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So in this video I am sharing my Favorite shoes and bags for spring and Summer these are items and styles that I Rewear all spring and summer that are Just so Timeless classy minimal with a Little bit of a girly flare to them on Some of the pieces the items I'm sharing Are shoes with a few bags so I do want To start with the shoes cuz I'm sure all Of us are probably most excited about Shoes for the spring and summertime and I have a variety of different styles That will go with many different types Of outfits first I have to bring up my Favorite slides I have had um the white Pair I have white brown and black which I know is very excessive but I've had The white slides for gosh four years now And last year I was like you know what I'm going to go ahead and get the black And the brown because I feel like that's What was missing in my wardrobe so I Have all three colors but I have been Wearing this style for such a long time They're very gorgeous minimal simple and They really just Elevate outfits I know They're a dupe for the hers sandals Actually when I initially purchased them Like 4 years ago truly I had no idea They were like a similar very very Similar option really didn't know at the Time until I started seeing the designer Version pop up and I'm like okay I had No idea um I guess I have expensive

Taste they are a beautiful sandal but I Don't want to pay like $800 for a pair So I do love this similar version or I Guess very similar version sandal that I Actually just recently purchased are These they're actually by Charli and Keith I've never tried sandals from them I've tried their purses which I love Their sandals and shoes are very Hesitant cuz I wasn't sure the quality And stuff uh the price is really fair on Them but these I was really surprised They're very comfortable they fit my Like average SL kind of more wider foot Um I love how they're not around the Ankle as well cuz I'm petite I try my Best to avoid straps that go right Around my ankle this comes in I believe Some other colors the price is really Fair comfortable and on the shoe it's a Little bit soft kind of padded I was Actually surprised I was able to walk Around in these for a very long time um And I didn't get any blisters or Anything so right off the bat they were Actually quite comfortable I am so Excited about these ballet flats uh I Got these from actually they're from DSW But they're by the brand Vince Cudo I'm Sure you can get them at other sites um I'll link them below again like Everything else but I love the little Bow kind of gives a little bit more of a Girly flare and again that ballerina

Style so normally I don't go for a Square toe but I did like how this was Done specifically for a ballerina flat I Think it just suits it really well I Love the color I love how it's not like Pure crisp white it's a little off-white Kind Ivory so it actually looks more Natural and really pretty and that's one Of the reasons why I love it and the bow As well and also I would say if your Feet are average width maybe a little Bit wide uh these are wonderful and I Believe these are genuine leather at the Same time notice that just getting real Leather shoes for me has just been one Of the best in Investments I could make Because uncomfortable shoes really sucks And I notice if I'm choosing leather Styles going for real leather versions Is so much better for Comfort level for Me I don't get any blisters they stretch Out to my foot shape I can wear them for A much longer time let's talk about Singing Back flat so I've been sharing These Steve Madden versions for so long I would say that if you have narrow feet You will love these uh cuz they are like They're not tight for me but I can't Wear them as long as some of my other Shoes because they do kind of squeeze Here after some time and just are not The most comfortable but they are so Stylish and I wear them in so many Freaking outfits and I love them they

Come in other colors I love how they're Just all black the sling is just so fun I don't know I just feel like the sling Just makes it look also a little bit More youthful at the same time I Recently purchased I wanted to get like A off-white Ivory sling with the black Toe uh so these are a different brand These are from the brand bionic um I've Tried their shoes in the past they're Always known to be really comfortable These are genuine leather so they're Great if you have average or wider feet Actually I think you can purchase these In a wide width I went with the average Uh because it's real leather it'll Stretch out a little bit to my foot and They are actually so freaking Comfortable just right off the bat like Just the way it's designed the sole on The inside how it's like curved a little Bit a lot of thought went into it and it Is very very comfortable I've been Wearing these all the time going to Church going out with my husband and K Kids like they are very comfortable very Minimal and stylish I love them they're Slightly squared at the tip um nothing Too crazy or sharp but just slightly and They come in other color combos but I Love the white Ivory and black color Combo I think it's really pretty for a Comfortable heel I've been recommending These since fall they're really good all

Year round type of shoe but an Klein Surprisingly makes one of the most Comfortable heels I've ever tried uh the Sole on the inside is padded and soft it Has really good support on your foot and Surprisingly for the heel height I can Wear these for a very long time these Are real leather so they are much more Comfortable for my foot but I even think Even if you have more narrow feet if They're a little bit more on the narrow Side I still think these will also work For you um the just the real leather Just makes it a lot more flexible and Easier to wear a lot of different foot Widths and shapes so that's why I really Love the real leather shoes cuz they Just fit more comfortably and better and Wear to your foot perfectly come in Color combos if you want like the tan And black such a gorgeous color combo I Already have a pair in like a different Style of a shoe but uh I love the all Black very classy and simple looks Beautiful with trousers with jeans okay I have to mention my Vasa sneakers They're always mentioned in my shoe Essentials videos cuz they're just so Stylish I love wearing these with like Trousers and jeans I don't really wear These so much with like skirts or Dresses because they're a more sporty Sneaker so I think for jeans and Trousers they look perfect and they're

Very classic minimal Timeless they are a Splurge but they are so Chic instantly Elevate any outfit I actually get lots Of messages from you guys saying this Was like one of the best purchases You've made because you wear them with Like you know very minimal basic outfits And they just Elevate everything I just Think the logo is designed really well The shoe is designed really well very Ethical and sustainable at the same time So I love this brand love the company Love the shoe uh I have also the cample Style I love those but I do grab these More often I just love that kind of Athleisure vibe it giv okay and then I Have three really pretty spring purses I Wanted to share one is like a smaller Clutch style uh this one what I love is The strap is adjustable so if I open up The bag here um you can see there's this Hardware on the side if you press the Button you can make it longer or shorter If you need to now if you make it Shorter obviously you have this excess Strap but what I I do is I just kind of Pull the strap through like this and Then I just open up the purse tuck the Extra strap inside in the corner and it Stays put you don't notice it and then When you close the purse can't tell so You can adjust it to your height to your Liing you can make it really short Really long it looks very minimal and

Seamless and inside the purse I'm able To fit my phone keys and wallet I've Been wearing this one a ton um it's like This textured Tweed design it's like a w White and beige color combo I love the Shade of the Gold Hardware too is really Pretty and this is a really beautiful Petite friendly bag that works for peti Cuz you can adjust the strap make it Shorter or if you're tall cuz you can Make the strap longer obviously has a Little pouch in the back so this one is So stunning I am so obsessed with this Next up is this gorgeous shoulder bag so This is only a shoulder bag doesn't come With any extra straps you only wear it Like this uh but I've always wanted a Bag like this I've seen so many like Stu Style inspiration wearing purses like This like very similar bags I've had my Eye on this one from Charles and Keith Gosh since last fall uh it's really easy To open you just kind of pull it up here See and then inside is just one big open Pocket I would say the size is quite Similar to the previous purse it might Have a little bit more room um but you Can fit again phone Keys wallets um I Personally love really small bags not Really small but on the smaller side I Don't really carry a lot in my purses uh So it works for me and it's more Comfortable and less weight for me to Carry this last one is a cross body

Style uh so it has this long strap here Uh you can wear it on your elbow like This if you want to this one I would say Is slightly finicky not opening it but Closing it is kind of finicky but it is A very pretty purse I will wear it out Let you guys know how I feel about it Later as well I mean it is a new purse Uh I do really love the design I think It's really minimal and simple and you Guys know I love really simple minimal Bags and I just love how this one's Designed I love the shape I love the Curve here I love this little knot Hardware I think it's so unique um I Love how it's structured the design is Just done really well and I love how Charles and Keith bags you can get Gorgeous bags that look so expensive Under $100 they have real leather Versions I always go for actually the Faux leather versions because their faux Leather holds up so well I have two Other purses from them I got in the fall And their full leather they held up so Well they're my most purses so I wanted To get a few styles for spring to review For you guys full leather holds up Really really well so that's why I chose That one so as always I'll have Everything linked down below if you guys Wanted to check everything out for Yourself don't forget to check out my Spring wardrobe Essentials video I

Posted that several weeks ago I was Rounding up lots of beautiful clothing Options for Springtime so I'll link that Video up here and down below if you Wanted to check it out thank you guys so Much for watching and I'll see you next Time bye