After 30 days of wear and a RESHOEVN8R dirtying process, the SB Jordan 4s were absolutely trashed for this cleaning tutorial. In all honesty I though it was past the point of return, but thanks to the Signature Kit these are looking almost new.

For today’s Shoe Care Academy video we paired up with @WinonaKicks to clean his latest pick up after 30 full days in the Minnesota weather, and even with the daily grime and scuffs we still needed to be a little more extra.

Now I don’t even know what is on these, but it was disgusting… And before you ask why would you do that? The answer is to show how products work! Nick used the Signature Kit to get the best clean on these Nike SB Jordan 4s; the patented laundry system was the key to clean the laces, stitching and tongue. Overall these cleaned up great! Stay tuned for our next wear test…

Would you wear the same pair of kicks for 30 days straight?

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Welcome back to another episode of Shoe Care
Academy, my name is Nick and we have a special Package today here from Winona kicks let’s
check it out. So it looks like we’ve got a pair of Nike
Air Jordan 4 SB Pine greens from our buddy Winona kicks he’s been wearing these for the
last 30 days doing a wear test on them throughout Minnesota beating them up, terrorizing them
through the snow through the rain, took them To some college parties wore them through
St Patrick’s Day on the release day and uh He got him kind of dirty, but in typical RESHOEVN8R
fashion these things are not trash enough For us to clean so we are going to go and
destroy them come with me. [Music] Let’s go [Music] [Applause] [Music] So we went out and we properly trashed these
Nike SB Jordan 4s now we let them sit outside It’s now pretty late in the afternoon they’ve
been outside for about six, seven hours so They are definitely dried super crusty, dirty,
nasty as you can tell typical RESHOEVN8R. Time to clean a shoe. Now since Charlie did use our RESHOEVN8R mail-in
service we’re only going to be cleaning the Right shoe we’re going to take the left shoe
and place it to the side; now we will be cleaning The second shoe off camera so that way we
can ship these back to him and he can have Two clean shoes to go out and continue to
enjoy. Now for this cleaning I’m going to be using
the RESHOEVN8R Signature Bundle which includes All three of your brushes, soft, medium and
stiff, four ounce solution, microfiber towel, Shoe trees, laundry bag, laundry pods, cleaning
mat, drying rack and Bowl combo and also sneaker Wipes. Like last time I’m not using the Sneaker Wipes
in this video, but those are something you Should always have on you. Use my link below to save yourself some money
if you’re going to purchase any RESHOEVN8R Products from, but let’s start
getting into this clean. Alright so since this shoe is completely disgusting
I’m going to be using these gloves because My hands and this table are going to be destroyed. For our first step we need to remove these
laces and then put in our shoe trees [Music]. Shoe Tree’s installed in the shoe now we’re
gonna get right into the cleaning first thing We need to do is do two squirts of solution
into our bowl of water. We’re going to start the cleaning off using
our soft bristle brush since this is a leather Sneaker we probably could have got by originally
using the Essential Kit, but since I had to Go and be a complete jerk about it and do
all of whatever I did to this sneaker we’re

Going to use a Signature Kit, but the Soft
Bristle brush is included in both the Essential As well as the Signature kit. We’re just going to get it wet in order to
soap up this entire shoe to try to get as Much of this top layer of gunk and grime off
as quickly and easily as we can. [Music] Please make sure you pull back the
wings panels on the inside and outside of The shoes, also ensure that you’re cleaning
the air bubble on the side of the shoes both The inside and the outside to make sure you
get all that trapped in dirt and debris inside The wings and underneath where the lace lock
goes [Music] foreign [Music] So I just hit the uppers one time as you can
tell this cleaning area is completely destroyed And messy so what I’m going to do is clean
this up a little bit and then we’re going To go back hit the uppers a second time get
some fresh water so that way we’re not just Rubbing more crud and gross nasty stuff back
into the uppers of these shoes, so I’ll be Right back. Got a fresh bowl of water put two squirts
of solution in it, got a fresh cleaning mat As well as a new microfiber towel since those
other ones were completely trashed after hitting The upper for the first time. Next we’re going to move on to our medium
bristle brush we’re going to dunk it in the Water hit the uppers again one more time with
the medium bristle brush kind of lightly and Then focus on the midsoles the sock liner
as well as the tongue. [Music] There’s lots of Trapped in dirt dust little
debris rocks and other things that get stuck Back in that heel Tab and it really chews
up inside the material so you really want To make sure you get that nice and clean here
we go [Music]. Alright I’m going to remove the shoe tree
and the insole to really get deep into this Sock liner. [Music] Alright I’m gonna move on to the insole
I’m gonna use my stiff brush which is our Stiffest brush and I’m going to dry brush
to get all this top layer of dirt and stuff Off and then I’m going to move back over to
the medium brush [Music]. Next step is going to be hit this outsole
using our stiff bristle brush now this is The stiffest brush that we have in our three
brush pack which is also included in the Essential Kit as well as the Signature Kit this brush
will be great for trying to get all these Little rocks and marks and dirt and Gunk and
everything out of the bottom of the shoe. I went ahead and used the pick to clean out
all of the leftover gum pieces after that I took a little Goo Gone and the microfiber
towel and just ran over the top of the Nike

Logo to get all that leftover gum residue
off got the uppers the midsoles as well as The outsoles all cleaned up using our brushes
and solution. Next I’m going to clean up these laces that
have been soaking this entire time it’s going To take a little bit of time I think I might
have to use this other Bowl as well and then Hit them with some brushes to help really
get them cleaned up and then we’ll move on To the laundry system. [Music] That concludes the pre-treatment on this sneaker
next we’re going to take our laundry bag which Is included in the Signature Kit now this
is part of our patented laundry system you’re Going to go ahead and slide the shoe in the
bag this will fit two shoes, but since we’re Only cleaning one for before and after purposes
we’re only putting one in there. We’re gonna put our laces in the bag button
it up and we’re gonna head to the laundry All right we’re in our laundry room I’m gonna
go ahead and drop the sneaker as well as one Of our RESHOEVN8R laundry pods into the laundry
plunk shut the lid turn it on. We’re going to use our quick wash want to
make sure that you’re on cold water temp, Mid is just fine, light is fine and press
start. Shoes are out of the wash I let it dry I had
to wash it twice because this sock liner was Looking a little dingy still after the first
wash so threw it back in the laundry system Used another laundry pod and bingo bango it’s
looking super fresh. Now the next thing we got to deal with is
this suede on the toe cap it’s a little bit Crunchy so we’re going to hit it with our
medium bristle brush we’re just going to brush All around the suede to try to get it back
to its natural state and then from there we’ll Be ready to lace it up. Thank you [Music] Alright reset the nap back on the
toe cap it’s looking so much better and it’s Not all crunchy now last thing I want to do
is lace It up [Music] kickflip. That’s going to conclude this episode of Shoe
Care Academy presented by RESHOEVN8R as you Can tell we went from that to thaT. Now I know a lot of you guys are going to
be like bro that’s ridiculous and I agree A thousand percent this is completely ridiculous
it’s off the wall nobody’s gonna get their Shoe this dirty, but by showing you that we
did get the shoe this dirty and we achieved These results I think the product speaks for
itself. Now I’m going to talk about the SB4 a little
bit I have this shoe personally I got it on

Release date at Cowtown skate here in Phoenix
me and Fran actually went and lined up for Them together. I have skated in this shoe, I’ve worn it around
just like walking around I actually prefer This shoe as a walk around shoe versus a skate
shoe which I said on my Instagram a couple Weeks ago and a lot of you guys ripped me
apart for it, but that’s okay. The shoe is very comfortable to walk around
in I love how comfortable it is on your foot, But for skating I don’t like it as much as
some other shoes board feel would be probably The number one thing. Now to achieve these results you’re going
to need a few things from RESHOEVN8R number One the cleaning mat I talked about the cleaning
mat earlier you saw how filthy and dirty this Entire table was we went through three cleaning
mats through this entire cleaning to get yourself A cleaning mat. Also we used the drying rack and Bowl combo
this is great for making sure that all your Brushes stay dry and you got a super sweet
spot to get your solution and water right From and we used the RESHOEVN8R Signature
Kit now this is my favorite kit that we offer It includes four ounce solution, our three
brush pack which includes soft medium and Stiff and includes the patented laundry system,
a microfiber towel and two shoe trees now To complete this cleaning we also used the
RESHOEVN8R laundry pods now these laundry Pods are essential when you’re using the patented
laundry system because it has got all of the Good stuff that’s inside of these pods that
make your shoes go from this to this. Now you can find all of these products at make sure you use my link down Below to save yourself some money and also
it helps me keep having a job. Speaking of keeping a job looks like we got
our next video up make sure you guys stay Tuned for this one. Alright friends one more thing during the
month of May we’re going to be doing a giveaway Since we just hit 1.5 million subscribers
on YouTube thanks to all of you guys we’re Gonna pick three lucky winners and you’re
getting your choice between this Off-White Jordan UNC One, this Off-White Jordan 5 or
a thousand dollars all you got to do is click The link below to sign up this has been fun
my name’s Nick thanks for tuning in to Shoe Care Academy see you guys later thank you