Full review of Thursday Boot Company’s Women’s Premier Low Top Sneakers.


Thursday Boot Company Premier Low Top Sneaker:

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Hello my friends and welcome back to my Channel today i’m reviewing the women’s White leather sneakers from the thursday Boot company if you go onto google and You do a quick little search of women’s White leather sneakers you will likely See Tons and tons of ads for these sneakers I had never heard of the company before So i was really curious and thought it Would be fun to order them and kind of See what they’re like especially because In one of my recent videos i mentioned That wearing a pair of leather shoes is One of the easiest ways to make your Outfit look expensive i have the box Here with me the shipping was super fast I live in new york and the company is Located in new york and shipping was Totally free returns or exchanges are Free But anyway let’s get into it it comes in A really nice box i ordered a size six So when we open it it’s this beautiful Chocolate brown color i love their Branding something i thought was nice And thoughtful is the sneakers actually Come with their own drawstring canvas Bag think of it how many times have you Been traveling and had to wrap up your Sneakers or whatever shoes you were Going to put in your suitcase into a Little plastic bag so that they didn’t Get everything else dirty well in this

Case you can just throw them in this bag For when you’re traveling or you could Even store them in here if you really Want to here’s a first look at the Sneakers full disclosure i’ve already Tried them on and paired them with a few Outfits so that i can give you guys a Full review they are a very plain white Leather sneaker which is exactly what i Wanted i found that it’s actually really Hard to find a plain white sneaker these Days especially On the lower and lower price points like From target or zara or h m so these were A little more pricey these were around i Believe 129 dollars so they’re more Around the price of like a sam edelman But again very nice quality and 100 Leather besides the rubber sole of Course so i’m going to set the box down Now to free up my hands a little bit as You can see when you look up closely There’s quite a lot of grommets here so I think when you’re wearing the shoes And you’re looking down they do look Pretty masculine or more street style Because of all the grommets and the Laces i think something that i will plan To do is get those little rubber Lace replacements off of amazon that Basically work like a shoelace that just Goes across just to kind of limit the Amount of lace and detail that you see Right here but they are very nice

Quality Super squishy when you put them on They’re incredibly comfortable they have Padding all along the sides here and Along the heel which you can feel when You put them on i think it’s going to Help a lot in avoiding blisters and then The soles are actually in a good way Super squishy i was honestly shocked at How comfortable they were the first time That i put them on because i think Typically leather shoes are going to be Much more stiff i ordered a size six six Is true to size for me usually across The board or maybe even five and a half In a lot of cases but i found that a six Especially going into the fall and Winter is going to be too small for me If i want to wear a thicker sock here You can see i’m wearing a very thin sock And it fits okay but i can’t wiggle my Toes around very much so i highly Recommend especially if you have a wider Foot i have a narrow foot to order one Half size up and i’m sure they’ll Stretch out a little bit but where i Couldn’t really wiggle my toes up here At the top where i don’t think it will Stretch out a lot that just makes me Feel like i really need to get a half Size figure one thing that i also want To mention is the sole of the shoes They’re totally flat which is Understandable and they have

A little bit of a chevron pattern here Which i think will give you some more Grip in My white sneaker video that i’ll link Down below i reviewed a pair of sam Edelman’s and they had this if you can See this flat Um rubber right here this was just all Along the bottom so these are probably Going to give you much better grip than Sam edelman’s it’s still not going to be Amazing so be super careful on ice or Anything that’s wet or slippery but it Is a little bit better grip than some White sneakers i’ve seen i highly Recommend a pair of white sneakers for Even the summer times you can wear them With a dress or skirts will give you a Super cute and casual look or for the Fall where you can wear them with all Kinds of jeans you can wear them with Longer skirts you can Wear them with some jeans and a Button-up shirt and then that way you Kind of have like a mix of hi-lo Dressing which is really nice thursday Boot company also has some really Beautiful premium boots and they also Have these sneakers and other colors Like a beautiful brown color or even Black their website mentions that they Actually craft their shoes in the same Factories as other companies that charge Two to four hundred dollars for their

Shoes and keeping prices low and their Margins low is an important factor for Them to maintain customers which i Really appreciate and i hope that’s true And not just marketing speak but i’m Going to give them the benefit of the Doubt the shoes seem really high quality And for 120 dollars i think they will Last you a long time like i said i will Be exchanging mine for a half larger Size and then hopefully i can give you Guys an update a few months down the Road as to how they’ve been wearing Especially through the fall and winter And that’s it for me today thank you so Much for joining me please let me know What you think of these sneakers are They something that you’re willing to Try and if you enjoyed this video and Would like to see more like it please Don’t forget to hit the like button Below and subscribe we’ll see you next Time bye [Music]