In honor of Air Max month it only makes sense to celebrate one of the most iconic colorway of the Air Max 97!

In today’s Shoe Care Academy video we take on the 2022 Silver Bullet Air Max 97’s using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Cleaning Kit. Mesh sneakers thrive on deep cleans and for that we rely heavily on the patented Laundry System that RESHOEVN8R has to offer.

While the pretreatment performed as expected, we wanted to give these the love they deserve. After all Air Max sneakers are one of the best!

Which Air Max 97 is the GOAT? Or are you not a fan of this silhouette?

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the first week of April good luck everybody!   What’s popping what’s up YouTube ?Welcome Back to 
the channel I go by name a Pretty Boy Rob and I’ll   Be hanging out with you for today’s episode 
of Shoe Care Academy, Air Max month is almost   Wrapped up so it’s only right we grab an Air Max 
sneaker for you we actually got one of the most   Timeless sneakers of all time that’s right I’m 
talking about these Air Max 97 Silver Bullets I   Had the pleasure of rocking these shoes for over 
a month put some of that natural wear and tear   On this sneaker I even went to Zion National Park 
and went hiking got some of that red mud and dirt   All over the shoes but unfortunately I came back 
they just weren’t dirty enough that’s why I went   To the kitchen grasped some of our seasoning spice 
threw it on here grab some dirt and mud even some   Of our powdered blue Gatorade we had in there 
pretty much whatever I could find is threw them   On these things to make them as dirty as possible 
just so we could showcase how good our Signature   Shoe Cleaning Kit works with all that being said 
there’s not much left to it but to do it so let’s   Get straight into this episode of Shoe Care Academy. 
Yes yes yes we got a cleaning station all prepped   We got all three of our signature brushes that 
soft, medium and stiff, solution towel shoe trees   Laundry bag all those products are going to come 
inside your Signature Shoe cleaning kit. We are   Also using our cleaning mat, dry rack Bowl combo 
plus some sneaker laundry detergent all those   Products are available at so make 
sure you guys hit that link in the description   Save you guys some dollar bills but with that 
being said we can go ahead and get started with   The shoe cleaning. We always clean one shoe for 
that before and after effect so I’m just going   To grab this left and put it to the left and 
insert our adjustable shoe tree so here I go   Our shoe trees will adjust up to a size 13. 
these are a size nine and a half so I put it   To about that fourth or fifth hole back but right 
now I’m just going to go and remove these laces. Alright these laces are hella sticky so I’m just 
going to set those aside I’ll take care of those   Later on in the video but right now I’m just going 
to grab our soft brush and dry brush this sneaker.   It’s actually Vick’s week to vacuum the studio so 
I’m just going to go ahead and do that right here. Alright that is gonna go for the soft brush 
I dry brush most this off but as you can see   The sneaker is still hella trash and we left 
Vick a little project that he can restore later   On this week right now we can start with the 
cleaning process I’m just going to grab our   Solution and squirt some squirts into our 
bowl of water all right let’s go ahead and   Continue back with our soft bristle brush. 
Gonna dip it in and get straight to work. Alright guys I’m all done with this soft bristle 
brush it broke down that dirt and grime per usual  

It worked great on these mesh panels and didn’t 
Fray the material by any means but right now   I’m just going to go ahead and wipe off these 
suds and see exactly what I’m working with. Alright guys right now it is time to hit it 
with that Medium bristle brush and tackle some   Of those deeper stains unfortunately we got a 
lot of those in these uppers as well as this   Midsole but before I do that I want to talk 
a little bit about this shoe; obviously we all   Know if the Air Max 97s like I said it’s one of 
the most timeless sneakers out there especially   The Silver Bullet colorway I don’t personally 
have this sneaker in my collection but after   Wearing it for about a month it is definitely 
a staple I’m really digging the 3M. However I   Don’t think I’m gonna pull the trigger on this 
specific sneaker but I do want the Puerto Rican   Release it’s pretty much the same sneaker, but 
with a Puerto Rican flag you know got to do it   For Mi Gente one time so let’s go hit it with 
that Medium bristle brush right now. Alright guys we are almost done with this 
pre-cleaning one thing I want to   Mention I am still seeing a deeper stain 
in this mesh but not to worry our laundry   System should flush out all those trapped in 
stains. The last thing I got to do is go and   Just take care of this outsole using our 
stiff bristle brush let’s get it let’s go. Alrighty I’m all done scrubbing up 
dubbing this sneaker using all three   Of our signature brushes the last thing 
I got to do for this pre-cleaning is just   Go ahead and take care of these laces so 
I’m gonna hop on that right now just gonna   Grab the laces stick them inside our bowl of 
water and just start swishing around. Alright guys there were some deeper stains in the laces 
that’s why I grabbed our soft bristle brush just   To scrub those out also they are going to 
get flushed out in the washer but again   I just want to pay a little closer attention 
to detail right now we can just go ahead and   Put our sneaker inside our laundry bag like 
so just gonna throw those laces in there as   Well alright guys I’m just gonna go ahead 
and set that shoe aside real quick and talk   To you about our mat as you can see it 
is filthy one good thing about it it’s   Highly absorbent so I’m just going to go ahead 
and clean up my mess dump that water like so Wrap her up And then follow me to the laundry room. Here we go we’re checked in at the laundromat 
we got our sneakers as well as our dirty towel   And mat be energy efficient we’re just going to 
wash it all at once throw that in there like so   One fun fact you can wash about three to four 
sneakers at once as long as the same colors   Textures and materials if you didn’t know now 
you know but as always we’re gonna wash it on a   Normal cycle it’s cold water and we’ll check 
in with y’all when we get the final results. Alright guys we are back we got this sneaker 
100 dried and overall I’m pretty happy with  

These results besides the natural wear and 
tear on this midsole the sneaker cleaned up   Great one thing I do want to mention we do have 
a deeper stain on this toe box area we probably   Could flush that out if we decided to put it 
through another wash cycle however we just   Wanted to show you all for what it is after 
that first wash we got these results using   Our Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit but right 
now I’m just gonna go and get it laced up There it is that’s gonna do it that’s going to 
wrap things up for today’s episode of Shoe Care   Academy on these Air Max 97 Silver Bullets. As 
you all can see by the before and after these   Shoes cleaned up great using our Signature 
Shoe Cleaning Kit, but I want to know from   Y’all are you guys rocking with the 97s if so 
what is your favorite colorway you like the   Silver Bullets you like the gold bullets are 
you more of a hype beast and you like some   Sean Witherspoon’s in the back let us know let 
us know we’d love to hear from you guys in the   Comment section below while you’re there let 
us know what sneaker you want to see us clean   Next we always uh reading those comments and 
want to take care of y’all but before I dip   I want to plug one more thing and that’s 
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that being said I can’t go ahead and bounce   Don’t forget to like comment subscribe my name is 
prettyboy Rob and I’ll catch y’all next time peace