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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'm sharing some Splurge your Lux Gift ideas for her so these will be Great ideas maybe if you want to splurge On your mom or your grandma or if you Want to look for ideas for yourself to Give to your husband to your boyfriend To your fiance to give somebody an idea Of you know some ideas for yourself too Or maybe you would want to give one of These items for yourself just to treat Yourself whatever the reason may be These are some fabulous ideas on Something that's a little bit more luck Something that is a little bit more of a Splur like a treatyourself type of an Item so everything that I share today Will be linked Down Below in the Description box so I don't share this on My channel I think ever I don't even Think anybody knows this but my birthday Is in December and so I like to treat Myself to one thing in December for my Birthday a gift from me to me like those Can be some of the best gifts honestly Cuz I just pick what I really want so I've always wanted to try out the Varley Set or just anything from vley I've Heard so many good things I've had my Eye on the brand for several years I Went ahead and purchase like the jogger Set this one is cool because it has a Petite friendly inseam I got it in the 25 in inseam and then I think they also

Have it in a 27 and 1/2 in inseam but I'm really short so I got the 25 in and Then I like this one because you can Fold the waistband and you can make Either really high-waisted or it can be A little bit more of like a natural High-rise so that's how I really like it It actually has like these pockets in The back where it makes it look more Elevated and then it has Deep Pockets in The front as well I love how the cuff Isn't like so tight around the ankle Like it's still a cuff but it's a little Bit more relaxed and then I also got the Matching sweatshirt with it and at first I was like okay is the collar of the Sweat are going to bother me because They're known for their really dramatic Collors it doesn't bother me in the Least bit had this set for a week I've Not kidding been wearing it every single Day whether it's two of them together or I'm wearing them separately one thing I Love about the fabric is that it's Literally no fuss and this is where you Guys are going to shake your heads at me When I first got this in I tried it on I Literally went down downstairs to go Make mashed potatoes and what happened As I'm mashing the potatoes I spilled Mashed potatoes all over my new Sweatshirt I know feel like everyone's Shaking their head at me I was literally Shaking my head at myself but the crazy

Thing is I just went to my sink rinsed It off and it came off perfectly and I've been wearing this like at home all Day every day going out wearing it so It's getting a lot of use and a lot of Love it's actually really nice where the Quality is incredible the look and fit And feels like very Lux and elevated but The fabric is like no so easy to Maintain and I love that next gift idea Is jewelry and of course I always Recommend Anna Louisa jewelry they're my Favorite jewelry company ever I've been Rocking wearing their pieces for 3 years But the one specific reason why I love Anal Louisa jewelry is because they have Jewelry pieces from all different price Points so starting at $39 all the way to More higher end pieces so you can really Pick and choose what suits your budget And right now you can get up to 35% off On their website so here's the new Pieces that I got in so these earrings These are actually the mini Abby Earrings so in my previous video I did With Anna Louisa I had the Abby earrings Which they're larger more chunky more Dramatic more elevated these are the Mini version I'll actually put them side By side here so you guys can see like The size differences the larger ones the Abby ones or the Mini version and I love Them just as much uh just depends on What your personal preference is I love

How the mini ones are a little bit more Subtle they're a little bit lighter on Your ears they're more for like everyday Wear whereas the Abby earrings the Larger ones are definitely really Dramatic and elevated so just depending On what you're looking for but both are Fantastic and then I got two new rings From Anna Louisa so I got the Khloe ring And the Celine ring so the Chloe one is The braided one and the Celine ring is The thinner more stackable ring um I'm Wearing them both here I think they look Absolutely stunning and gorgeous the Chloe one just really stood out to me Because I love the braiding it just so Stunning so elevated and this necklace That I got is different from what I Normally get this is called the Finley Necklace has like a really sharp Dramatic point I think this would also Look really pretty if you're wearing Like a low V neckline kind of going Along with it here I'm just wearing a Crew neckline with my cing in today and I think it looks so cute so I'm wearing Uh a stackable necklace and then a Pendant necklace and that's how I love Wearing their necklaces their jewelry Pieces is just stacking them I think it Looks fantastic uh this Finley one is Definitely different and kind of more Modern looking which I really like Anyways those are all my jewelry pieces

That I wanted to share for gift ideas From Anna Louisa they have so much more To choose from from their site again up To 35% off I'll have all the links down Below okay next up I actually want to Share a couple really cool sneaker gift Ideas so initially I wanted to share my Vasia sneakers these are the v10s a more Sporty option I love these they are Definitely a Splurge I mean they're not Like an inexpensive type of shoe I love Them I do think they're 100% worth it Make a great gift idea if you want to Give something like for yourself that You want to splurge on or give your Husband boyfriend in idea uh these are Fabulous so stunning I would say this Style the V10 you have to go down a full Size for it to fit like your normal size They are incredibly comfortable easy to Walk in all day and I love how minimal And stylish they are so love these and Then these are actually my more recent Pair which is more of like a sporty Another sporty version but all black Really practical especially for me Living in Washington these are by Alberts I've always wanted to try out The brand decided to grab a pair of the Woman corer sneakers I believe that's The name of these these legit feel like Clouds if we're talking about Comfort Between the two the AL birds are more Comfortable in my opinion I just think

They're just really meant to be on your Feet all day and they are so soft and Paded it literally feels like the sole Of my foot I literally don't have shoes On like I'm walking on clouds I love the Design of them CU they have like a Slight vintage sporty look to them Without being over the top vintage if That makes sense I got just the Classic Black they have different colors to Choose from which is cool the the all Bird site also has like their most Famous sneaker which I think they're Called the wool Runners I wanted to get This style cuz it has slightly more Vintage look that I'm obsessed with and They just look really cool and really Stylish so anyways if you wanting to try These out I've been wearing them out for A week now almost every day and they are Incredibly comfortable this makes a Great gift idea honestly for anybody Cashmir hat and cashmere scarf so I got These from Quin and I think they are Just absolutely abely wonderful they are So comfortable soft they're not bulky um Here let me put the Hat on for you guys Have been wearing the hat out a ton they Have many colors to choose from I like How it's slim fitted this is also a Great gift for guys as well so they come In a small size for women and a larger Size for men uh so if you want to gift This to any guys in your life you can do

That they have a larger size they have Different colors um this is just a great Like Lux gift idea for others um cuz It's 100% cashmere I feel like the price On it is really fair for cashmere Especially from Quin um I love shopping There I'm literally from Quin I've been Getting so many gifts for my friends and Family through their website because They have such good ideas whether it's Sweaters hats scarves gloves they have So many good styles to choose from Another item from Quin that I think is a Great gift idea is a silk set so these Are actually sold separately which is Cool because if you need to get Different sizes for the top versus Bottom you can do that you can get maybe A different style of a top cuz I think They have the silk top in a long sleeve Or short sleeve version they have like Different fits so I went with the shorts Silk shorts in black and then the silk Tank in black as well to make it a set So this is honestly such a good gift Idea for something Lux but the price Doesn't really break the brink if you Don't want to get the shorts they also Sell it in a long pants version so you Can get that instead if you want to so Just check on their site they have lots Of different styles for their silk Product products that would make Fabulous gift ideas next up is the Quint

Jersey robe okay I haven't been a robe Girl until I discovered this set my oh My is this the best robe I've ever tried So first it's so cooling it's so Stretchy it's like this jersey material Very stretchy it's thinner it has a lot Of weight to it uh it just drapes and Looks so beautiful and the sleeves are Shorter which at first I was like why The heck are the sleeves so short but Then it came to me it makes sense when You're getting ready doing your makeup Washing your face with your robe on so You don't get your sleeves drenched so Love that attention to detail I Discovered that very quickly why they Did that got this in a size extra small I would say it fits true to size and Also ropes are just such a great gift Idea I feel like they're very forgiving In sizing and you can go up a size it Would be fine you can stay true to size It'll be fine okay quick break from Clothing I have a few more clothing Items that I'm going to share but I Actually want to share these books that I think would be a fabulous gift idea They're actually right behind me so I'm Going to grab them these Bible books by Alabaster and I love this because one They are so stunning and they have Pictures with along with all the Bible Verses they just are done so well it Looks gorgeous and uh they sell them not

In like one Bible they just sell them in Separate books so I have the Psalms and Book of Proverbs and the translation is New Living Translation thought this Would be such a thoughtful gift idea cuz Not only you know you read it and enjoy It and look at all the beautiful Pictures as well but you also set it on Your counter on your cabinet or shelving Like I did back here and it looks so Stunning and so gorgeous and I actually Love it cuz I have people come over they Sit on these chairs they look at the Books they read it themselves I read it Myself uh so it's right there serves as Like a beautiful like decorative piece That you can actually read and get so Much out of to me that would make such a Meaningful and such a special gift you Find out their favorite faite books in The Bible grab a few of those and they Can read it enjoy it okay so I know a Lot of people or literally everybody Recommends gifting Uggs for Christmas Gift ideas during the holiday season my Voice cracked that's great I'll link it Down below in case you've been wanting To splurge on somebody on a pair of Slippers honestly I am totally cool with The dupes I'm a dupe girl when it comes To slippers literally don't care about The brand um so I shared these in my Previous gift guide for her that's under $50 these are by Quint I literally wear

These every day all day in multiple Colors they look just like the ug Tasmine slippers but for literally half The price true to size very plush very Soft and honestly I actually like the Quin version more because the design Around the ankle is neutral whereas the Uggs I believe are red and I'm not a big Fan of that I don't really like the red I love this neutral color palette way More okay I have to recommend a cashmere Sweater so okay Quin I I link it down Below they have great cashmere sweaters Options that are at a really reasonable Price been loving this one by Lily silk I shared this last month I'm obsessed With it it's a sweatshirt I don't think Quin has like a hoodie or sweatshirt of A cashmere sweater so that's why I'm Sharing this one I just think this would Make a great gift idea because it's Casual but it's a casual 100% cashmere Sweater that I think a lot of people Would really love uh so it has a full-on Zipper closure I love the ribbing Hemline and then the hemline on the Sleeves as well it's so it matches the Hood isn't too heavy it just lays and Drapes beautifully um I styled it Several times for you guys and I just Love it I think it makes a really really Awesome gift idea okay I'm so excited to Mention these two because I feel like This would be a great gift for yourself

If you want to give like again your Boyfriend your husband an idea uh Designer jeans I have been raving about Them for over a year so specifically the Girlfriend Carolina jeans and the a Goldie Riley jeans so girlfriend Carolina these have more of a vintage Look to to them whereas the Riley Jeans By a Goldie have a more of like a Classic blue denim look so a little bit More classic versus like the Vintage Vibe girlfriend jeans give and I would Say the fit of them is similar they have Like that straight leg fit but the Girlfriend denim jeans are a thicker Stiffer rigid denim whereas the a Goldie Riley jeans they're thinner and not as Like stiff and rigid but both I love Them equally as much I truly cannot pick A favorite between the two but if you Been wanting to try out a pair of Designer jeans for yourself you've been Wanting to splurge on yourself uh these Two I've been recommending for over a Year I love them both I was so excited To mention them in this video because They're just really great jeans that Hold up well and look so flattering Everywhere they just are an incredible Pair of denim jeans okay next up this is Actually more like Affordable gift idea I don't even know Why I'm putting in this video but I Really wanted to share it again because

It's literally the most underrated Blanket of all time it's this gorgeous Knitted throw blanket from Amazon so you Can get it in the throw size or in the Large size which would fit like a bed And I got it in I think this beige color This literally looks just like the $130 Pottery Bron knitted blanket but this One is $36 $37 from Amazon so uh this Looks and feels so Lux it's 100% organic Cotton as well so I was really surprised By the price and I know this is like a More Lux Splurge gift ideas video but This looks and feels Lux but not the Price which is so incredible I needed to Mention it again because I mentioned it In my gift guide for her that's under 50 Uh but I just this this blanket needs to Make another appearance I think this is Going in my best purchases of this year Because it is truly incredible I'm Gifting this to literally everybody this Year with that you guys that actually Brings it to the end of this video that Was I believe 12 Lux gift ideas for Yourself for her your mom your grandma Again or gift ideas you want to give to Others I really hope you guys enjoy this Video all these ideas and as always I'll Have everything linked down below if you Wanted to check it out thank you to Anna Louisa for sponsoring this video again They have fabulous jewelry gift ideas if You want to splurge on yourself or if

You've been wanting to gift it for Others as well and they just are Fabulous love the Styles very minimal And they're so easy to mix and match With other jewelry pieces so they will Be linked down below as well I love you Guys so much and I'll see you in my next Video bye