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Hi guys in today's video I am sharing an Ultimate Roundup of which brand makes The best sneakers I'm testing out all Different brands vasas Adidas kizik Nike New Balance Converse Alberts I have all The really good and popular brands I Wanted to round up and put in this video Now I'm sharing variety of different Styles like some more Chic some more Elevated some more sporty and Casual This video is extra exciting because I'm Doing a giveaway and I'm so pumped so It's a $400 PayPal cash giveaway two Winners will win $200 cash to buy your Favorite sneaker it can be any sneaker In this video or if maybe you've been Eyeing a different sneaker I just want To give you guys some cash so you can Just purchase a fresh new pair of Sneakers I will have the giveaway open For 3 weeks and this is how to enter you Have to be subscribed to this channel You have to like this video and then you Want to go ahead and comment which Sneaker you would love to win and in Your comments make make sure you write Your Instagram handle your Instagram Username because this is how I will Contact the winner so that way you can Claim your price as well as make sure You are following me on Instagram and This is my handle here I will have all The information pinned in the comment Section also written in the description

Box all right so let's start off with Some really popular and really trendy Sneakers I'm so excited to be reviewing This for you guys so let's start with The Adidas sambas and I'm not sure if You guys noticed but these have popped Off like crazy they are so trendy right Now I feel like uh vasas for example Were so trendy a year two years ago this Is the new sneaker everybody has been Wanting and loving and here's my opinion On it they are incredibly uncomfortable Can I just point that out first thing Like right off the bat they are so Uncomfortable they're very stiff right Here they're very stiff on the inside They also run half a size too big even With them being too big on me they are Still so uncomfortable they're just a Very stiff sneaker now I do think they Will stretch out over time and become More comfortable to wear however I Purposely purchase this to review it for You guys I will be returning these cuz The personal preference is not my style I mentioned that in another video before But I was like you know what let me get Them in see how I think of them in Person I still feel the same they're not For me but I do have to say I love this Color combination I love the Brown I Love the gray black and white I think The color palette is really pretty I'm Just not a fan the sneaker design and

I'm also not a fan of the toe here like The suede just the way it's done it's Just not my style it's not for me I know Some people love this my brutally honest Opinion is they're just not comfortable I mean there's a lot of sneakers that Are meant for Comfort like being on your Feet all day and some sneakers are more Stylish aesthetic meant to wear not as Long it's not like an old day type of Sneaker to make sure your feet are Comfortable some sneakers like this is Just purely for style to wear for a few Hours and some people love that next up Are New Balance sneakers these feel very Light by the way and I'm not sure which Exact ones these are cuz there's so many Different kinds but um I'll put the name Of them and the link in the description Box of which ones they are uh they're Very light and I would say the comfort Is pretty good so let me actually rate The Comforts on these sneakers so the SAS honestly I would rate them like a Four out of 10 like they are very Uncomfortable and that's probably Because they're a fresh new sneaker These new balances I would give them a Out of 10 I love the fabric because that Makes it a little bit more comfortable For people that have wider feed as far As style for New Balance sneaker I think This style is much better than a lot of The other styles I've seen made from New

Balance now you know I don't think this Brand specifically targets for aesthetic Super stylish sneakers like some other Brands do um I think they more aimed for Like comfort and just being really Wearable if you like the style I think It's a pretty good sneaker to try out Especially the price for these I think Was $60 so it wasn't too bad especially For the comfort my rating is 7 out of 10 So anyways worth checking out let's talk About kizik Kik Kik I'm not sure how to Pronounce it correctly k i z i k just Say Kik this what makes it really Special is that it's a slip-on shoe but It's a sneaker style so um maybe you've Seen ads for these these have been Popping up even more lately maybe some Of you haven't heard it but I've seen a Lot of influencers advertise this brand I've seen so many ads on Instagram on YouTube like they are very heavy on the Ads right now decided to spend my own Money on a pair to give you guys a Review on them so slip on design Absolutely Works pictured here videoed Here in real time it is very easy to Slip on there's absolutely no fuss I Thought maybe there' be fuss with like The tongue like I thought maybe it would Get shoved back in there it does not it Is actually sewn in the tongue inside is Sewn in so you'll never have a loose Tongue in your sneaker it stays put so

That's how they're able to keep that Tongue staying put there and then a lot Of slip-on sneakers the issue is is that They can slip off your heel they can Kind of be a little loose there but These are not you still get that slip-on Design but on the sneaker here it's Pinched so that way your heel stays put It absolutely does not slide around Slide up down or whatever it actually Stays put in Secure I think this is Actually their patented technology I Think that's how they advertise it that It's a slip-on design no fuss don't need To bend down put on your shoes I see This being great for so many people I'm Just thinking about when I was pregnant With my two kids this would have been a Fabulous shoe to have a sneaker not Going to lie cuz especially in those Last few months I cannot see my feet nor Reach them and for Comfort I will give These a 10 out of 10 easily they are Incredibly comfortable and for a sneaker Like this I think they are so stylish They have so many other designs on their Website I think on Amazon too overall The sneaker is designed really well Looks stylish and I think this would be Fantastic for so many different people To have so next up for something really Similar they look very similar I mean Can you tell the all bird sneakers are Next you guys know I've been raving

About these since I got them like last December November I've been loving these Comfort for these is also 10 out of 10 They're just awesome I love them they're Stylish they're comfortable they're Wearable they're sporty looking Especially for a black sneaker you guys Black sneakers tend to look very often Like shoes these don't they have a Really cool sporty vibe to them that are Incredibly comfortable look super Stylish is also known for their wool Runners those are even more comfortable Uh so they have that option too I Decided to go with these cuz they're Just a little bit more athletic and Sporty which is what I needed next up Are my Converse platforms now I do love The platforms way more than the regular Converse All-Star sneakers the platforms Are just really cool if you're petite You get that little extra height they're You know more of a trendy kind of kind Of minimal sporty is looking sneaker I Feel like everybody knows these they are Very popular they have been for decades But regardless of that I love them and I Would say the platforms are way more Comfortable than the regular ones I had The regular convers sneakers before just Like with the no platform the ones with The platform are more comfortable um but These sneakers for Comfort honestly I Would give them maybe like a seven out

Of 10 so you can wear them for a good Chunk of time without your feet aching But they're not something I would say is Great for all all day next up are my Beloved Air Force ones I've had these For 2 years now I think they're really Cool sporty looking sneaker uh the Comfort for these I would give them like A seven out of 10 they're pretty good I Love I love the sporty Vibe I think it Looks really cool and stylish I love the Platform as well it's all wide very Minimal and simple my one complaint with Them which I know is a lot of others Complaints as well is that they crease a Lot at the toe and then they just start To look more now and not as polished Looking now you do get that with a lot Of sneakers but honestly I feel like the Air Force on takes it to the next level With the creasing so that's a big Downside to it otherwise they're great Sneaker that's sporty really really Pretty with athleisure outfits or Wearing them with like some blue denim Jeans and a t-shirt okay last two Sneakers are vasas you guys know I love These okay they are a Splurge I know but I love them honestly if I were to pick Between a couple sneakers I would pick The vas or like the AL birds or the k As my two sneakers to have so you know I've talked about these sneakers a lot For anyone that's new uh these ones are

The v10s and I also want to note that Vas do real leather sneakers and full Leather sneakers so just keep that in Mind you have to look at the description Just to make sure you know what you're Getting the v10s these are faux leather And then the Campos here with the tan And the white these are real leather out Of the two I prefer real leather Sneakers they fit better for my foot They're more com comfortable and Especially since my feet are a little Bit wider uh the leather stretches out Better and becomes way more comfortable And wearable for my foot now the thing About the faux leather sneakers is that You don't really get much of that Creasing and the shape stays really well At least with the v10s that I have here And you can see that these sneakers the V10s are very similar to the Air Force Ones like the sporty Vibe and everything But they don't really get that creasing Which is a huge plus I also love the Logo I love the design usually I'm not a Big fan of logos when it comes to Clothing and sneakers but I think in This case it's done really well and Really minimal like the Adidas I think They do really well with their minimal Logos same with the vas um and then with The v10s the one complaint I have with Them is that the tongue is a little Stiff but that's a really easy fix

Because you can just tuck the tongue Back in and then slide a lace through The loop in the center of the tongue so You can actually push it back so it's Not rubbing against your ankle so that's A problem that can be solved but I Wanted to point that out just in case Anyone's interested in it Camp style These um I don't know if you can tell Through the camera they have a little Bit of creasing obviously where the Widest part of my foot is that's where It's stretched out because my feet are a Little bit whiter honestly I don't mind It because they're just really Comfortable and just really nice to wear And I love the tan and the white color Combination the cool thing about V is They have so many different styles and So many different color combinations so You can really find something unique and Something you really like Campos I feel Like are more of a classic quartz Sneaker the tongue in the Campos is Really soft has a cushion in it as well So it's really really comfortable on Your foot I know these are Splurge but Uh if you look into vas very ethical Sustainable um again they have real Leather full leather options so you can Really pick and choose which what you Want just keep in mind look at the Description because it'll let you know Which ones are real and full leather

Right you guys so that brings it to the End of this video that was my review on 9 different sneakers different brands Different styles I really hope this Video was informative hopefully I gave You some you know really good insights On each pair so my favorites I would say Are the vas because they're very stylish And for the style the comfort is really Really good and that's really hard to Find in a sneaker that's very Comfortable and stylish at the same time As well as the Alberts and the KX I love Those for a sporty option because of Their comfort and for the comfort the Style looks so amazing especially for a Black sneaker but everything will be Linked down below if you guys want to Check it out for yourself again don't Forget to enter my giveaway two winners Will win $200 cash so you can pick any Sneaker you want from this video and the Giveaway guidelines will be pinned in The comment section as well as written In the description box really easy I'm The only one involved in the giveaway Just a little way for me to give back to A couple of you guys I love and Appreciate you guys more than you know Thank you so much for all of your love And support and I'll see you in my next Video bye