I just wanted to share the truth about some things in my life. There are definitely some misconceptions about me and some things I struggle with every day. I hope this wasn’t too boring and you got to know the real me a little better!! I am SO GRATEFUL that there are people who choose to watch my videos…it really means the world to me.

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I don't know why I feel like I need to Make this video but I do and so here we Are I feel like this just builds and Builds and builds up inside of me and I Just want to share I guess the truth about everything with My life I feel like I post obviously a Lot of videos and I really like the Videos that I post I enjoy them I I'm Not saying I'm the the best Channel or Anything but I make the content that I Like I feel like some other people like It too but I don't ever actually share Things That I feel like you should know about Me and some of the stuff you might not Like I'm sorry I think I'm just gonna start Out More easy more light-hearted and then Work our way up to things that I just Don't love talking about so number one I dress really bad okay like really Really bad it is laughable that I have a Fashion and style YouTube channel do I Do I I don't even know I love making the Videos about like what's out of style What's in style fashion trends I love Sharing fashion items with it like the Videos I make I really like Do I live up to any of it no No like not at all if you were to see me Out in public occasionally people Occasionally people recognize me I swear

The majority of them do like a Double Take On Me and they're like that person Looks familiar but she looks really bad I wear like a sweatshirt and a pair of Jeans most times when I am out so anyway I just want you guys to know that even Though I appreciate fashion I am no fashionista I'm sorry but my House is a freaking mess I mean Just to sit here and film the thing is Why did I not just set the camera up and Show you what this actually looked like I mean Do you want hold on Look at this bench anyway if you ever Feel like your house or your life is Just a chaotic mess and disaster you're Not alone yeah I feel like I mean I'll Show I'll show you more like here's some Footage this is the kitchen everywhere In my home it's not like okay I'm not Like a hoarder But there's clutter everywhere and in so Many of my videos I talk about like Decluttering and do this do that which I Stand behind I feel like my tips and Tricks work well if you actually do it And there's times where I do for sure Like absolutely But then it just snowballs back into Like Real life And then about being a mom And maybe this is where it gets sad and

I'm just going to be super honest with You guys okay Maybe I'm gonna overshare I don't know But I feel like I'm a terrible mom even Though I I know I'm not I'm sure every Mom feels like that sometimes But we have two boys so Paxton and Hayes Paxton's the oldest he's almost 11 and Then we have Hayes who is eight and I Just have this super strong connection Or bond with Haze I mean he just loves Me he snuggles with me now Paxton on the Other hand I love him to pieces he is Such a good boy like I just love him so Much but sometimes I feel like does he Even like me like I mean I know he likes Me I know he loves me like I am his mom But I seriously question like do I give him What he needs to feel the connection With me sometimes I fear that he's going To grow up and never talk to me I mean Okay I feel like he'll talk to me like Maybe he'll call me once in a while but I don't know he's just so independent And you know Josh is a man and so They'll they'll do like boy things Together and like I try to as well I Just feel like I'm I don't know I have Literally never told anybody this other Than Josh a little bit but sometimes I Truly fear like am I being a good enough Mom to him And before I move on I just want it to

Be known I don't want anyone thinking That I love Haze more than I love Paxton That is so far from the truth I just do Not want anyone thinking that and I and Maybe I'm just like fearful of that Because like a year ago on my Instagram Paxton went through this phase where he Was like don't post me on your stories Don't put me in your YouTube channel Which fine in fact I rarely ever post my Kids it would be more like if they Thought they did something funny and They're like oh you should post that Occasionally I will but he went through This phase where he just was like no It's embarrassing and so obviously I Just didn't post anything that he did And I got a message from this woman one Time saying how It's ridiculous that I clearly love Haze More than Paxton and that I am a Terrible mom and that I favor one over The other and it just like really hurt My heart Obviously it's not true and I know That's not true I just don't ever I Don't want everyone to ever think that Another Truth about me Is I'm into weird things Let's just rewind that that sounded Really weird I am into raw milk like I Make interesting Health choices Sometimes I don't use I don't use

Deodorant with aluminum in it and that Really makes people mad for some reason I think that getting Sunshine a little Sunshine every day is actually good for You vitamin D I feel like on one hand It's a good thing because When you click on my videos I'm not Saying like I'm not always saying ever What everyone else is talking about like I have different perspectives that I Feel like a lot of people just don't say Or they don't believe in and and that's Okay that's the bad side though like a Lot of things that I think probably not Everyone else does and so it's just Sometimes my videos maybe are more Controversial even though they're really Not it's just Everyone has their own opinions and I'm Not saying I'm the uh the end-all be-all Know it all of everything I just think It's sometimes good to hear different Perspectives on things and I'm sorry if That upsets you sometimes my intention Is to never upset anybody and it's not Like I get tons of hate or anything but It seems like if anybody has like a Differing opinion it really sometimes Just makes people mad while we're Talking about Um the type of videos I post we have to Talk about this I am just so not into luxury or designer Things anymore I mean I I mean a lot of

You are probably very aware of that some Of you are probably are newer Subscribers though and have no idea that When I started my Channel at the end of 2016 2017 All of my videos were like designer Handbag videos like that's how I started YouTube and I really liked it back in The day and I don't know why I don't now I mean every once in a while maybe like A pretty purse will like woo me and I'll Like splurge on a bag but it is just so Not what I'm interested in and it's just Ironic and hopefully I'm gonna say Something and hopefully it just does not Come out bad we don't take it in a bad Way but it's ironic that Now We definitely have like more money than We did back then when I was really into Designer things and now that I actually Have money that I could buy a lot of Things I like don't and I don't care and I don't even know what that means I just I know that upsets people or makes Doesn't upset people but it makes people Sad because a lot of you probably Subscribe to my channel because you're Into that and that's totally fine again Sometimes I am into like an expensive Designer bag maybe a pair of shoes Occasionally I'll share some things on Here but I'm much more just like I don't really care about it anymore and

I'm sorry if that's why you liked me to Begin with and then like the videos I do Post now sometimes I'll get comments From people saying it's just Amazon Videos now or it's just products you Like or things to buy and Thing is guys like those are the kind of Videos I love to film and here's the Caveat like this is the truth this is The truth That's what performs like that's what People obviously want to see when I post Those types of videos they get a lot of Views meaning that's what people are Clicking on and so it's like Perfection like if you are a YouTuber Out there if you can somehow find a way To love creating a certain type of video And your audience loves watching it That's the dream and I feel like that is What I have found and so I like to do Some mix of like sharing really cool Products and gadgets and testing things Out like it's seriously it's so much fun Um but then I also like to share videos Where I'm you know talking about tips or Hacks or like tricks and I I want to Always be providing value and Entertainment I try to like morph those Together and I feel like that's the Recipe for a good video and a good YouTube channel and then sponsorships Might as well talk about that too a Sponsored video is when I'm like working

With a brand and they like pay me a flat Fee to mention them in a video but the Thing is here I mean if you do you Consistently watch my videos they're Literally the same sponsored Brands like Every time and maybe that's like Annoying to people but that's it's just It's it's just so easy for me because First of all like when you click on a YouTube video it's totally free for you To watch it and so I feel like just from A Creator's perspective this is my job And I'm one thousand percent fine with People accepting sponsorships because we Are creating free content now I feel like it would be not a great look If every other sponsorship that I did Was just like a different brand like I Feel like you would not even be able to Like fully trust what I'm what the heck I'm saying because it was just like oh Yeah they're paying Shay to say this but She doesn't even like the brand I Literally do Nordstrom vagamore Um ritual like it does the same things Because I use them every single day so I Just want again to like the whole point Of this video is to like Enlighten you And like just share some of the behind The scenes like things that I I just Never say but I want to say that's just The truth about sponsorships I turned Down so many things you don't even want To know so there's things that I get

Offered like poop pills depends like Like diaper type things I mean I could Really make a lot of money sometimes With these Brands oh also skin care Brands oh my gosh I get so many offers From skincare brands and the thing is You guys know like I don't love a lot of Skincare like I feel like that would Just be like such a sellout because I Mean how do you even it's hard for me Even test skin care because it takes Like months and months and months to Even like notice a real real difference I don't know so anyway I'm just saying I'm sorry sometimes the sponsorships are Repeats but that's how you know I I I actually use what I'm recommending Now we're getting into the area that I Just I hate talking about this I hate it I just want to be done with it but I Just wanted to answer your questions Um I get a lot of questions and comments And messages sometimes even emails of People asking how I'm doing with my Teeth because about a year and a half Ago I posted a video saying how I'm Struggling like it was kind of just Letting the world in on I guess the Secret that I have of just like I have So many freaking teeth problems and it's Causing problems in my whole body and it Was it was I was going through a really Rough time and I say I was which is Wrong because I kind of still am I'm not

As bad as I was but there's still Problems with my mouth I feel like there's days where I'm like Is it getting better I feel like maybe it is getting better And and I do just want to say I don't have like active cavities where Like there's like all these like like Things are snowballing like I changed my Diet I changed all kinds of things and I Think that's honestly what led me to Like be like a healthier person because One day I went to the dentist and Suddenly I had 19 cavities like oh my Gosh like but because of all of that I've had so many fillings deep fillings Root canals failed root canals Extractions implants okay it's been a Lot And there's still some Discomfort happening And That's the answer I just feel like I'm I'm not not I'm not where I need to be Yet maybe I'm going in that direction I Don't know Sometimes I feel like I'm just living in Denial But then there's some days I'm like no I Think it maybe it is getting better I Don't know anyway I don't like talking About this I just want to give you that Little update maybe when things when I Have more of an update I will share more

Details but with all of that said it Does lead me to another thought that I Think about all the time and I hope this Comes across okay I don't want to upset People with this it's just something I Think about all the time Especially in the last few years of me Struggling with things Um and I kind of alluded to it you Remember earlier in the video when I Talked about how we have more money now And it's just ironic that I used to love Designer luxury things and now that we Have more money like I could buy that But like I don't even care about that Stuff anymore and I just feel like the Same goes for your health like I feel Like I have some money I could fix this But I can't like you have to do it from Within like money doesn't fix everything It just doesn't I like money like it Really doesn't buy happiness that's like I know that's what everyone says it's Like the world view that is true and I Agree but then I I don't know in a way Sometimes when people say that I'm like Okay money does Absolutely make you less stress less Anxiety you have to worry about things Like it can honestly help help happiness It can however It also does just Continually like it I truly am learning That

Happiness comes from Your family your loved ones Relationships Experiences just like life it's so Important and so if you If you have loved ones That's what's that's what matters That was the boring part of the video It's just I think about it all the time I think about all the time super quick Please hear me out on this I love Feeling more connected with you guys so I feel like it would be fun to do like a Q a video which I rarely do this anymore Like rarely Um but if you have any questions for me About anything please put it in the Comments section down below if I get Some interesting questions like about Josh or our marriage or our kids my YouTube channel random life questions Like literally anything I would love to Just share more thank you for watching This video I hope it wasn't too boring Um but just thank you so much and I'll See you in my next one bye