knuckles like Closest to my note that is the Ilia Highlighter and then on the other side That is the rare Beauty highlighter so They actually look very similar in color And shade but if I had to pick one over The other I would pick the rare Beauty Because it feels very lightweight and I Don't have to use as much of it and I Feel like when it comes to the glow you Notice it a lot more I give the rare Beauty highlighter a 9 out of 10. and Then the Ilia version I will give this One you know I'll give this an 8 out of 10. Um I think it's also fabulous really Nice love the color it just feels a Little bit more heavy next up this one Has also been so viral it's the benefit Play tint so this is a lip and cheek Stain so I was really intrigued by this My regular viewers know I'm not that Into lipstick lip gloss I am not the Type to wear but I really wanted to try It because I was like what the hey let Me see what this feels like looks like

So I applied it to my lips and I Freaking love this stuff you guys I Think I had this for a month now I love It I love how it's just like a subtle Color it gives a stain this actually Comes in a lot of different shades but I Went with the lightest pink shade that It comes in and then I applied it on my Cheeks and I also love it as well you Just do one little dot or you can do More if you want a little bit more Dramatic but I just do one little dot on Each cheekbone to blend it out and I Think it looks beautiful so I definitely Recommend this product I think it's Absolutely fantastic so I will give this One a 9 out of 10 because I do think It's fabulous I do see myself Repurchasing this as well I'm just Knocking off one point purely because I Want them to come out with different Shades of this this one comes in a lot Of like peachy reddish kind of Shades But I really want something that's more Blushy light pink if that makes sense so I'm just knocking off one point purely Because I want more options as far as Colors okay next up this has definitely Been so popular at least on Tick Tock I've seen it um I mean I don't have Tick Tock but I somehow see it pop up all the Time but it's the I think I hope I'm Pronouncing this correctly meow meow Product so I decided to try the Rosemary

Mint strengthening shampoo and then the Rosemary mint scalp and hair Strengthening oil which this helps Encourage hair growth so it's also Really really affordable so I think the Shampoo here is twelve dollars ten Dollars ten twelve dollars like it's Really inexpensive honestly and then the Scalp serum this is very inexpensive ten Dollars for this if you guys are a Regular view you know that I use Divi For probably almost a year I mean I Recently stopped purely because I feel Like my hair like really grew in I feel Like it's great Um and Divi is also really expensive It's like 50 a month for a bottle and This is nine dollars so and I don't use This every day I just used this before I Shower so I put into my scalp I massage It I'll leave it in anywhere from 30 Minutes to two hours prior to washing my Hair then I'll go in wash it all out With just shampoo conditioner and all That I have to say it's kind of hard for Me to review the scalp serum only Because I feel like my hair is honestly Really good when it comes to like Fullness now I mean I've had so much Hair grew back because I used first Divi I was using this and I did notice my Hair definitely get Fuller by using this I do think this product works based on My personal experience so for nine

Dollars I think it's totally worth Giving a shot if you've been struggling Trying to fill in your hair and then the Shampoo I would say is good Um it's not magical and see the thing is With shampoo you guys I feel like and Maybe it's like this with you guys too I Feel like my hair gets used to it I feel Like my hair will get used to it and Then it'll start to feel dry and brittle And then I'll switch over to a new Shampoo and then my hair feels great Again so for me I'm always changing out Shampoos times I don't even wait till The bottle is finished I'll like rotate Between multiple different shampoos and That's just what I found works for me so I do have this in my rotation I like how It's inexpensive and affordable and I Like how it has Rosemary in it as well That's also really great for hair growth From what I've read online with these Two products the shampoo I'll honestly Give like gosh a six out of ten because I think it's good but I'm just not wowed By it Um just on my personal experience and Then the scalp serum honestly I would Okay I would give this an 8 out of ten Um I think this works I do want to use It for longer just to make sure like you Know it's really having an effect on me But if you look at the reviews the Reviews are insane like they are really

Good and I did notice a difference on Myself okay this last thing I don't Think it's viral but I really wanted to Put it in as like the last thing in this Video that I have been obsessed with for Years I wish it was viral it's the Makeup eraser wipes you guys these are Free talking magical it takes off makeup Like butter I haven't used makeup Remover wipes in years this is literally All I used to take off everything hot Water warm water I should say this rag I Still could up and it just takes it off So perfectly this isn't viral I really Think it should be because it is a dang Good product all right you guys so that Is it for this video that was 10 viral Beauty products as seen on social media As always I'll have everything Linked In The description box for you guys if you Happen to be interested in anything I'll Try to write down what shade I was using As well hopefully you guys enjoyed this Review and just me giving you my honest Thoughts and opinions I'm actually Really surprised that all of these Products actually worked out and I Actually really enjoy them now I may not Repurchase everything just purely Because I love to test out different Things Um but I do think these are all worth Giving a shot trying out and I think They are great products at the same time

Time so anyways I hope you guys enjoy This video let me know if you would like Me to test out any more viral beauty Products or products in general if you Are new don't forget to subscribe Everything is linked down below again And I will see you in my next video bye