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So today I have a saon try on review for You guys so oh my God what she is so wild hold on I don't I've shared her before it's my cat Coco The culprit oh my gosh you crazy girl I Am totally leaving that in the video Because that was hilarious anyways I'm So excited for this try on and I've Always wanted to do a saon review for You guys because the pieces are an Investment but each piece is so special And each piece is so unique at the same Time and you know I'll describe the Quality and the uniqueness of each piece If you love that Parisian flare to your Style I really think you'll enjoy these Pieces especially that they're very Unique at the same time also keep in Mind this review is on a petite person Everything you'll see is going to be on A 5' one person so let's start with what I'm wearing this is the Lucas jumper Here what I think makes this really Special is the button detailing over Here it's quite unique uh quite dramatic The buttons are textured as well the Ribbing on this sweater is really thick Really warm this is a great sweater to Wear fall and winter time something that Definitely keeps you really warm um I Have it tucked into my bra here and this Is the full length of it right here so Um I feel like it's great if you're Average maybe even tall and if you're

Petite I usually just fold it in like This sometimes suck it into my bra and It stays put like this pretty well and I Love it I the button detailing is what Really stood out to me I think it's so Gorgeous and so different love how you Can wear the buttons completely closed Where you can open them up expose more Neck line and it's just really beautiful Just the way it lays is just phenomenal So great sweater it's like a chunky knit But with a really unique design with the Button detailing next up is the Clow Blouse I actually loved this so much I Have it in two uh versions so I have a Solid white and then a floral pattern uh These are so stunning so gorgeous and I Think out of all of the saon tops that I Purchased I mean there's quite a few That are petite friendly these are Probably the most petite friendly see The length of it I'd say the length is Great easy to tuck in they're very Lightweight by the way I love the ruffle Detailing it has down the front of the Shirt on the white blouse the button Detailing is really nice it's the same Material as the rest of the shirt and I Just love the scalloped ruffle uh Detailing to it I think it just makes it More unique stand out uh gives it a Really girly flare and again these are Very lightweight they're thinner uh so I Think they work great for spring summer

And you can wear them for fall if you're Layering outer pieces over it uh but Great for work great for outside of work Has a really nice like Parisian flare to It French girl Vibe I like to call it One thing I've noticed with suon is that Their pieces majority of their pieces Run quite big uh so you can keep that in Mind if you're in between sizes it Doesn't hurt to go down a size but they Do have information on each product Whether it's good to go up a size or Down a size or stay true to size I want To review stripe sweaters for you guys I Really do believe suon has the best Collection of Stripes uh t-shirts Sweaters they just nail it in that Department especially and they are just The most timeless and classic so this is The Alexa sweater wearing it in a double Extra small this one I would say you can Go down a size if you want to or you can Stay true to size I don't think that'll Hurt it has a lot of stretch to it and It has a more fitted fit to it I have it In this like tan and navy combination But it does come in other color Combinations I love that it has button Detailing uh this version of a sweater Comes with buttons or without the Buttons just the solid crew neckline I Personally pick the buttons because I Just love that little unique touch I Believe I mentioned this before but

Definitely does not cheap out on buttons I feel like that's where a lot of Brands Can cut Corners is the buttons they just Go with something that's super cheap Slap it on there good to go but suon Actually pays attention to the button Detailing I mean the jumper that I'm Wearing right now and this one and the Clo blouse like every single piece that Has a button it's thought out and the Buttons are absolutely stunning and Beautiful next up is the Colette Mariner I'm I'm sorry if I totally butchered That I apologize this is more of like a T-shirt uh the Alexis is a sweater this Is more of a t-shirt long sleeve t-shirt But a really thick t-shirt I was truly Impressed when I got this in just the Quality of it the thickness of it uh the Structure of it it has a more boxy fit To it so just keep that in mind but the Sleeve length is great uh has beautiful Button detailing on the shoulder here You're investing into a stripe shirt I Would say this option is a fabulous Option to go with I purchased it in the Springtime I've worn it countless of Times it looks beautiful under trench Coats under wool coats or even just Pairing it with a pair of denim jeans And some splats it's just truly just one Of those sweaters you will have in your Closet forever and you can combine it With countless of pieces in your

Wardrobe this one is more of a slouchy Fit as far as the sweater this is the Saon leontine jumper comes in multiple Color combinations uh love the button Detailing again and this material also Does stretch out as you wear it it does Run quite big so I would definitely Suggest going down a size in this one I Think you'll get a better fit that way But I love the just relaxed casual fit Of this you can honestly easily dress it Up if you want to or you can wear it Casually and this is probably one of the More like least petite friendly pieces Because of just how oversized it runs But if you do love that looser more Slouchy look this is a great striped Sweater has a heavier weight to it so When it sits on you you have it on you Put it on you it just lays and drapes so Beautifully has a little bit of a bubbly Sleeve uh the wrist cuffs are fitted so It gives that bubbly effect on the Sleeves this is a great option if you're Looking for something a little bit more Unique next up is the Mona jumper so This is h a knitted sweater but it's in A short sleeve has beautiful button Detailing on the shoulder this is the One top that I stayed true to size with Cuz that's I think what it recommended On the site and I'm happy I did cuz it Has a more fitted fit to it but it is Super stretchy super super stretchy I

Think it would have been even fine going Down a size just because of how much Stretch it has but it fits so Beautifully this is a piece that's Really really good for spring and summer You can even transition it into fall and Just layer on top of it as the weather Gets colder and I got this in the white And navy color combination love how it Looks and love the button detailing I Mean I just think this gives such more Of like a I guess a sailor kind of Coastal vibe to it that I really really Enjoy and again that Parisian French Girl vibe to it that I just adore so Much so anyways really great piece if You're looking for something that's more For spring and summer uh this is Lightweight will still keep you warm Easy to layer and I love the fitted and Short sleeves as well next up we have is The grant t-shirt this is a ribbed T-shirt and it has this beautiful again Button detailing going down I think That's one thing if you ever purchase or Get a piece from suan or if you have any You probably notice that's one thing They really highlight is just a lot of Button detailing on the clothing it just Really really elevates the pieces and Just makes it look and feel very Expensive high-end and very special and This is one of those pieces I believe Comes again multiple colors what I want

To mention about this this one though is That it has a really wide neckline so This is something you would want to wear Actually a strapless bra with because The neckline is really wide I think Especially if you're petite and Especially if you're full or busted I Think uh wearing a strapless bra will be Better you just won't see the bra strap Aside from that it's a wonderful piece Easy to tuck in lightweight stretchy and This is a great piece to style and wear For spring and summer okay next up I Want to share a couple more knits this Is the berry cardigan so one thing I Want to point out with this one is that The neckline is really low and it's also Really wide so you can get away with a Regular bra width but it does sit quite Low on the chest line so I wanted to Point that out in case that's a concern Uh it does you know go quite low they Also have this cardigan in a more of Like a crew neckline version uh so I Will link that one down below I don't Own that one but it seems like it's the Same thing as this one just a different Neckline so just wanted to point that Out uh the button detailing is stunning On these by the way uh they just look so Gorgeous just really elevated in just Such a subtle way and the color color is Also just so stunning very classic very Beautiful piece that I would recommend

Wearing for spring also for fall and Winter will work as well if you're Concerned about itch I would say this Sweater does have a slight itch to it so If you're sensitive to itch I probably Wouldn't recommend this one other than That it's a beautiful sweater and love The color okay this is the Angie Cardigan I feel like it's been a while Since I shared this one uh this one also Has stunning button detailing and what I Love about this that I've never seen in Other sweaters is it has knit crochet Crochet detailing usually crochet is Done in like a cotton material this is Actually done in the knit of like the Sweater so it totally looks so unique It's done all the way down on the chest Line it's also done on the sleeves as Well on the wrists and then the button Detailing is there to elevate it some More and of course you can wear this Open clothes I would normally wear this Clothes and kind of like tucked in a Little bit and I think this looks Beautiful with either some denim jeans And trousers uh this piece as well as The berry cardigan this does have some Itch to it so so again if you're Sensitive to itch I wouldn't recommend This one but the quality of this is Absolutely amazing it looks and feels so Luck so expensive and it's just so Unique at the same time next up is the

Ailia blouse this one comes in multiple Colors like white black I think a Beautiful forest green color I have this In a floral print has a beautiful wrap Design I would say this one runs big Also so go down a side the neckline is Quite low but I shared a really cool Fashion hack uh to pin the chest area With a micro Stitch um I link that video Up here if you guys want to see that Cool little hack to closeup necklines But that's essentially what I did with This one so it's a little bit easier for Me to just go about my day wearing it Tucks in easily the color combination is Probably some one of the most shocking Things to me because it makes it so easy To style with so many different bottoms Like with light blue jeans with black Trousers with cream trousers it really Goes with so many things I actually Purchased this print skirt version this Is called the nor skirt and I'm not sure If they sell it anymore but the print is Exactly the same as the blous so Essentially I wanted to have two pieces Like this so I can either wear them Together or wear them separately uh cuz I just felt in love with this floral Pattern and I really wanted a couple Pieces in this pattern so love it Although the skirt I do have to mention It does run big uh it's really big in my Waistline so this is something I

Definitely have to belt so it's a little Bit more comfortable but it is so Stunning next up is the Estella dress uh This one I was really surprised how Petite friendly it is the length is Perfect the sleeve length is great love The button detailing that goes down all Throughout the dress it has a little bit Of a split at the bottom of the dress It's lightweight but still has enough Weight to it where it just drapes and Flows so beautifully and again the Floral pattern another pattern that I Fell in love with this is great to wear On its own like this or you can even Style it with knits over it for fall and Winter that also gives it a really Beautiful look it's actually really Surprised for a mini style how well this Fits on my 5'1 frame so I was definitely Really pleased and happy about that last And final piece is the one and only Pants that I tried from suon I think These had the most petite friendly Inseam so that's why I picked these These are called the Austin trousers and What I love is the pleats here and they Really make it look like I have curves And I actually don't really have too Much curves like in my hips like my Measurements it's pretty much like a Rectangle uh so these give that illusion Of like a more curvy silhouette which I Think is so fun uh has belt loops so you

Can add a really fun belt with it uh Zipper closure a button detail to close On the inside of the trouser I would say This this is something I will need to Get adjusted for now I actually hemmed It with a double-sided fashion tape Inside of the trouser and that actually Holds it up really well but eventually I Want to get this permanently tailored uh To my height and I think I'll get much Better fit that way I may have to take In the waistline just a little bit cuz It is slightly loose not the most petite Friendly piece but if you do love the Fit and want to invest in a really Really like high quality incredible Unique trouser um this is something for Petites that would need adjust in if You're average height or tall this piece I think will fit you beautifully but for Me will need adjusting but the quality Again so shocking I was truly surprised How amazing the quality is on this I got It and the material is definitely Different from what I expected but in a Good way it feels a little bit more Rough the inside of it though feels Really smooth and I just love it I Actually wore this to church yesterday And I just loved how it looked paired With like a knit and a long outo piece It was just so fun to style these so Anyways these are great trousers but if You're petite you definitely need to

Adjust these all right you guys so that Wraps it up for today's video I really Hope you enjoyed seeing these different Saon pieces hopefully you got some good Information out of it all in all I do Think there are many pieces from their Site that are petite friendly everything Will be linked down below if you happen To be interested in anything I really Hope you enjoyed this review thank you So much for your love and support and I'll see you next time bye