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6. Fidget Cube:
7. 2-in1 Steamer/Iron:

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Today I'm going to be testing random Viral best-selling Amazon products I Have no idea how this is going to go This could be a fail this could be Interesting I I don't know how anything Works but basically these are really Popular items that people love and this Is typically what I do behind the scenes I'll order like 50 things and then I Will test them try things on like really Narrow things down to what I'm actually Going to recommend to you guys this is Just I guess kind of I want to show you My process all of this could suck I Don't know it'll all be linked down Below let's see what happens okay so up First we have This Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner I've Been wanting to try one of these for so Long and they're kind of expensive it Retails for 39.99 and it has 38 000 Positive reviews like five star reviews It's the number one bestseller basically It uses ultrasonic vibrations to really Clean your jewelry really well I've not Cleaned my diamond in probably two weeks And look how like it looks kind of Cloudy it just has a lot of Gunk on it Like I've been Ready for this moment but you can also Clean Um other types of jewelry silver Um you can clean toothbrushes you can Clean watches you can clean sunglasses

This these are my favorite sunglasses They're so inexpensive on Amazon but They're just I don't know they're like Gunky I already have it plugged in I Know you put water in so let's just add It add some water here And I think there's different settings Or like lengths of time so I'm not going All the way up to the max line because I Want to add quite a bit so I'm Definitely adding in my diamond and my Bands I also have Josh's Cartier necklace that I want to try because he never takes it Off and it's not terrible looking I Don't know it just looks a little a Little gunky that's the word that I keep Using and then here are my sunglasses Again maybe it's not showing up but Seriously it's like bad so I'm gonna put Those in let's close that up set the Length of time I'm doing two minutes is That right no three minutes And there's a sound So I guess we wait [Music] Okay it's it stopped so again I only did It for three minutes and I only used Water I did bring down the Dawn dish Soap which really can make your jewelry Shine and they said that you can add Dish soap you can add jewelry cleaner to This if you want to really get things to Sparkle but I just wanted to do pure

Water and this does you can do it for up To like six minutes but I went in the Middle with three so let's pull out my Diamond like again that's really what I Was like excited about this for so let's See how it looks I've got a cloth here It looks pretty good to me so this is The after it looks super super sparkly Definitely super sparkly okay what about Everything else though okay okay Good good good I feel like sunglasses I Don't know like is it really that hard To clean those I don't know what about Josh's necklace here so he has this Panther necklace and there's I guess Emeralds here that just there was gunk In there yeah that definitely looks way Better for sure ew like I can even see You probably can't see this but I can Tell in real life that the water looks a Little murky so it definitely got stuff Out my rings do look better especially Along the side I feel like you can't Even really tell but I can tell I can Tell I can tell I can tell so that is Good okay I'm gonna try it one more time Again with my jewelry like my wedding Bands and diamond with the Dawn dish Soap because this just really makes Things Sparkle so let's just try this Again for another three minutes okay While we wait these sunglasses Definitely look way better they're also From Amazon I can definitely recommend

These without even hesitating they're so Nice Um and then this sweatshirt hopefully This isn't too loud but this sweatshirt Every time I wear it especially on Instagram people want me to share it and It's kind of like a worn out look it is So nice so I can link this below as well Okay I think we're done here yes let's Open this up cleaning off the ring it Might be a little bit sparklier but Honestly I feel like the water worked Just fine I don't know that looks so Good I love it oh my gosh okay so let's Just get let's cut to my like decision Here I think this is definitely I'm Gonna give it four stars out of five Because I think it works really well Like you can even see again I feel like It's not picking up on the camera but You can see the water is like kind of Dirty looking like it definitely gets Stuff off it's just a little bit big and It's like 39 you could use it for other Purposes like again if you have dent Teachers I'm headed that direction maybe Retainers coins silver jewelry like if You have the need this does work really Well okay next we're gonna we're gonna Go a little bit easier so there's this Lip glow oil on Amazon that apparently Really Rivals the Dior lip oil that this Like Dior version retails for forty Dollars and I've bought it time and time

Again in fact this one look how I'm Almost empty it is I love this stuff Um it's so different than the typical Lip gloss like it's really glossy Um but it's more of an oil and it just Stays on your lips really well it makes Your lips really juicy I just love this Stuff but this retails for 9.99 although There's a 30 off coupon I was looking at It's between like six and nine dollars And you can get it in Many Colors I got The Cherry oil which is the same as this Let's just kind of like try both out so This is what the Diora looks like I mean I don't know you can't really I have Some lip liner on but it's just like Really glossy and just different so That's that let's just wipe that off and I'm gonna put this on I don't have to Reapply my lip liner I think let's just Put it on and see how it goes I don't Know but it's a really pretty Jeez there we go okay so it's like super Glossy looking Seems similar I think the Dior has a better smell Not that this is bad I'm just even just used to the Dior oh It has like a tingle It has a tingle the other the Dior one Doesn't have a tangle like not the legs Are gonna plump up your lips really but You know what I mean like it has more of Like a minty it has some mint in there

But yeah I really like it I guess I Don't know I guess maybe I'm also gonna Give that a A four out of four out of five stars Because the thing is I love the Dior but It's 40 freaking dollars you know what I Mean like I I have the time I'm just I Don't want to recommend it because it's 40 Um but this is between six and nine Dollars so honestly I feel like that's That's really good so maybe like four And a half I don't know yeah definitely I would say if if you want a lip oil Give this a go okay let's move on to Something I don't think I don't think is Going to work and I probably am not Going to recommend but we'll see these Are the viral especially on Tick Tock Hair volumizing clips and so they retail For about 9.99 like eight or nine Dollars depending on how many you order They've got like four stars they're kind Of like like velcro Clips I think They're really easy to work with so Let's just look at my before here so This is what my hair looks like now and If this works it'll give me lots of Volume at the top of my hair which I've Always struggled with and I also brought Up two volumizing Mists I'm not sure Which one I should use first we have the Kenra volume Mist I really like this Stuff and then we also have the purology

Instant levitation Mist I feel like that Sounds like what I want basically I'm Gonna spray this at my root put these in Blow dry it to set it and then remove The clips and hopefully I have a lot of Volume up here but which one should I Use I don't know I'm just going with the Pureology it says instant levitation Mist so I'm gonna spray my roots Get it really in there I need a brush It's wet there's a brush in here how Convenient is that okay we're just gonna Brush this down Killing the volume at the moment okay so I think you just put them in Like that see like it lifts right yeah I Don't know okay I did it so once you get The hang of it it's not too bad you just Slide them in it's really not hard this Is out of everything honestly this is What I want to work the most but I think It's gonna fail again I sprayed this in There so my hair at the root is Definitely damp going to take a hair Dryer and apply some heat and just dry Everything [Applause] Okay I feel like maybe I should have Saved this for the end because I Probably just ruined my hair for the Video I feel like this is gonna look Really bad definitely applied heat I Think my hair is definitely dry at the Root so let's just take them out and see

What the heck it looks like and again These are velcro Um which kind of just grabs onto the Hair Oh that's bad Oh my gosh This is so dumb Oh my God oh my gosh I definitely should have saved this for The end I'm gonna have to for the rest Of the video my hair is gonna look Ridiculous okay let's see if we can save It this is not good I mean there's like A little but no I'm just there's Peaks It's like I have horns I I'm just gonna Say one out of five stars not a fan These are cheap I just think there's Better ways let's talk pickles next and By the way I went off camera to try to Fix my hair and it just it looks Ridiculous so just don't mind that but Anyway this is a pickle strainer jar I Am very anxious to give this a go I Think my kids will love this I probably Don't care about this as much as maybe Some people do but basically the gist of It is you put pickles or olives or Peppers and it's like this flip design That when you're not using it it keeps All the juice around the pickles or the Olives but then when you want to Actually have some pickles or olives you Flip it upside down all of the juice Strains to the bottom and then you can

Easily pick out what you want without Having to like fish around and dig in The gross liquid which I don't really Care but if my kids I feel like can't Stand all the liquid like they're always Like get it I don't know let's just see How it goes There's quite a lot of juice and quite a Lot of Herbs in there and stuff so let's just Pour it in here Oh my I'm splashed with juice ah wow Like that's a whole Leaf that's unusual What kind of leaf is that looks like a Maple leaf It's leak proof apparently I guess we'll Test that out so as you can see all of The juices that you would like put this In the fridge and it would be like you Know all soaking in there but then when You're like hey I want a pickle Wow okay Um I think mine just has tons of liquid Thing is this is like a massive Container like as you can see here Like you can just like pick it out but There's like so much liquid liquid in The jar that I used that there's still Liquid kind of floating around in here But I mean basically you can't just like Pick it up Easily so I don't know I'm like torn Because I feel like it worked but I have Like a weird pickle jar I'll give it a

Three three out of five I do kind of Like flipping it though Okay I put my hair back Um it's a mess I smell like pickles this Is going well I'm very excited to try This next thing it is called the bottle Emptying cap has really really good Reviews like five full star reviews it Retails for 16 for a two pack so that's What I got it is like this bottle Emptying thing where say you run out of Lotion shampoo conditioner hair gel Condiments that kind of thing this is The kids uh shampoo that they use and It's like completely out not completely But almost out and so they can't get any More out but I know there's way more Still in the bottle and so I think you Connect some of this Or something to this and then it allows You to keep it upright and get out Everything so this is what it comes with I know there's different sizes I think We unscrew this bottle so there's still Stuff in there but it's hard to get out Oh my gosh what if it doesn't fit it Says it's like Universal No okay that that worked okay so so you Do that and then I think you take this And it allows you yes it allows you to Screw this on and then that way it's Like this little like tripod And it allows you to keep the things Upside down so that when you go to use

Them everything is upside down and you Can get every last drop out so I love This idea all of my shampoos body washes I struggle with at the end even like I Said food so here's my just like a Little paper towel let's see if this Works open it like yeah open it like That Yay okay I think I like this Yes definitely like this idea it works Really well there's different sizes for Different bottles and then you can just Keep it in your shower in the Refrigerator wherever and actually use All of the products so I'm gonna give This I don't know I feel like should I give It five I feel yeah I'm just gonna five Five out of five Yay next we have What's called the Fidget Cube my kids already gave this a Go and they really like it I feel like I'm not going to like it but it's for People that just have to be doing Something like they like to fidget they Like stress relievers they like to be Messing with something all the time I Feel like that's not really me this is 11 Really good reviews again comes in a lot Of colors I got it in like this light Blue shade just because I thought maybe My kids would enjoy it but basically it Is just a lot of different tactile like

Here's a joystick there's buttons you Can press there's like things to wind There's like just things to do on either Side I think it's great for kids it's Kind of like a toy I gave it like Paxton Was playing with it for like 20 minutes Literally he was watching a show and he Was kind of just like doing things oh I Was filming something he was watching me And he was just like playing with this I Feel like you could give it to a kid in A back seat and it kind of occupies them Maybe you're at a doctor's office I Think there's other people like grown Adults that do just have to be doing Something all the time and I feel like This could be good for them but for me I Would never use this so for me I'm gonna Say like a two out of five but for a kid Or somebody that just needs to be Messing with something all the time I Would say four or five Okay so I'm back with this Con Air two In one steamer and iron so that's what I Mean by two in one you can steam with This it's a handheld steamer but you can Also iron and look I even busted out my Mop my this is probably from the 60s I Don't know this is so old it's so Stained I never use it I hate ironing Steaming is the way to go I have a Professional like floor steamer that's Kind of massive I can link this one it's Over a hundred dollars some people just

Don't want it to be this big but it Works so well I love it but like I said A lot of people prefer the handheld it Takes up less space so if this works Really well and you have the option to Iron it because sometimes you want like Creases in pants or you know just Certain things Maybe you preferred iron I don't know so We'll see how this goes I have these Pants that are very very wrinkled so I'm Going to hang it here and steam one leg And then iron the other leg and see how It goes okay so this is already on I can Change the different modes so it starts At low then goes to Mid then high and Then turbo not sure what turbo does Let's just go to high and then you can Hit the steam button so let's just See what happens here Oh that's an interesting sound Maybe needs to get going oh yes It's happening whoa this is good These pants are really bad this is Excellent I'm very I'm liking this Turbo I like it this is good this is this is Impressive let's try ironing I hate Ironing you have to like get all the Wrinkles out oh I have an idea let's do The like the the lick test you know Where you like lick your finger and then See if it's if it zaps you oh it did Oh Okay here goes the the iron

See what happens here Let's add some steam because that's what I do when I actually iron Let's try to give it a crease okay yes Look at that crease okay I don't know if You can see this or not but that crease Is really good so I think this is my Favorite thing so far so I really did Save The Best For Last that was not my Intention I feel like a lot of you Probably didn't even make it this far if You made this far comment down below Five out of five for this for sure so I Will have everything linked down below Although I'm definitely not recommending Everything Um the this lip oil I did really like This I think it's good the Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner I have noticed Throughout this entire video how sparkly My rings are so I do think that was Really good also love the bottle Flipping thing to get out all the excess Stuff I think that's really useful the Other stuff and hopefully you found this Semi-interesting and subscribe if you're New and I'll see you in my next one bye