In this video, we will be demonstrating the cleaning process of Hoka and On Cloud sneakers using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Cleaning Kit.

First, we recommend removing the laces and insoles from the shoes. This will allow for a more thorough cleaning of the sneakers.

Next, using the RESHOEVN8R cleaning solution and a Soft- Bristle Brush, we will gently scrub the sneakers, paying special attention to any areas with stains or dirt buildup. The cleaning solution is safe to use on both Hoka and On Cloud sneakers and is specially formulated to remove tough stains without damaging the shoes.

After scrubbing the sneakers with the cleaning solution, we will rinse them thoroughly by using the patented Laundry System to remove any remaining dirt or cleaning solution. It’s important to ensure that all cleaning solution is removed from the sneakers to avoid any potential damage or discoloration.

Finally, once the sneakers are dry, we will re-lace them and check out the results.

Overall, using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Cleaning Kit is a great way to keep your Hoka and On Cloud sneakers looking their best, and we highly recommend it for anyone who wants to keep their sneakers looking clean and fresh.

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[Music] Welcome to another episode of Shoe Care 
Academy it’s your boy Mr. RESHOEVN8R,   Today we are going to be cleaning a pair of Hokas 
and On clouds. I’ve been wanting to do this video   For a long time because these are so popular 
amongst people that like to hike and and walk   A lot just it’s a super comfortable shoe both of 
these are .We basically have two pairs we’re going   To show you how well our Signature Kit cleans it 
is the best cleaner for these shoes I guarantee   It mesh shoes it’s the only thing that’s really 
going to effectively clean these so follow with   Me let’s go. Let’s get started, alright first 
step we’re going to do we’re going to clean   The right shoe. Let’s go ahead these are size 
11, because this guy was at the gym the other   Day that I was working out at right next door to 
the office and I’m like man I want those shoes   Take the shoes off my feet a brand new pair 
of all white On Clouds, because he works in a   Warehouse and it’s really hard to find shoes that 
get this dirty, so these are legit and then these   Hokas we’re going to clean the right shoe on both 
of these this is an 11 as well all right so I’m   Gonna set these aside we’re gonna start with 
putting some solution in here. So let’s just Now we’re going to grab this Soft 
Bristle Brush start on the clean [Music]   Yeah you might want to take 
out the laces too [Music] Again let the brush do the work there’s 
no need to apply too much pressure. You can tell by how dirty this water is 
already these shoes are filthy [Music]   This mesh used to be white it looks like it is not   White anymore so we’re going to try 
to get that back to White [Music] Alright what we’re going to do now is we’re just 
going to move on to the Medium Bristle Brush   Here I’m not going to hit the sole with this Soft 
Bristle Brush because it’s not really going to do   Much and I want to get some of this mesh material 
with this slightly stiffer but still soft brush. [Music]   Medium Bristle Brush isn’t doing 
any justice on these midsoles so   What we’re going to do now is just go ahead 
and switch to the Stiff Bristle Brush, here   This allows you to apply a little bit more 
pressure so you can get a much better clean. Alright so we’re going to wipe this down real 
quick just to gauge how dirty the midsoles are   They look better obviously if you want to show 
a comparison there but I’m still not happy with   Them. So what we’re going to do is we’re just 
going to go ahead and grab our Brass Bristle Brush   This will really help get in the grooves there.   [Music] Alright now that we got the laces somewhat 
clean again these are pretty filthy look at this   Mess is what it is. Now what we’re going to do is 
take this shoe we’re going to put it in the bag  

Take the laces put them in the pouch here and then 
I’m going to set this one aside and we’re going to   Move on to the Hoka. I do have a clean bowl, thank 
you to Kayla we do have a clean thing of water   We’ll set these down here again. I am in a little 
bit of a rush because I do have an important   Meeting I got to get to but we are going to get 
these clean I think it’s very crucial to show   People what the absolute best shoe cleaner on the 
market is for Hokas and On Clouds guaranteed. I’m   Just going to focus on the uppers I’m not going 
to hit the midsole just because the midsole’s got   A lot more dirt on it I’m going to try to keep 
this water clean while I’m clean in the upper   Since these are white. [Music] Now that we’re 
done using the Soft Bristle Brush I’m going to   Go ahead and move on to the Medium Bristle we’re 
going to hit the uppers with this and then we’re   Going to move into the Stiff Bristle Brush get 
the midsoles cleaned up put them in the bag put   Them in the washing machine and then we’ll be 
back to you basically after they dry. [Music] Alright these shoes were filthy it is time 
to put them in the washing machine now,   So we’re going to take this Hoka put this. This is 
my personal shoe put this in here cinch the bag.   Accidentally put the laces to this one in the 
other bag so I took them out I’m going to go   Ahead and put them in here and then we’re going to 
go to the washing machine, put them in and we’ll   Show you the results afterwards. Alright we’re in 
the washing machine; we’re in the washing machine;   We’re in the laundry room I’m gonna take this 
one pouch put it in here put that in there drop   That bad boy. Let’s make sure this one’s tightened 
up cinched all right I’m just gonna do two today Put that right in there. Alright power cold we’ll 
do quick wash I don’t think this needs a normal.   There it is we’ll be back in 41 minutes [Music]   We’re back these things are fully dried I’m very 
happy with the results as you can see I’ll start   With the Hoka, it was pretty dirty I wore these a 
bunch I gave them to Fran our videographer to take   Around to one of the trips he was doing hiking we 
may have some footage in this video on that. But   I’ll do an overview of basically what we did we 
used our Signature Kit which is needed for mesh   Materials we used all three brushes basically 
did a pre-treat put them in the washing machine   And then let them go through the washing machine 
one time to get these results looks great. This   One has been worn to death you know they’ve got 
some miles on them I was hoping they’d come out a   Little bit cleaner but there is some creasing here 
that has some dirt I’m sure if I spend a bunch   More time I could probably get that out still but 
these aren’t my shoes and they’re so beat that I   Don’t think it matters again I still think they’d 
look night and day different they look really good   Good I was concerned with this back collar here 
it didn’t look as white as I wanted it to look but   Looking at what it looked like before I think 
it looks great so we’ll have to clean up this   Other shoe and give it back to the guy at the 
gym next door but other than that make sure you   Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t 
already we’re going to do a bunch of giveaways  

This year it’s going to be great for the channel 
and that’s really going to be it see you later   [Music] [Music]