Two different variations of A Ma Maniere sneakers in a classic Jordan silhouette calls for an unboxing. If you picked either of these pairs up on release date or plan to pick them up soon, make sure you pick up RESHOEVN8R. Let us know in the comments which colorway is better.

Today we are going to be unboxing both Versions of the Amma manure Jordan 12s That are set to release very soon both Have the signature quilted insole AMA Manure branding on the tongue eyelets And the back tab the outsole has the Same design with that classic Jumpman Logo overall they are both solid Sneakers but I would have to say that The white pair tops it all the black Pair has a black suede upper with the Burgundy Crush upper accent whereas the White pair has a white leather upper With the burgundy crushed suede the Suede on the white pair is much more Velvety and smooth the other difference Would be the color on the alma manure Hang tag and the laces three products That you are going to need will be the Water and stain repellent dry Suede and The essential cleaning kit at right now Foreign