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So in this video I am rounding up teas And tanks that I want to review for you Guys these specific pieces are very very Basic and I did a video last year Comparing different basic T-shirts from All different brands so I kept some T-shirts from that video I wanted to do Like an update on those t-shirts that I Kept and then also start reviewing some New tanks for you guys as well I also Realized this is a lot of teas and tanks But please please please don't feel like You need to like add all of these to Your wardrobe I truly just say pick your Favorite style and just stick with that Here on YouTube this is my job I love to Review different Basics and any clothing Pieces really from different brands just Give you my honest thoughts and opinions So that way it makes it a little bit More of an easier shopping experience For you just depending on what you're Looking for you get to see it on a Petite body type here are my honest Thoughts and reviews that's why there's Just more than anybody genuinely needs And everything is from all different Price points from really inexpensive to Something that's really expensive I Think the most expensive t-shirt in this Video is 80 freaking dollars so I'll be Reviewing that one a little bit later on First one is this basic t-shirt from Nude so this is my newest t-shirt I

Purchased so this one I got I think like Two weeks ago from when I'm filming this Video I genuinely love it the difference Between this one and the other ones I'll Be sharing this one has a more oversized Fit to it it also has distressing like Slight little fraying on the Heming so On the sleeves on the neckline I'm Showing close-ups here hopefully you can See it through the camera it has that Little like detail to it which is not Really noticeable honestly but I Actually kind of like it because it Gives it a little bit more of a vintage Feel and it's not overly done too Another different thing about this basic T-shirt is that the seams on the sides Are crooked and it's done that way so That way when you front tuck it the way It lays on your body actually looks Really flattering in your hips so when You look in the back like yes it's long And oversized but it doesn't bunch up in The back like other t-shirts do because Of those crooked seams so I think that's Actually a really neat unique touch that This brand did that I've never seen Anyone do my favorite thing about this Basic t-shirt is the sleeves I love how They kind of flare out on the sides of It kind of gives that 90s look to it Which I personally love this one from Lululemon I just put it on here this was My number one favorite in my last year's

Video that I did reviewing different Basic tees from all different brands and I still to this day love it this one is Different because it has a more sportier Look and feel to it and the back of it Has more seams kind of gives that more Sporty vibe to me it's a little bit more Fitted t-shirt is also very stretchy Because it has that sporty material feel To it and the length isn't that long Either so if I untuck it here this is How long it is and I think it just Drapes really nicely looks really pretty And I would say this one is the easiest To get stains off of it I don't know What it is but something about this base T-shirt that if I stain it it actually Comes off really easily next up is the Everlane Box cut T-shirt I believe it Retails for thirty dollars unless they Went up in price that's how much I Bought it for last year still love it Stains come off of it so easily it also Has more of like a structured kind of Stiffer cotton feel to it and I believe This is in a hundred percent organic Cotton if I untuck it here this is the Length of it Um I would say the fit is really similar To the Lulu version It's just again the Lulu version is in a stretchy more Sportier look feel to it this one is More Classic this next one is unico's Version of their classic cotton t-shirt

This one I feel like looks the most Polished in my opinion the T-shirt Material is really thick a little bit of Stretch into it but one thing I'm Probably not the biggest fan of but it's Not a deal breaker is the sleeves I Would like them to be a little bit Looser for my personal preference but Otherwise I think the fit looks great And to be honest I haven't worn this one Really as much as my other basic T-shirts particularly because of the fit So if you like this fit I think you'll Really love this t-shirt and it is very Inexpensive especially what you're Getting it's actually a really nice Thick opaque cotton t-shirt it comes in Many colors here's how it looks like Untucked um it is much longer as you can Tell it's definitely more fitted for the Price I think it's great but I am Wearing my other ones more often for Sure next up is another Uniqlo boxy T-shirt uh this one I do wear more often Than the previous Uniqlo t-shirt Personally because it's just a fit I Like better I also love the length of it I feel like it's really petite friendly This box tee is comparable to the Everlane Box t-shirt it's just this one Again it's not as boxy so if you're Petite I feel like you'll like this Option much more at least if you're Looking for a box tee that's not as boxy

If that makes sense the way it lays in The back that's a big thing I look at Got t-shirts as if I were just front Tucked it has to lay beautifully in the Back and not have any bunching this one Does that so I think that's fantastic Next up is the famous 80 t-shirt uh James purse James Pierce I'm sorry I Cannot pronounce that I need to look at The tag actually I think it's James Purse anyways this one I'm still Undecided if I recommend it or not so Putting this on just now it's noticeably So much softer compared to the other Basic t-shirts now that may be a good Thing or not so good thing for some People depending on what you're looking For it does feel thinner comparing it to The other t-shirts but the difference Between this one why it's so expensive It's because it's made up of a hundred Percent combed cotton which is much more Expensive to produce it's just a more Durable way of making anything with Cotton really and this is also made in The USA which I know things made here in The US is more expensive and it's also Probably because of a name brand Probably wouldn't repurchase this in Another color I would more so repurchase Either the Lululemon one or the nudes Version the first one I was wearing in Another color versus this one because it Is really expensive I just think you can

Get a really nice basic t-shirt than Less than 80 I mean I have great Examples here so I don't know okay so Now we're moving on to tank so this one Is a newer tank I got this one like two Weeks ago and I love it so perfect for Summer this is also gonna be so cute for Fall time like layering a Blazer over it With some ankle boots I think would be So freaking pretty I have it in this White and then I also have it in Black They're just so stunning but you do have To wear strapless bra with it or if you Have a halter style bra that should work With this tank as well love the crew Neckline and out of all the tanks that I Own this one is the thickest tank ever Like I comparing it to all my other ones This is so thick but it is thick and More stiff it's not not a soft tank but It has really good structure to it where It looks like a really polished tank Comes in many colors again I always Start with like my safe colors when I Buy something new which is black and White and then if I absolutely am head Over heels for it I'll try exploring More colors maybe that's why you see a Lot of black and white today okay this Is a tank I purchased last year from Abercrombie I purchased it in several Colors did a review on it and I would Have to say this one I don't think the Quality held up as well as I thought it

Would I mean it did kind of shrink kind Of looks more worn in comparing it to my Other tanks even though they were all Worn similar amount of times uh this one I just noticed the fabric just looking More worn out I did pay really low for This I mean I think I got this for ten Dollars because it was on sale then I Had coupons on top of that so I didn't Spend too much money on this which was Great I don't know if I would repurchase This one specifically just Knowing how many other ones I've tried And love and know that they hold up Better I like it but I'm not as Impressed so far as the other ones I've Had okay so next up is this Uniqlo tank Which is also inexpensive this one is Really soft comparing it to my other Tanks that are more stiff and rigid this Feels like a very soft rib tank but I Still feel like it looks very polished And Chic and just really nice love the Neckline as well it's not too low where It shows too much cleavage you don't see Your bra on the side as well I'm wearing A strapless bra with this but you can Absolutely get away with a regular bra Because the straps are thick enough and Um the back also looks good too so this Is a really great tank option for a Really reasonable price okay next up is This tank from Uniqlo so this one Actually comes with a built-in bra

That's sewn in by the way the pads are Not removable they're sewn in but can I Tell you guys a secret I actually ended Up cutting them off I mean it fit me so I mean the fit wasn't an issue is just When I was going about my day-to-day Life picking up my children and you know Just doing all the mom things my boobs Just were not supported enough they just Kept squishing together looking like a Uniboob for me Um I have very droopy saggy boobs after Having two kids so I actually just full On need a bra with wiring boning all That support to just make my ladies look Perky but if you have different breasts Than I do you love tanks that have sewn In padding in it you will really like This one because it is very well made it Looks so sleek and Polished so I would Say if tanks with built-in Bras don't Typically work for you do not buy it but If you are somebody where the built-in Bras and tanks is something you love Then I think it's totally worth it I Mean I ended up cutting it off I feel Bad for doing that but since I cut it Off I do wear it all the time okay this Was in my most worn and favorites video For the summer time so far for this year But it's this tank bodysuit from nudes I've been really obsessed with it I want To point out one thing I noticed with This one is I feel like it makes my

Boobs look smaller it makes them look Definitely so much smaller than they Actually are and trust me I have large Ladies whenever I wear this tank uh Either in videos or out in public people That know me ask if I got a breast Reduction Um did I do anything in this area the Answer is no I really think this top Minimizes them which is interesting so Some of you may love that some of you May hate that just depending on what You're looking for that's probably one Of the biggest reasons why this has been One of my most worn pieces so far for This summer is because I feel so Confident wearing it scooped in the Front scooped in the back and you can Wear a regular bra with it I'm wearing a Strapless bra with it because I just Didn't want to change bras to be honest But this is normal bra friendly most of The time I actually wear this with a Regular bra the straps are thick enough To hide the bra I love it it's beautiful It's flattering last but definitely not Least is this Cami tank from Abercrombie This is actually a recent purchase I Think I got this like last week Um so I love it I think it's so Flattering I feel like it looks a little Sexy at the same time with the cute Little dainty straps it's adjustable and The straps are very stretchy very well

Made this bodysuit is double layered so Anything I feel like that's double Layered gives a very smooth and Polished Look for the summer time like I would Wear with these trousers like I'm Wearing here or with denim shorts Um you can also transition this from Season to season wearing an outerwear Piece over it so anyways it's a great Great wardrobe staple so that was all The basic teas and tanks from this video That I wanted to review let me pull out My top favorites for you guys okay so Out of all the pieces that I shared Again I love them all don't get me wrong They're all fantastic but I would say my Favorites as far as basic t-shirt is the Lululemon basic tea I also so new Favorite is the nudes basic t-shirt I Love this one and then as far as tanks I Have been obsessed with this Cami from Abercrombie uh the scoop neckline Bodysuit from nudes and then another Nudes tank which is this crew neckline One these are my top five favorites Hopefully this review was helpful for You guys in finding the best basic tea Or tank to add into your wardrobe I Really want to be a helpful resource for You guys so you avoid having to just buy So many of these pieces to find your Favorite one so as far as for me those Were my top five favorites those are the Ones that I would be repurchasing in

More colors because those are again my Favorites I feel my most flattering in Them if you are interested in anything From this video it's all linked down Below along with sizing details I just Want to give you guys a huge thank you For your love and support I appreciate You guys more than you know so thank you For being here and supporting my channel Love you guys so much and I will see you In my next video bye