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Today I'm sharing an updated petite Friendly fall to winter outerwear Collection so I did a video just like This last year you guys loved it I Wanted to share an updated version with Some new pieces that I got in and then Some repeat purchases I'm including some Items that are also great for Springtime Too I'll also be sharing casual and Dressy pieces last year I just shared Dressy coats but this year I wanted to Round up some casual options some in Between and then some dress year options I also wanted to share Options and different fits just Depending on your personal preference What you're looking for that way I can Just be a helpful resource for you guys Here on this channel in case you're ever Looking for anything specific so as Always everything will be linked Down Below in the description box and let's Go and hop right in so I want to share Let's go ahead and start with the wool Coats uh I want to share one new one That I got and I haven't shared this yet I'm so excited about it and it's Something different a lot of times I Share just like some classic options That I'll share in a bit this one one's Different so it's this Hound Tooth kind Of a boxy coat so this of course comes In different colors but I really wanted A printed wool coat cuz I have a lot of

Solid colors and I love this hounds Tooth print it looks very classy classic Timeless the quality of this definitely Exceeded my expectations there were some Reviews on Nordstrom where this wasn't Worth it I actually purchased this one From Macy's so I'm not sure if it's the Same thing but I'm going to link the one From Macy's that's I got it from fit of This I love I actually really love that Kind of boxy oversize fit but it's so Fitted in the shoulders and in the Sleeve length just the body of it is a Little bit looser but still maintains a Lot of structure fully lined on the Inside it's really thick I would say it Totally passes for winter and it also Has enough room so you can layer Underneath it if it's extra cold the Pockets are big nice and deep next up I Want to share is a couple Blazers from Two different sites so the Plaid one is From Amazon the the uh cream colored one Is from aomi so this one from a cromie I Think I purchased this 2 years ago so The difference between the two I'll put Them side by side is the Amazon version Has a more fitted silhouette the abui One is a little bit more boxy relaxed Looser uh so the abomi one I'm wearing In an extra small petite Amazon version Is in a double extra small um I would Say quality wise the Abra Combi is Better quality it's thicker uh the

Lining is better in my opinion on the Ins side also staying true to size you Get that little bit natural looser fit Oversized fit but still maintaining its Structure so that way it's easy to layer Underneath it with a lot of these like Wool Blazers it's really hard to layer Because they're thicker and if they're Fitted then it's hard to layer like Thicker sweaters or knits underneath it So you can stay extra warm as we're Going into winter I would say both are Great I think both would last a while But the everie one is better I want to Compare three different long wool coats So first one is the abber cromie dad Coat second one is the mango handmade Wool coat and third one is the abomi Blanket coat so let's start with the dad Coat I've had this one for I'm I think I'm on my fourth year now owning this Coat they still sell it many colors and Even printed versions this is the fitted Option out of all the three that I'm Sharing if you like something more Fitted this is your coat you'll love it Fully lined on the inside nice Deep Pockets very petite friendly I'm wearing This in a double extra small petite I Said this before I do wish I went with My true size in this coat just so it can Be a little bit more relaxed it feels a Little too fitted for me or maybe I'm Just used to looser coats now that's

Probably the reason why but I I just Love looser coats you guys it's just Makes it so easy to layer and it's also Just super comfortable but that's just My point on that you can go down a sid I Think it'll be fine but I do recommend Saying true to size I think you'll get a Better fit that way comes in petite Regular tall love the color comes in Multiple colors so so this is a more Fitted structured coat and that's not That loose now the next two is the mango Handmade wool coat and then the abomi Blanket wo coat so mango version I Purchased this one last year in Black I Repurchased it in Gray this dark Charcoal gray color and then the Abie Blanket Co I just recently purchased Like a month ago I believe so the two Are very similar so the biggest Difference is abomi version is thicker And shorter in length and the sleeves Are not as loose and oversized and They're shorter in length as well I'm Wearing the double extra small regular And then the mango version is in double Extra small doesn't come in special Sizing like petite regular tall just Double extra small it's thinner it's Longer as well and bigger in the sleeve So it's definitely more oversized Compared to the Abra cromie Co and now We're both comparing double extra small Side by side one thing I do love about

The mango handmade W Co is that it's Thinner and it drapes and I I just say This all the time it flows so Beautifully when you walk now the ABI Version It's thicker it is amazing it's Much more petite friendly and it's not As long either so the mango version for Example I would really only wear this With heels because that extra 3 in for My 5 fo1 frame really helps me pull off A really big coat like this almost Limits me on what kind of shoes I can Wear with it cuz I definitely feel more Comfortable wearing heels with it now The ABI version I can wear it with Flats With heels I feel great because it Doesn't feel so large on me it's in the Shoulders the sleeve length the length Isn't too long the body of it isn't too Baggy you're going to spend money on one Wool coat like one in this style and Your petite go for the everie one I Think you'll be happier with that Because it's a lot easier to pull off as A petite also less expensive than the Mango version and it's thicker so you Can easily transition this one into Winter the mango version you can still Transition it into winter is just you Want to wear thicker knits underneath it To keep you extra warm both come in Multip colors so gray black camel if You're taller you may really like the Mango coat if you're going for that

Loose relaxed look if you're petite I Think you will really like the ABI Version way more I'm going to say hi This is my boy how old are you I'm four You're four what are you up to right now What are you doing right now playing With train you're playing with trains Yeah yeah you're so handsome now I'll Quickly touch on this this is the ban Republic trench coat so I think this Comes in a couple colors you know I own I say this all the time I own a lot of Trench coats this is my favorite one I Love the length love the fit I'm wearing It in a double extra small petite I Would say it fits beautifully and you Guys know clearly I love long coats and This just looks so classy so Chic I wear This in the springtime easily can wear This for fall uh but I do tuck this away During the winter time cuz it's a little Too cold for it but it is fully lined on The inside color is also beautiful just Just a very classic khaki color and this Is so easy to style I've already shared This many times can't recommend it Enough it comes in petite regular and Tall so now we're moving to on to some Casual options so I shared this one Recently this is the Quint like crop Jacket I'm wearing it in an extra small Love the big pockets in the front this Is definitely something different than From what I have I've been exploring a

Lot more cropped or shorter length Jackets lately I actually purchased this As almost like a set because there's Pants from Quin that are in the exact Same material so when you pair the two Together it looks like such a Chic set It's lined on the inside and I would say This is definitely better for fall can Transition this to Spring and then you Can transition from Spring to Summer uh Cuz it is lightweight I haven't shared This in a while I share a lot of dressy Pieces here on my channel but from time To time I definitely like to pull out And share my casual pieces cuz I wear That a lot so this is a denim jacket From Amazon by the brand the drop I love This one specifically cuz I love the Length I can wear it with leggings and I Have that booty coverage wear it with a Pair of sneakers athletic top and I'm Good to go for my walk has a more cool Effortless look to it the shoulder seam Is dropped so it definitely gives a more Relaxed look with that dropped shoulder Seam uh I would say the thickness is Good it's very similar to like Levis Denim jackets and I think I purchased This one early this year probably January February uh great jacket Reasonable price point I think it comes Again in multiple colors now every fall I always get request on leather jackets I have one that I love and it's this one

It's from the brand blank NYC this is a Full leather jacket and I think they do Have this in a real leather jacket Version but I currently own the full Leather wearing this in extra small so It's definitely fitted uh I love the Length of it I mainly love wearing these With black denim jeans or I love wearing Them over dresses gives an edgy vibe to An outfit that I love to wear sometimes Especially also love the gold Hardware In this so the gold zippers the gold Buttons I feel like gold and I mean even Silver and black look great but I'm Definitely more attracted to the golden Black combination I think it makes it Look a little bit more expensive that's Just my personal preference it's also Fully lined on the inside as well living In Washington state I cannot forget About puffer jackets I recently just got A longer length in because again I want To wear it for walks or running errands And sometimes I want to wear leggings Out but I don't like exposing my behinds I need that booty cover for myself so I Got this longer length one but I feel Like this one has more of a feminine Look to it because it cinches in around The waistline it's not super big or Baggy it is long wearing it in a size Small and I actually really like this One because it is much longer compared To the other one I'm going to share with

You guys and it'll keep me really warm Especially transitioning into winter and When I want to wear something more Casual so I have a lot of coverage in my Body it's something that'll keep me very Warm it's very practical very functional This next one I actually purchased last Year this one has a more trendy fit to It this one is the Lululemon wonderpuff Crop jacket I think that they have this One in a longer length I actually really Like this one because it has a lot of Cool features to it so the hood it's Detachable uh the pockets they have an Interior mesh pocket in the inside where You can put your keys in inside of the Jacket you have two zipper Pockets Inside which is actually a feature I Really appreciate then on the hemline of The jacket you can cinch it in if you Want to just cover up your back more if It's windy so you can have it look more Boxy have it look more fitted so uh this Is an expensive very splurgy piece so if You live in a state like I do where it's Really rainy all the time this is Definitely something that's worth the Investment because I've worn it a ton Living here since I purchased it last Year so it's definitely worth it this One is a vest now I love I I honestly Had no idea how much I would wear this Until I purchased it uh love it I mean Sometimes it's like chilly but you know

If I'm going on a walk it's it's nice to Have like a vest especially when you Start walking and moving you warm up so It's nice having something that's not to Make me boiling in it so usually I just Wear a long sleeve with this some denim Jeans and I'm good to go uh I think for A vest this is great petite friendly It's very simple but quality is good and It does the job keeps me warm the puff Is also plush too so I really like this One it's also from Amazon so it's an Inexpensive option all right you guys so That brings us to the end of this video That was my 2023 version a petite Friendly fall to winter outerwear Collection pieces that I recommend and Love really hope you guys enjoyed this Video got a lot of good information out Of it so in case you're looking for Anything um you have all the information You need to make the best purchase for You as always I have everything link Down Below in the description box along With sizing details thank you guys so Much for your love and support love you Guys so much and I'll see you next time Bye