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Hi guys welcome back to another video Today I'm sharing eight petite style Tips to transform your style so I'm Bringing back one of my OG videos Styling tips for sure girls for Reference oh look she's stretching oh I I just have to go pet her I'm Sorry and I am sorry I Disturbed your Sleep anyways I'm 5' one for reference And I'm not only petite but I'm petite With very large breasts you can't tell Cuz I have fun little tricks I kind of Minimized them like I feel like you Couldn't really tell usually and I know A lot of you guys can relate to that so That's so exciting and as a petite um I Have a really long torso and short legs Of course these aren't rules obviously Every woman's body even petite category So different from one another so it Really takes a lot of trial and error Finding you know what clothing flatters You personally best but hopefully uh Just me sharing my personal experience My personal tips that I use on myself Will help anybody out there so anyways With that let's go ahead and get started As a petite the first thing I always Keep in mind is with my outerwear now I Really love those like drapey elegant Long length outerwear pieces and I used To stay away from them mentioned that Before I have since changed I love them They're my most worn outerwear pieces

But it's really easy to get swallowed up In them one thing that always helps as a Petite um with any outerwear piece not Even just these oversized Styles but It's my outer pieces unbuttoned most of The time I will only button my utar Pieces if one I am wearing a cropped Style because that way I'm showing off My legs and my waistline and therefore It looks balanced playing in the rule of Thirds right but now if we're having Like a oversized style or something a Little bit Thicker heavier in weight uh those I Always have them on button not only is It more flattering but it shows off your Shape better you can show off what You're wearing underneath next thing I Want to point out platform shoes are Fabulous for petites but I would really Steer clear from really chunky big shoes Because naturally I would say probably Most petites have a smaller foot size Being short and then having huge shoes They just look like dinosaur feet so I Want to point that out uh whereas Platform can really be your best friend Being petite it can also be your worst Enemy cuz it can just look a little Silly little too out of proportion so Keep in mind the platform of shoe one Thing that I feel like is skipped a lot When we're talking about like petite Styling and I don't mention this often

Either so I'm glad I'm bringing this up In a petite video but we want to pay Attention to the size of our jewelry so You know the really chunky jewelry has Been a thing lately it's been really Popular trendy a lot of jewelry Companies are selling it now if you're Petite you want to avoid Styles like This it's just a little too bulky a Little too heavy I think going for Chunky jewelry petites can totally pull Off but I recommend going for small Pieces so like the earrings I'm wearing Here um I will link my jewelry down Below these are the Abby earrings um see They're chunky but they're not like Heavy first of all and they're not Overwhelming to me at all like some Styles are just chunky and big and long Wide and in between uh and it's just a Little much and not only it's kind of Uncomfortable let's be real also as a Petite I love open necklines I mean like Collared blouses like this are Incredibly flattering not only as a Petite but as petite with very big Breasts so this is a very flattering Style for me uh helps minimize my chest Size not make it look so out there very Flattering classy however I do love Wearing crew neck Styles those are the Hardest for me to pull off with my big Bust being petite cuz it makes them look Even larger especially like the fitted

Styles but one thing I've learned really Visually help balance the top part of me When I want to wear the crew neckline is Long layered jewelry so here I just Added this Pebble necklace to this Regular crew neckline and it's such a Subtle tiny difference and maybe you Can't even tell too much on the camera But that's something in person I noticed For myself visually makes me feel so Much more comfortable because we're Adding those visual lines but with Jewelry we always talk about adding Visual lines with clothing but we have To remember jewelry can play a big role In that especially necklaces and when You're petites now I talk about over the Knee boots I've talked about that a lot In the past uh I think petiz can Absolutely pull them off I think Visually they look great because you're Adding a very long visual Style of over the knee boo I want to Point out that I don't think is the best Are these really scrunch Styles so super Scrunchy and Bunchy not only does this Look kind of sloppy frumpy and messy but As a petite it's going to look like the Shoe was too big on you and instead what I would say is look for over the knee Boots knee high boots with those very Simple clean lines so no scrunching it's Very polished and slim and simple so Examples here I own a couple pairs of

Boots that are pretty slim give those Clean lines and look absolutely fabulous So many other sty Styles out there you Can pick and sift through um I'll link The two that I have that I really like This sixth tip is probably one of the Biggest tips I've noticed when it comes To styling and dressing myself as a Petite is paying attention to Fabrics I Personally love thinner drapey Fabrics Whether it's thinner and drapey or Thinner and fitted I've learned that as A petite these are probably the most Flattering styles for myself uh so Showing examples here like blouses that Are thinner and drapey thinner long Sleeve tops and sweaters that are very Fitted and so big and frumpy and bulky On us these Styles just look absolutely Classy and wonderful and elegant and so Easy to style this is just a suggestion I always break rules when it comes to Tips cuz sometimes I'm just like I just Want to wear what I want to wear and That's fine I think everybody should be Like that just wear what you want to Wear but I have two comparisons I want To share here of a striped sweater one Is like thick chunky and you can see how Heavy it is this is a really old sweater Uh from abber cromi and I actually think This looks quite nice on me I'm petite With a large bus I'm surprised how nice This looks I think it's because uh the

Shoulders like the way it drapes down my Shoulders it doesn't make me look like a Football player uh it actually makes my Shoulders look small and I actually Think that's really cute and then you Have like a slightly oversized sleeves I Tuck it in a little bit and you know if I want to wear a style like this you Guys know you just keep the rest of your Outfit balanced so now if I put take a Similar style of the sweater but make it Fitted and thinner the difference you Know you can see how different I look With just the sweater swap now I think Both look fabulous but I just want to Show you the difference Fabrics can make So I'm not saying one is good or one is Bad in this example I'm just sharing Like the difference Fabrics make I get The more pieces I try and style on Myself I love thinner fabrics and if I Need to stay warm I'll pop on a coat a Layering piece and I am good even my Wool coats that I share a lot are Thinner they're not like super thick all It's so much easier to play around with Looser pieces when the fabric is thinner And more drapey and softer and elegant Adding a thicker outerwear piece so for Example this wool blazer from ABI it's a Thicker piece it's very warm it's Thicker uh but I make sure when I'm Adding these thicker outerwear pieces in Is that again they're not oversized

They're closer to my body they're more Fitted and then I will typically wear You know just like a fitted top on Underneath so it looks more balanced and If I'm going for a oversized style I try To pay attention to the fabric making Sure it's a little bit thinner so it Won't look so frumpy on me but now if I Want to wear something thicker I make Sure it's closer to my body more fitted Like this Blazer now I'm not the only One that probably feels like boots on a Petite can be such a struggle to find Flattering Styles and what to wear them With what bottoms to wear them with Here's a few tips a few Boots three Boots actually that I think are the best For petites and what bottoms I love Wearing them with sock boots are Probably my number one style because you Can wear them with so many things but The main thing I wear sock booties with Is with Slimmer or straight fit pants Because the sock booty hugs around your Ankle and actually these sock boots give A slimming appearance to your leg Especially if the bottoms you're wearing Are slightly cropped so you see more of That ankle and then your sock boot is Wrapped around so it gives a more Slender appearance because ankle is the Smallest part of your leg not only that Is that there really easy to style with Slim straight foot pants I know a lot of

People love this style like straight leg Wide leg slim foot bottoms and sock Booties are the easiest boot to wear With those Styles I also love ankle Chelsea boots now I don't wear them with Every style of bottom like I won't wear Them with mini skirts I won't wear them With midi skirts ankle Chelsea boot is More casual style so I wear them with Like jeans maybe trousers and if I'm Wearing them with like a straight fit Bottom um I actually love making the Whole ankle Chelsea boot expose so I'll Have either the skinny jean or the Straight fit bottom straight fit pant Sit just above the top of the boot so Not necessarily exposing my ankle which If you want to do that you can U but I Just have it sit on top where it's not Bunching together and then this last one That I touched on knee high or over the Knee boot those two I love because again You're creating a long visual line and I've shared many ways I love to style These and if you want to wear a healed Version that's even better cuz it gives Literal height so it makes it so much Easier pulling off like more oversized And flowy pieces if you want to then When it comes to heels same as platform Shoes I think petites really need to pay Attention to the heel height making sure It's not too high and not only sure it's Not too high because I I do think I do

Believe that if the heel is too high as A short person it looks a little funny Doesn't look proportion or balance and I'm talking about like really high heels Uh now you can definitely use that your Advantage if you're wearing like a long Dress and your heels are covered see it But you want to give that illusion like You look really tall or you are really Tall then I think that's fine or really Long bottoms that like just kiss the Floor I think that's totally fine too I Think petit's best friend when it comes To heels is honestly shorter heels I Personally love like two 3 in heels Usually I think it's 2in heels all my Like block heels I believe are like 2 And 1/2 in maybe and not only are they More balanced and more flattering for my But they are so much more comfortable And the older I get I really pay Attention to comfort my last point now I Don't avoid this entirely but I have Noticed I have been wearing it less and Less and I ask myself why I don't wear Those like oversized sleeves anymore uh You know how those like big bubbly Sleeves were popular for years they're Like tied around the cuffs and then They're kind of bubbly and flowy one of My reasons is it's so annoying when I'm Eating or doing anything like I'm eating And reaching for food and the sleeve Touches stuff and it's just like super

Annoying is probably one of the biggest Reason it would always get dirty there It was disgusting it also made me look Really topheavy uh cuz I have these big Sleeves and then I have these large Breasts and especially if I'm wearing a Crew neckline made me look really Topheavy now I still do wear these kind Of sweaters and tops I mean I shared the Example with a stripe sweater I wore it Recently in another video love it and I Feel great in it and that's all that Matters honestly but but I have noticed I am wearing more Styles like this like Fitted like looser sleeves but not like Oversized like this is a lot more Wearable and manageable for my day like I'm not going to be getting food on the Sleeves here it's like really Comfortable at the same time and now if I'm going for looser sleeves nowadays Especially and this mostly works with Blouses uh it's thinner Fabrics so like My cison CL blouse it's fitted out the Cuffs but then the sleeves are more Flowy this is actually a lot more Wearable and really flattering as a Petite because these thinner sleeves Actually give a very slimming look and It has that open neckline as well at the Same time with blouses so it just Slims Out my bus Slims out my arms it doesn't Look so frumpy and like too big on me And again if I'm wearing these big

Oversized sleeves and styles I just keep It balanced everywhere else actually Brings it to the end of this video I Hope you guys enjoyed hearing these Style tips that I do for myself as a 5'1 Petite person long torso short legs Anything I shared in this video I'll Have it all linked down below if you Happen to be Ed thank you guys so much For watching and I'll see you in my next One bye