Hey everyone! Today’s video is a petite outfits of the week! These are also great early maternity / pregnancy outfit ideas as everything is stretchy! I am currently in my second trimester so hopefully these outfits can work for you too!

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Top & Bottom size UK 6
Shoe size UK 3

Stradivarius white linen shirt (size S):
Stradivarius white cami (size S):
Lululemon leggings (size 4): bit.ly/3PmZYT6
US link:
Nike vomero 5 (size 3.5):
US link:

Stradivarius tan cami (size S):
River Island white shorts (size XS):
US link:
Hermes chypre sandals (size UK 4):
US link:
Cheap dupe:
US link:

Stradivarius red linen shirt (size S):
ASOS grey culottes (size 4): Petite version I have on is currently N/A but regular here:
US link: N/A alternative:
Nomadic state of mind sandals (size 3):
US link:

Zalando beige shirt (size L):
Zalando beige trousers (size S):

Boohoo white peplum top: N/A Alternative:
US link:
Zalando tan leggings (size S):

White printed t-shirt: N/A Alternative:
US link:
Lululemon black cycling shorts (size 4):
US link:

Missguided white blazer: N/A Similar:
US link:
Hermes white oasis sandals (size UK 4):
US link:
Cheaper alternative:

River Island kimono (size 8):
US link:
River Island shorts (size 8):
US link:
Princess Polly heels (size 3): N/A similar:
US link:

Hey everyone so today's video is going To be on some of the kind of casual Comfortable outfits I've been wearing at The moment so if you've seen my Instagram post or the post I kind of put On YouTube I am actually pregnant it Feels very weird to say on camera anyway I feel like I've not filmed for so long Now and but yeah so obviously Comfort is A massive thing in mind for me I've got A lot of stretchy clothes because I Cannot get into my jeans anymore and Even with that elastic band trick it Doesn't want to work so I hope you enjoy It and maybe if you are in a similar Position maybe it'll give you a bit of Alf inspiration because I really Struggled actually at the beginning on What to wear because it just kind of Felt like nothing really fit right or Was comfortable like I said especially Jeans I feel like I wore jeans so much And then to stop wearing them and kind Of try and find new things it was really Difficult so hopefully this video gives You some kind of outfit inspiration and Even if you're you're not pregnant maybe You'll like to wear some of these Outfits anyway so I really hope you Enjoy it all the links to everything Will be down below in the description Box and let's get into it so for my First look I'm wearing a white linen Shirt from Stradivarius with a white

Cami underneath which was also from There this shirt has been such a staple For me it's so easy to throw over basic Outfits and you can wear it buttoned up Or open like I have here and then the Leggings I'm wearing are from Lululemon I really like the color of these they're So great for summer I try and opt for The shortest leg length possible so They're probably around a 23 or 21 Inches but they do seem to sell out Really quickly and then for shoes I'm Just wearing my Nike VM Rose fives so Comfortable and the color is perfect for Summer again [Music] Sure and this time I'm wearing a brown Cami which was also from Stradivarius 2. It was actually in a set of three so I'll link it below these white shorts Have been such a lifesaver for me for Summer they're just so comfortable and Stretchy around the waist so I really Recommend them they were from River Island and then my sandals are the Hermes shipper sandals these are very Comfortable and easy to walk in compared To the Iran's and I just really like how They add a pop of color to the outfit Foreign Next I've got on a red linen shirt which Was also from Stradivarius I really like Them for their Basics a white Cami again And then these gray colors which are

From Asos these again are so comfortable With the elasticated waist and I find I Can really easily style them in summer And also in Autumn too I would just Switch my shoes to trainers or a pair of Boots instead and it still works really Well and then the sandals I've had them For a really long time now actually from A brand called nomadic state of mind I Just thought the Rope effect really made Them look that little bit more summery And I'm pretty sure they still do them So again they'll be in the description Box On to the next outfit I've got on a Matching cohort from zolando I really Like zolando at the moment they have a Great petite section on there and this Coord fits really well I actually got The shirt in a size large for a more Oversized look and then kept the Trousers in my usual size as they're Really stretchy with the elasticated Waistband again with the same trainers As my first look also just quickly Regarding sizes I've tried to kind of Stick to my normal sizes all gone a size Up or maybe opt for things with Elasticated waistbands just so they give Me that little bit of stretch honestly I'm not sure how long these pieces will Last me and but they seem to be doing me Okay at the moment so I'm just kind of Going along with them for as long as I

Can until I really probably need to buy Some maternity clothes I really like these peplum style tops at The moment I think they're really Flattering so this one I've actually had For years which was from boohoo I'll Link some similar ones below but these Are a great staple for summer my Leggings are from zalando I really love The style of these however the quality Isn't that great as they seem to have Started bobbling a little bit and I've Not had them for long but if you are Petite these are some of the only ones I Found which aren't black in this style With the V kind of cut at the front Um so I'd just suggest being really Careful when you wash them [Music] Next another casual look I recently Bought these cycling shorts from Lululemon and I really like them because They are a lovely quality compared to Others I've tried in the past I really Like styling them with oversized Sweatshirts Cami and shirt looks or just A t-shirt with a print on like I have Here it's a really good casual outfit Even just for just around the house [Music] The next two outfits are a bit dressier So for this one I've got on a white Oversized blazer from misguided with a White Cami and then the River Island

Shorts I showed earlier I've got on my White Hermes Oasis sandals and a rope Style headband which I think just really Helped to kind of dress the look up I Think this would be a really nice look If you're going somewhere a little bit Fancier for the day or you just want to Make that little bit of extra effort And then for this final outfit this one Is actually my favorite it's a co-ord From River Island which I've just styled With white heels from Princess Polly and A white Cami again I love how the coward Looks together but you can also really Easily style them on their own too so The kimono with a plain white look Underneath or you know a plain white Pair of leggings or the shorts with a White T-shirt or something like that They're just really versatile pieces too But my favorite is them together [Music] And that is it I really hope you liked This video please give it a thumbs up And subscribe to my channel if you did Like it because it really does actually Help me out and it would really mean a Lot to me I hope you have a great day And I will speak to you all in my next Video bye guys