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So in this video I will be sharing six Summer outfit formulas that you can use And whip out of your back pocket to Style and dress yourself for the summer Time these outfit combinations outfit Formulas are very classic minimal basic And are just really easy to recreate With pieces that you most likely already Have in your wardrobe and essentially I Will just be breaking down the outfits For you guys so top bottom shoes bag so Anyways if you happen to be interested In anything I shared today all of it Will be linked in the description box Along with sizing details and let's go Ahead and hop right in with the summer Outfit formula so the first one we're Starting with is with this dress so the Outfit formula for this is a long dress Strappy sandals straw bag so with this One specifically I'm going with white Because it's very classic minimal crisp Sleek this kind of has a girly Flair to It you can definitely go with whatever Style of a longer dress that reflects Your style but this one I love for Myself I paired it with these Amazon on Sandals and then my mango straw bag so Actually every piece in this outfit is Budget friendly which is so cool that Was actually unintentional but it Happened to be that way but it is so Cool because I feel like this outfit is Very minimal and classic but it doesn't

Break the bank which is amazing so I Feel like either going for a long cotton Dress looks so beautiful for summer you Can go with linen or I shared this Halter Maxi mini dress that's more flowy And drapey so whatever material you like You can just go with that I feel like Anything longer length paired with Strappy sandals and a straw bag makes The outfit look very minimal Chic and Very summery especially if you pair it With a basket bag or straw bag next Outfit formula is with another dress so A mini dress pumps and a straw bag so I Feel like every girl needs a perfect Mini dress for the summer time that's Really easy comfortable and that you can Easily wear dress down or dressed up Specifically I'm sharing this one rest Up with some slingback pumps kind of Gives that Parisian flare which reflects My style and the straw bag as well so That's this outfit this dress is so Adorable so darling I feel like it is so Perfect for summer it has that linen Texture look to it but it feels softer And it has a really feminine cut to it Really cinches at the waistline the Skirt flares out the neckline is amazing The sleeves are a little bit looser so I Think it's really flattering in the arms And then I shared my mini wide dress Many times this also paired with some Heels and a minimal bag also looks very

Stunning next up is linen shorts an open Knit tank slides and a straw bag I feel Like I'm using this straw bag for every Single outfit if you haven't already Noticed already I really feel like it's One of the best pieces to add into your Wardrobe for summer instantly elevates Outfits and makes it look so summery and It's very practical as well so anyways I Love wearing linen for summer I feel Like it gives that really natural Organic Chic minimal look to your outfit And then pairing it with something Textured on top I think also gives Another interesting detail and style Element and then slides also these ones Specifically look very chic and Timeless And then the next outfit formula is also With a knit tank but with denim shorts Slides and you guessed it a straw bag Guys I'm using this for every outfit I Think there's like only a few outfits Where I'm not using the straw bag but Honestly I'm not mad about it that's Just honestly just shows you the Versatility of it how it just goes with Literally everything so you'll really Get your cost per wear for a piece like This and it didn't break the bank either So anyways this outfit I adore so much I Think after I'm done filming this video I'm gonna change into this and wear it For the rest of the day but I love this Knit tank from Revolt I love how it has

Little ties at the waistline you can Make the top a little bit shorter if you Want to and then pairing it with these Black denim shorts I think looks so Stunning these are the mom shorts or the Mom Jean short from Madewell love these So much so they brought these back this Year but the newer version is a slightly Updated it has like a little slit on the Side mine doesn't but essentially it Looks very very similar and same type of Fit so I love these two pair together With some slides and a straw bag and This is such a go-to outfit formula Alpha combination to wear for summer Time it's really easy very comfortable And so Chic at the same time so the next Outfit formula is really simple but it Is very crisp and Polished which is what I really love about it so it's tailored Shorts a basic tee slides and a straw Bag so all of this together looks very Simple but when you pair it with Tailored shorts it really elevates the Outfit and makes it look very crisp and Polished so I highly recommend including Tailored shorts into your wardrobe if That's your style if you're really into To that really minimal crisp polished Look shorts like these are really good Investment because they will just Instantly make any outfit look so much More Chic for summer I'm even just Pairing it with the basic tee this

Outfit just looks so crisp and Polished And these shorts are from revolve and They are spendy so I will also like an Affordable dupe for these shorts down Below if you're looking for something More price point I know Abercrombie has Some good crisp polish tailored shorts This summer so I'll link one from them Then another outfit idea with this Formula is with these white pleated Tailored shorts that I have the basic Tea slides and a straw bag so this is Essentially the same formula but in Different colors a little bit different Style so I love this one as well for an Almost all white monochrome look I think It looks very Timeless very chic and Again very polished and also comfortable At the same time so love this outfit Formula again tailored shorts tea slime Slides and a straw bag really easy to Recreate and your outfits will just look So Chic and stylish with very minimal Effort this outfit formula is with denim Shorts cannot forget the denim shorts They are just absolutely a classic and An essential for summer time especially If you go for a non-distressed version Like I'm sharing here so this outfit Formula is denim shorts girly top slides And a minimal bag so the first way is a Really minimal uh look so we have this Girly top that's essentially a rip tank But it has bows on the shoulders which

Kind of elevates it and makes it look a Little bit girly so this is the girly Top and then the denim shorts the mom Jean short from Madewell and then basic Slides in a minimal bag and then I feel Like this outfit just looks so Chic but Girly at the same time because the top Gives that girly Flair so I love mixing Chic and girly pieces to create outfits That reflect my personal style this Outfit is just a reflection of that I Love it anyways that's this one and then The next one with this outfit formula so It's these Abercrombie 90s shorts with The Cezanne blouse as my girly top Slides and a minimal bag so I wanted to Match the color of my slides and my bag Together and I thought this girly top From Suzanne Um matched the blue with the denim Shorts and then it has a little bit of Brown in it kind of a taupe color which I feel like really complements the bag And the shoe so that's why I paired These colors together I think it just Overall looks so beautiful and the thing Is I mentioned before is that with Sazon Blouses if you get something patterned That has more color in it the colors and Shades that they choose in their pieces Go so well with so many different colors It makes it honestly so easy to style I Mean even just as easy as pairing Neutrals together a lot of their pieces

That are more colorful the way they just Do it and combine the colors makes it is So easy to pair with everything else Which makes the pieces even more Versatile which is absolutely phenomenal You just get more cost per wear that way So this blouse just goes with so many Different things in my wardrobe which is Amazing all right you guys so that is it For this video that was six summer Outfit formulas that you can recreate Using pieces that you already have in Your wardrobe hopefully Um breaking down these outfits just Makes it a little bit easier pulling Together really Chic and stylish outfits With pieces you already have in your Wardrobe if you are interested in adding Anything into your wardrobe that you Feel like is missing or something you Really like from this video again I Always link everything in the Description box down below again I Really hope this makes it a little bit Easier for you to put very stylish Outfits together so anyways thank you Guys so much for watching and I'll see You next time bye