Hey everyone! Today’s video is on the BEST petite jeans if you are 5’3 and under! I am 4’11 and I love these jeans as they fit perfectly.

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Abercrombie loose jeans (w27 short):
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Stradivarius straight jeans (size 8):
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Stradivarius light blue straight jeans (size 8):
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Other petite Stradivarius jeans:

I personally really struggle to find Jeans that fit me I'm only 4 for 11 so If you are petite as well hopefully this Video will help you my favorite place For jeans at the moment are ABAC cromie And I have a couple of pairs to show you Um from there just to mention everything That I show in this video I've purchased Myself none of this has been gifted I Haven't been paid to speak about any of This this is all my own like opinion and Stuff that I've actually bought these Are just the loose highrise ones now Personally I really like the baggy style At the moment I know that's a big Trend I really like growing them and I like How they look I know some people don't Think they're very flattering but me Personally I actually really like them So they do all different kind of um leg Lengths and waist um sizes as well so I Go for a waist 27 and the leg length I Get is short now you could go for extra Short or short but I went for short in These just because I like the fact that They're quite long that's also a bit of A trend at the moment too that they kind Of hit your trainer kind of halfway Rather than at your ankle but it's Totally personal preference what you Would prefer other thing that I would Really recommend from aboc crumby are The curve love fits I just find that These are so comfortable especially now

Having Gigi um getting on the floor and Stuff like that you just want a pair of Jeans which stretch and kind of work With you and I find that the curved look Fit are just so good they give you so Much extra room around the hips and a Little bit around the waist and stuff as Well so I definitely recommend checking Out the curve love ones so they also do This loose style and I think it's Lowrise midrise and highrise as well so It depends again what your personal Preference is if you are someone with Kind of like a short torso I guess um Maybe a midrise would be better just Because it wouldn't kind of come up too High so I got them in this kind of mid Blue color and I just find these super Versatile I wore them a lot through kind Of winter going um into spring and I Feel like I would still get quite lot Use out of this color in summer as well And because I love them so much I've Also got a black pair they're the exact Same waist and leg length just in a Black shade instead and again I Absolutely love these I wore them so Much throughout winter not sure how much Where I'll get out of them um in the Summer though obviously cuz I just don't Really tend to wear black jeans in the Summer and but they're really good for Kind of Night Out looks as well so if The loose R are your thing definitely

Try out these and I actually also bought A white pair because because of how much I wore the others and I love a white Jean for summer so I actually got these In a waist down just cuz I felt like They were a little bit um looser than The other pairs I know the Abu crumby Jeans are quite pricey but I definitely Feel like they're worth it because if You're someone that wears jeans all the Time um they are just like I said such a Comfy fit they're the perfect kind of Waist if you go up a size I always tend To go off a size cuz I don't like them Fitting too tight um I like to be Comfortable and be able to move very Easily in them um so yeah definitely Recommend these they are worth the money Now these are a slightly cheaper option And I actually really like these as well I wouldn't say they're as comfortable as The abomi ones um but if you're not Wanting to spend AB cromie money or you Just don't really know how much you're Going to wear a certain like color of Jean or something like that I would Definitely recommend stradavarius so These are a pair of light blue jeans From there um I'm not sure the exact Kind of name of this style so I'll leave A link to it down below I'll leave a Link to all of the jeans in the Description box it actually says this is From their teen section um which I'm not

Really sure about I bought these from Asos and they were in the petite section And they do fit really really well again They kind of hit just at your trainer Which is the trend at the moment to go For more kind of a longer Jean rather Than rolling them up or having a cropped Look Jean I picked these cuz I really Loved this light blue shade and whenever I was on Abu cromie this shade would Always be out of stock so I thought I'd Try Strat various and I'm actually Really pleased with the leg length on These then another pair I have to show You are from Strat various as well again I'm not sure the exact name of this Style I'll leave it down below um but These are in an even lighter shade and Again this was a color I probably Wouldn't have spent so much money on Like from Ab cromi cuz I don't know how Often I'm going to wear this sty I kind Of wanted to see first before I go and Spend a lot more on a pair of jeans um Which I'm glad I have really because I Don't tend to wear these that much yet I Might do more in the summer cuz they are Very light and but we'll see I kind of Prefer the ones I've just shown you from Stradivarious and but if you are looking For a lighter pair these are a really Good option jean styles I tend to go for The loose fit Styles cuz I really like How they look at the moment especially

With something tight on top um or a Straight leg style they're super on Trend as well and I feel like they're Really flattering for petites because They kind of help to elongate your legs Flared jeans are also really flattering Too so I would definitely recommend Looking into getting some of them um me Personally I just haven't really got any Fled Styles yet I did have a fled pair Of jeans from maybe a year or two ago Now but they don't fit me yet so I can't Show you in this video but they were From Asos um so I will link them down Below if they still do them hope you Like this video and that it helped you Find some petite jeans definitely abocom And stradavarius they are my go-to for All my petite jeans at the moment but it Does change all the time so if I find Any other good ones I'll make sure to Mention them as well hope you have a Great day and I'll speak to you all in My next video bye guys