We need to talk…much needed Q&A! Today I’m giving a big update regarding my ongoing teeth/dental nightmare and my recent scan results. I’m also answering questions about our new house (also giving a sneak peek at the inside & outside), Josh/marriage, my assistant Katie, my YouTube channel, health, etc.

Below is my Implant Specialist/Oral Surgeon…I wanted to share his info in case you have issues like me. He is the best and I am so thankful for him!!! Dr. Sam uses CERAMIC implants which are far superior and healthier than titanium metal implants. I am fully paying 100% of the cost of all of my procedures…I am not mentioning or recommending him to get reimbursement or free treatments.

Dr. Sam Bakuri (Implant Specialist/Periodontist)
Instagram: @sbakuri (follow & reach out to him with questions, he’s AMAZING!!!)
Greater Pittsburgh Dental Implants & Periodontics
4290 William Flynn Highway, Suite 104
Allison Park, PA 15101
Phone: 412-201-0633

Thank you SO MUCH for caring about me even the slightest bit!!!! The last 4-5 months have been harder than normal with just feeling sick. I appreciate you all so much for checking in on me, leaving comments, watching my videos, etc.

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So I went in for the scan on my mouth There was good news and there was bad News people were asking if we got a new House if we're moving how many acres Does it come with my family does not eat Why do you use a Microwave so we need to catch up I need To update you on my mouth what's been Going on I asked you guys ask me Questions on all my platforms and I Compiled a big list of just the most Asked questions so I'll be going through Everything let's just jump into it Because I feel like this could be a long Video except I'm already stalling Because I wanted to quickly just give You a heads up about a video I'm posting I never do this where I'm promoting a Future video but on April 20th which is A Saturday it's a Mother's Day gifts Video or Mother's Day deals video you Need to watch it okay like I'm not just Saying that I've been working on this For like six months directly with these Brands where everything in the video is Legitimately 50 to 80% off the regular Price I don't know if you've ever seen The segments on like Good Morning America or the Today show I think they Call it like Deals and Steals where Everything featured is crazy discounted For like a limited time and there's Limited inventory and quantity so people Like jump on it and that's what I wanted

To do there there's stuff for like you There's stuff for your mom I mean it Doesn't just have to be for Mother's Day Like there's stuff that guys would love Like there's so many good things in the Video but if you see me post it you need To jump on it there's definitely things That are going to sell out quickly and Then there's other things where there's Just more inventory and it might last a Little bit longer but I just wanted to Give you a heads up about that okay so Let's just start with what you're Probably most curious about maybe even Why you're here but the update on my Mouth so I recently had a scan done um Where they checked the healing the bone Density just the progression of things And I'm going to get to that in a second But I do just want to rewind to the last Few months because I really haven't Talked about it in a while and just like With how I've been feeling um so back in December I'm sure a lot of you are aware Because I documented everything but in December I had a surgery where they Extracted four of my front bottom teeth And like I showed everything I showed Myself talking without teeth I showed Like what I looked like I bruised I Swelled up like all of that so if you Missed those videos I mean you could Could go back and watch it um but then I Really haven't given that much of an

Update since just because we've been in The waiting game the healing stage so Honestly like for the first like many Many many many weeks I was not really Doing that well like at all and you Couldn't tell from my videos but it was I don't know like it kind of like really Scared me because my dentist and like my Surgeon was like oh you'll be so much Better and like in a few weeks like Every day is going to get better and the Surgery was December 5th and I or we my Family and I like we went to Universal Studios in Florida at the end of February so that was 3 months after my Surgery and I still was not feeling good Like I still felt it down my neck like I It was so much more than just like a Tooth AE it was like a whole systemic Thing and I remember being on this trip With my family when like it was kind of Supposed to be like Yay like I'm feeling Better type of a trip and I was not I Wasn't even in like the greatest mood For that trip I mean it was still fun But after I got home I somehow turned Like a a complete corner like I have Been feeling so much better since then So much better guys like I feel like I'm A new person finally like finally I'm Like I've got energy I nothing feels Weird I can turn my head and nothing is Bad like it it's crazy like I feel so Much better now and it's been I was like

On eggshells for like every day I would Wake up being like is everything normal Like is something going to come back Again basically we're like the semi- Beginning of April right now and for Like the last 6 weeks I've been great Now let's cut to um the appointment that I had with my surgeon a few days ago so I went in for the scan on my mouth for Him to look at everything like really Check the bone density um check the Healing progression see if we can move Forward with the dental Implants and there was good news and There was bad news now also leading up To this like I was beyond petrified I Always get bad news when it comes to Teeth like if the the worst case Scenario could happen that's usually What happens to me so I was scared that Their like just the the density of the Bone was going to be really bad maybe They were going to have to do another Bone phone graph maybe he would be like Oh it didn't work like I just didn't Know what to expect I was feeling better But I still was like what what's he Going to say and I just really work Myself up for these appointments like I Really really do I went in and it's like This thing you sit in and it's much Better technology these days like not Even that much radiation anymore because It's not like film so they took the scan

And then um I went into the consultation Room Dr Sam came in he looked at Everything he started talking to me and He seemed extremely pleased happy he Said everything looks beautiful that I'm Healing really well and instantly like The weight went off of Me overall like That is the good news like he is very Happy with the way things are looking Now the bad news is my surgery the Dental implant surgery was supposed to Be in may like it was already scheduled Was already in his books it was on my Calendar I've been prepping for that Like planning for that with you know Just like my work schedule and whatnot But I guess based on what he saw like he Actually wanted to postpone it a month Again like I didn't get the impression That it was bad but obviously it's not Far enough along to do the implants yet So he wanted to wait until the beginning Of June then like later on when I was Going to leave I went to reschedule and The earliest surgery appointment he had Was June 17th which is like even further So I'm not having the the implant Surgery until June 17th which honestly Is fine because it just gives it longer To heal for me me to like really feel Good and we have some plans already at The beginning of June so it just the Date do it does work out but I guess I Just wanted to say like this whole

Process for those of you like that need To have things done or you've been Putting it off or what I just want you Guys to know like this process is Freaking long okay like it's long it's Worth it but it is long so it's like Almost a whole year of of dealing with This and by the way guys I am still Wearing my retainer I never ended up Getting that piece like glued in or Cemented in I'm just rocking the Retainer I take it in and out I love it Uh I think most people would never Choose to do it this way but I prefer it And that's just what I've been doing so That's the update and crush your fingers That I continue to feel good now Continuing on um but I do want to follow Up with a question that I I got a lot of And it's kind of still involving this Whole teeth Journey thing a lot of People ask me if I am still able or Still planning on helping other people With their teeth Journeys as well Because you know I did say that this is Something that it's like close to me Like this is something I really struggle With I am so fortunate and blessed that I have the financial means to take care Of this and I want to help others and I'm I'm I was very truthful about that So I definitely already have reached out To people sent them money um there was One person that I gave a very large sum

Of money five figures to to help her Completely re reconfigure her whole Dental mou like she she's not doing well At all um she's actually hasn't even had It done yet um she needed to get medical Clearance and so she's working with that Um so anyway I definitely am I it I just Feel like it's weird to like announce it Because then it's like I'm just looking For recognition and like praise and That's not what it is but I defin I Definitely I I'm keeping my word with That let's move on to something happy so I got a lot of questions about Josh how Is Josh where is Josh Josh should be More videos Josh Jos Josh Josh Josh Everyone loves Josh so he's not even Home right now but he's great he's great We're great uh we actually just Celebrated our 15-year wedding Anniversary which is super exciting and To celebrate I already put this in Another video but we're going to the Masters in Augusta Georgia we both love Golf he loves golf more than me but I Still love it too I don't really play Myself that often but we'll go out Golfing I'll either ride around Sometimes I'll hit some holes but I love Watching golf like people say it's Boring I completely disagree the Masters Are a really big deal I feel like people You know wait a lifetime to go and we Were able to get tickets so we are going

To Augusta Georgia on Saturday and Sunday of the tournament so like the two Best days too so we leave in a couple Days for that maybe even when you're Seeing this we might be there um but Yeah that's what we're doing to Celebrate our wedding anniversary I feel Like it's a Once in a-lifetime thing I Don't know he's not in my videos that Often he doesn't like love being on Camera I mean I feel like he's really Good at it he's good though okay let's Move on to this next question I wasn't Planning on doing it next but I feel Like it's a good segue uh so a lot of People asked me this in various ways but Mainly like do you have a team have you Hired a lot of people or do you mainly Do this all by yourself and there has Been a recent development with that so Again I I mainly work with Josh I mean We love it we actually work really Really well together he's a huge help But then I also have my editor Emily and She's also amazing I've been working With her for years but over a year ago I finally hired an assistant and her Name is Katie and she's amazing and I Want to officially introduce you to her Because she's here I think she I think She's Katie Katie I think I think she's in my I think she must be in my basement um One moment so this is my assistant Katie

Hello everyone so I think you're Legitimately a jack of all trades but Why don't you just tell them I guess Mainly what you do so I do Chase Nails Yes she is amazing I'm sorry like she's The best Nail Tech ever so I used to Work in a salon I was Nail Tech and I Did hair so I also cut her boy's hair And mine yes and theirs I also do some Organizing for her I brainstorm like Help brainstorm with videos and looking For products and things for her to try And El lot of admin stuff like I'll send Her just so many random things and she's Just so good at everything what's Interesting fun fact we are actually Related but we didn't even know we Existed so I always mess this up but we Are Second cousins once removed yes so her Mom uh texted me randomly like over a Year ago and was like hey do you need an Assistant and it was her and it's been Amazing so while we're on the subject of My channel and you know how I work and Team members I thought I would answer This next question which I got a decent Amount but this particular one said Do You ever run out of video ideas is that Why you make so many Amazon videos and So the answer to that is I definitely Never run out of video idea is I have so Many ideas written down probably over a 100 that maybe I'll film in the future

But the real reason I film so many Amazon videos is because hands down they Perform the best I mean without fail It's very clear that my audience loves Amazon videos and it's kind of a an Icing on the cake in that those are Legitimately my favorite videos to film I love it I order so much stuff from Amazon test things out I see what's good What sucks a lot of stuff sucks some Stuff is like eh and I really try to Recommend I think is actually worth it And it's really fun and I can find some Really cool things if they didn't Perform well and they didn't get like Good views compared to my other videos I' definitely would pivot and not do That anymore but it's very clear my Audience likes them which is great Another good thing about Amazon is their Inventory is just so much higher than Other places like if I do a video with Nordstrom or I link things to like Target Walmart like stuff sells out so Fast like it's really annoying actually That by the time I get a video posted Half the stuff isn't even available Anymore and that rarely happens with Amazon that's kind of I guess a behind The scenes look at like why but um um Yeah if things change I will pivot and I've addressed this before but people Continue to ask me if I keep everything I buy for my videos and the answer is no

There's there's definitely a lot of Stuff I don't need everything I mean Some stuff I do keep and I use other Things I do donate to different Organizations that help people in need Families in need women in need I very Rarely ever return anything like I could Hate something and I won't return it I Will just donate it so I know I buy a Lot it is my job but I do feel good that It is going to people that need it or Could enjoy it this next question is Kind of interesting I don't think I've Ever been asked it before but you've Never mentioned your dad is your mom the Only remaining parent so you're right I Don't think I've ever really talked About my dad which is weird but he's Alive and well uh he actually lives Pretty close to me but when I was a Little kid my parents got a divorce like Very young I was like two and my mom Ended up remarrying my stepdad and I Feel like I've had two dads in my life Like my stepdad's been very involved in My life and then my real dad lives Nearby I do still see him but neither One of my parents my mom or my dad like They refuse to be in my videos I I know A lot of you want to see my mom sorry She like will not be in a video I think My stepdad has been in a video one time But other than that yeah I am very close To my family though all right let's move

On to the other topic that everyone was Asking about people were asking if we Got a new house if we're moving if we're Selling this house and if you're Confused I did very briefly touch upon This in a previous YouTube video but you Might have missed it I have talked a Little bit more about it on my Instagram But we did recently purchase a beautiful Stunning breathtaking log cabin in the Mountains and it's actually only like 40 Minutes from here it's beautiful River Mountain views and and we are not Selling this place though so this is Still going to be home based the log Cabin is kind of like a getaway place But we've had it for about 2 months now And we have been there every single Weekend it's really just like the Perfect location because it's actually Closer to the kids school than even our Our main house so it's just like such a Good like triangle in between location That we can really go there and enjoy it Whenever we want I can even work from There I fell in love with it the first Time I saw it and I walked onto the Property like almost a year ago and I Like dreamt about it for months I Thought about it non-stop I just felt Like it was meant to be I felt like we Were meant to have it um I thought it Was listed way too high initially so we Waited for the price to come down we

Continued to negotiate it took a long Time but we finally got it and it's just The best this is the best place ever It's like my happy place again the view Of everything is just amazing the inside It came fully furnished that's another Reason like another selling point in That we didn't have to buy or do Anything to it when we closed like and I Didn't want to change anything it was Beautifully decorated and the original Owners like they put so much time and Effort into designing this place like There are so many interesting details Like I would have never been able to Recreate this ever or Design This or Build anything like this anyway another Question people have asked is are we Going to you know am I going to film a a Tour am I going to show the inside of it And I definitely want to I just feel Like it's so hard to capture it like I Will film different you know videos of It and I'm like it just doesn't look as Good as it does in real life and so at Some point I will people also ask like How many acres does it come with like do You have neighbors like that kind of Thing so it came with 13 acres which is Like decent it's not like tons but it Was you know decent but when we were Already in the process of buying it I Think during the inspection we were Walking around like the Outsource of the

Property we ended up meeting um like a Nearby neighbor that owned even more Property and lo and behold like he Wanted to sell it so and then the price Was really good so we ended up buying More property so now we have 30 Acres Around us nobody can build near us and It is literally like an oasis of Perfection I know I'm sounding really Dramatic about this but it really really Really has been a dream come true for me So anyway I hope to share it with you Sometime soon next question and I also C This one a lot too I know you're on a Healthy Journey removing toxins trying To be clean why do you use a microwave Guys I know I know and that's what I say In my videos that we can't all be Perfect we have to kind of like pick and Choose our battles and you're totally Right though microwaves are so bad I can Fully agree with that and I don't use it All the Time but I definitely have one and when I'm feeling lazy I will use it but I run Out of the room like I run out um I Think that there's really bad emfs that Come off of a lot of things microwaves Are one of the worst thing your laptop's Really bad just so you know cell phone's Really bad microwaves are horrible so if I use it I'll punch it I literally make My kids leave the room I Leave the Room It ruins all of the nutrients in the

Food like I'm very aware of that I Really just need to get it out of the House and then I won't be able to use it Anymore it's just I have one of those Stupid kitchens where it like it's there And I feel like it would look dumb if it Wasn't there but I completely agree I am I am not perfect this question I'm sorry I'm like prefacing every question um Since you don't enjoy cooking how does Your family eat that's what someone Wrote which just made me laugh like Because I don't like cooking my family Does not eat I definitely hate cooking But my family eats I do cook I just Don't make anything that great like we Have rice and veggies and chicken or Burgers boring stuff like I'm not like Making these fabulous meals and my Husband Josh He also Cooks I think my Cat's about to walk by me T she's here Ker okay what was I saying Josh also Doesn't enjoy cooking but he will so we Kind of just take turns it's like a a Team effort you can rest assured my Family does eat but we don't do like Meal delivery or like hello fresh or Anything like that well we do go out to Eat though which is also not great next We're going to do rapid fire questions Do you have hair extensions no do you Get BOTOX or filler no what is your lip Combo in your videos I'm glad you asked Because I brought it down I knew it was

Coming this is the best best best lip Liner ever it is the Charlotte Tilbury Uh iconic nude that's what you want like This is in 95% of my videos I just line My lips with this particular color and Then I'll put something over top this is Just a clear gloss over top where do you Live Pittsburgh Pennsylvania go Steelers Go Penguins I'm a sports fan are you a Christian yes I am do you still have a Plane that is one maybe it's not going To be so rapid fire because I still get This question a lot we had a plane Josh Is a pilot and we had one um we ended up Selling it a quite a while ago actually Because we just couldn't use it I mean It was too small for like what we really Wanted it was like a good learning Experience if we ever to get like a Different plane it would need to be Bigger so we ended up selling it someone Approached us and actually wanted they Offered more than what we paid for it so We were like okay we sold it and we were Initially looking for a different one But we kind of just realized we don't Have time to just be jet setting off to All these places that's another reason That cabin is like Perfection to us Because we can actually use it like we Can actually just go there on the Weekends rather than flying somewhere I Mean it's just it it was too much so Maybe when the kids have grown up and

They're off at college or something we Could look into that again because it is Pretty handy that I have a pilot for a Husand husband but it's just not it's Just not the the right time for it all Righty guys I think I'm going to stop There but I feel better I feel like we Have really caught up I've shared a lot More of what's going on in my life with You guys thank you so much for watching I truly really appreciate you guys even Caring about me even in the slightest Bit I love what I do and I just really Genuinely appreciate you guys so thank You for watching and I will see you in My next one bye