What I Got For Christmas 2023 + Update…It hasn’t been the best Christmas this year. But I’m praying things will improve in the near future!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & holiday season! I’m hoping for a healthy & happy 2024!!!

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Hello everyone Merry Christmas so as you Can see I'm starting out this video Without my teeth crazy don't worry I Have them here I will put them in and be Normal for the video um but I just Wanted to give you an update and like Really show you what I look like and Then also this is a what I got for Christmas video I just do this every Year it's like a tradition Josh got this For me literally two months ago I have a Very strong sneaking suspicion of what It is it's been sitting on my dining Room table for the last two months I Can't believe I'm talking like this to You again I just the last update video I Was giving you all my updates with this In and not really like showing you like Like I just want to put myself out there And be super transparent and real with You let me put these in and I will Continue okay I okay so I have to be kind of careful Still when I put it in because I still Have the stitches in which are coming Out in like a day but suddenly I I'm Back to normal I mean I'm definitely not Normal but I think it looks pretty good I think I talk pretty well with it again I've just gotten so many comments emails Just so many people have reached out to Me with all of their Dental struggles And so I just wanted to show you what I Really look like so that maybe so many

Others don't feel alone and I don't know Just told everybody I would share Everything so here we are I wanted to Also give you a quick update and just How I'm feeling symptom wise um because It was it was and is so much more than Just like oh my tooth hurts I need to Have my teeth pulled no it it's like Through my whole body but again the Procedure itself went very very well Again shout out to Dr Sam Buri he is so Amazing he's an amazing implant Specialist periodontist like he's great He does he uses ceramic implants instead Of titanium he uses like really good Techn like I am just so thankful that I Found him and I actually found him Through my YouTube channel like so That's like everything works out for a Reason everything did go really well and Then also shout out to Dr Michelle rich And Dr Tammy degorio those are my um Dentists and and they're just fantastic Too they made this for me they made the Bridge and so overall everything is Healing well it it's it's it's going Well but what has worried me a lot over The last two weeks and so this whole Thing happened a about like a little Over two weeks ago and it has freaked me Out um because I'm still feeling Symptoms like down my throat and my neck Um so I talked to Dr Sam I talked to my Dentist and this was all yesterday and

By the way this this is being filmed Before Christmas you might be watching It after Christmas or during like maybe The day of Christmas I'm not sure what I'm posting this video but I talked to Them yesterday and they really calmed me Down and reassured me that well Basically just so you guys know and I'm Sorry I'm going into this a lot but I Think there's a lot of people out there That just don't understand this and Maybe in the future we'll have to go Through this but when you have like a Bad tooth one that maybe is dead and Needs to be extracted or one that has Had a root canal which is also a dead Tooth bacteria bad bacteria forms like At the root of the tooth near the bone And it multiplies and it grows it Festers it bruise and and that causes Inflammation it causes bone loss it's Essentially like a low grade infection And I'm sure that was happening Literally over the last many years that I've lived with this cracked root canal Tooth in the front um but I felt fine Almost all the time otherwise I would Have done something about it but like I Felt fine a lot of the time but the last Two months I have felt horrible down my Throat down my neck even like in the Back of my head like it just was oh it Was bad and it snowballed that's why the Like everything just happened so fast

And we needed to have all this out but Because of that bacteria oral bacteria They explained to me and I didn't know This at first but it takes six to eight Weeks for your body to process out the Bad oral bacteria after a tooth is Extracted so we're only at like the two We Mark here and I definitely still feel Some symptoms down my neck but it has Improved and so I'm trying to look on The bright side there because before I Went in to have this whole thing done I Couldn't even look up or look to the Side without it really hurting which is Crazy like like to put on makeup like I Could it it was just it there at the end Like it was bad like I couldn't look up I couldn't look to the side um now I'm Doing that completely free with no pain So obviously there's improvements but It's not perfect yet so anyway if Anybody out there is struggling with This just know that it does take some Time time for everything to all the Toxins to get out of your body but I Think I'm going in the right direction But I will definitely keep going with The updates and sharing everything okay So back to the actual what I got for Christmas video this Louis Vuitton bag I'm assuming it's a bag um I do just Want to say I know so people clicked on This video just to see what the heck This bag is if it's a bag this kind of

Gives me the ick if I'm being totally Honest like I know it was a gift from Josh but Every year that goes on I'm just more And more not really into designer stuff I like especially this year it's like All I want for Christmas is just to feel good I just Want to be with my family my loved ones Be together and just have health like That's what I want however he did get This for me a few months ago and I Pretty much know what it is I think Actually I could be I could be totally Wrong three or four months ago Josh was Like so what do you want for Christmas And he's like you always do that what I Got for Christmas video I'm like I don't Know like I'm just not like I always Unbox a bag like I I'm not really into Anything maybe like a day later I was Like okay so there's this Louis Vuitton Bag every time I see it like I do really Like it but no one can get it it's Always out of stock everyone wants it And then like a month or two later this Showed up at my door so I kind of think It's that and my sneaking suspicion is Maybe he just constantly was refreshing The Louis Vuitton page and maybe it Popped up and so he bought it for me or It's not what I expect at all and he Just bought me something he thought I Would like I don't know so we're going

To open it together okay so I'm just Going to opening it taking the ribbon Off it's never going to look as good um And also I wanted Josh to be in this Video because obviously I'm opening a Gift from him but he didn't want to be In the video he's out running Christmas Errands because this is still before Christmas and he just said he wanted to Watch the video So anyway but if it's what bag I'm Thinking I don't even remember exactly What it looks like yeah it's definitely It's it's definitely what I thought I Can even just tell by the shape oh my Gosh I hope I like it because it's Josh Ordered this a long time ago like I Can't return it now I I would just sell It I guess if I don't like it and again A lot of you aren't going to like it Either um because it's a bum bag we we Know me like I love I love my bum bags So yeah this is the new and improved Version the strap must be Inside let's see if the zipper is smooth Cuz this is the new version cuz the Original bum bag by Louis Vuitton the Zipper was like up underneath and I Hated how like I didn't have it but like Every time I would test it it the Zipper Was not smooth so please let this be Smooth it is okay so here is the bag With the strap which is very adjustable The strap says Louis Vuitton um it is

More of like a guitar strap or like a Fabric strap versus leather which some People might lik or not like but it is Like you can take this off and I could Get something different if I wanted There's like the main compartment which Maybe I should just put it on and Demonstrate I don't know it's the first Time putting it on ooh look at me I I do Like it see okay I like being handsfree That is why I love these so much I know Some people just hate them I just feel Like they are very convenient because He's like ooh I need my wallet boom let Me just get it I need my phone boom let Me get it there is a main compartment Here in the Front and so the inside is like white so That's not ideal it's like an ivory Color that could get dirty still the Zipper is so smooth and that is what was Missing from the other one now another Feature that I also love about this new Design one which I'm going to take it Off so I can show you better there is Another compartment in the back like a Hidden one again a smooth zipper that's Where I want to keep my phone like Usually I just keep a like the just Something separate like my phone I just Want it in a different spot so I can Grab it better or it could be your Wallet I don't know we'll see how I I Use it now this is the vetta which is

Like the untreated leather meaning that If this were to get wet there would be Water marks I'm not a fan of that some People just love it they're like o it Shows the history of the bag I spray Mine with apple guard guys I'm still Here to say the Apple Guard works really Well if you have Louis Vuitton bags Treat them with appleg guard it'll look It'll look pristine for like many many Many years um I can link that below if You if you've never tried it so I will Be spraying this and it will stay Looking just fine I'm excited Hopefully This wasn't a stupid video but I just Wanted to share where I'm at I hope you Guys have a wonderful amazing Merry Christmas New Year like the whole week That everything thank you guys for being Amazing to me hold up I also just want To say a huge loving thank you to Josh For not only getting me this lovely Present even thinking of me and treating Me um I know it's like we share the Money so I kind of bought it for myself But still like he he he did it even the Last two weeks and through our whole Marriage Josh is such a good husband Like on all levels he is just I I'm Telling you guys he's an amazing man and An amazing husband and he's always there For me and does he's just amazing so I Just also wanted to say that so if You're watching Josh I love you I will

Be Hopefully putting out normal videos soon Okay so I will see you in my next one Bye