Hey everyone! Today’s video is on pregnancy fashion hacks! In this video I show you maternity style tips and outfit ideas! I really hope you like it and find it helpful!

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Hey everyone so today's video is going To be on some pregnancy style tips so These are a couple of things that I feel Like I've picked up along the way that's Really helped me with dressing during Pregnancy now not all of these things May work for you or may not suit you Might want to start wearing your Maternity clothes sooner it might feel More comfortable to do that but I just Thought I'd give you some of the tips That I've been using that has helped me To continue to make the most out of my Wardrobe although I will admit now I am Getting to the point where I do need to Order some maternity clothes so that Will be another video probably on my Instagram depending on how much time and Stuff I get to film I'm actually in the Third trimester now which is crazy Um but yeah I hope this video would help You so I really hope you enjoy it I'm Just gonna get straight into it so my First tip is to opt for elasticated Waistbands honestly these are such a Lifesaver from the beginning until kind Of almost towards the end I found Um so I've tried at the beginning to Style trousers with buttons and Zips but It didn't last long especially jeans as Well I just felt like after maybe even Like 10 weeks it was just uncomfortable I just didn't feel comfortable wearing Them so definitely opt for elasticated

Waistbands on things like your skirts Your shorts your trousers basically Anything on the bottom half I found Elasticated is the way to go and so here I've just got on these elasticated Trousers with this matching shirt it's Actually a matching petite shirt trouser Cohorts set from zolando if they still Have it I'll leave a link to it down Below Um so I think sizing wise I think I did Size up in the trousers and I definitely Size up in this shirt this shirt's a Large I just thought again it would Really last me throughout the whole kind Of time period and also afterwards as Well I feel like I could still Definitely wear this after the baby's Born as well as before as well So another tip that I found has really Helped me is styling oversized shirts so Specifically kind of long line oversized Shirts I find kind of the most Flattering on me and I feel like it just Works so well especially maybe if you're In the early stages of your pregnancy And maybe you're trying to keep it a Little bit of a secret an oversized Shirt is a great way to do that but also Just again for comfort for that extra Layer going for like a huge shirt over Something maybe a little bit more Bodycon so like I've got on here at the Moment I've got on these Lululemon

Cycling shorts just a plain black vest Top basically and then this vintage Um gray oversized men's shirt over the Top and I just feel like it works so Well casually especially for summer Obviously quite a lot of these tips will Be aimed towards Summer time just Because obviously that's you know the Time period that I'm in now and but yeah Definitely an oversized shirt I find is Such a great staple that you can just Chuck on over the top of things so just Kind of following on from shirts another Item that I really like that I think is Really flattering is a kimono so kind of Like a maxi or midi style or maybe if You are in the winter to opt for a midi Or Maxi coat I feel like this is just so Flattering again and really easy to add As an extra layer over the top of Anything so your cycling shorts your Trousers or even just kind of like a red Dress like this I just feel like it Looks so flattering and also quite Elegant and things too so I would Definitely recommend you know putting Your kimono or something long over the Top as well so here I've just got on This long Maxi Um kimono which was from boohoo and then Underneath I've just got on this ribbed Kind of midi maxi dress from River Island and then just a pair of sandals And I feel like that works really well

For summer and then also just following On from that it kind of brings me on to My next tip which is to always opt for Stretchy materials so with this I mean If you're going for kind of like a dress Definitely something like this dress Which is very very stretchy and it will Be able to kind of grow with you as you Get bigger and also you can wear it Afterwards after when you are postpartum As well and so definitely opting for Stretching materials I feel like a Stretchy dress like this just works so Well and you can always layer things Over the top if you feel like you kind Of want something over the top or it's a Little bit chilly honestly I feel like The majority of these tips are all about Being comfortable and I feel like that's The most important thing so another huge Tip for me would just basically be Leggings leggings have been such a Lifesaver for me throughout they've just Been so comfortable my favorite leggings Are the Lululemon leggings and I'll Leave them down below Um but they're just the best I think all Around for Comfort stretchiness style The colors the leg lengths because I Always struggle to find you know good Lengths for me because I am shorter and They do so many different options so I'll leave them down below if you want To see how I style them I've done quite

A few reels I think I've put some on YouTube and some on Instagram so again Check those out if maybe you're looking For a bit of inspire but I feel like Leggings are quite easy to style anyway But actually before I've also done a how To make leggings look elegant I think That's what it was called again I'll Link that video and down below in the Description box if maybe that's your Style and you kind of want to look Elegant and put together not so much Casual and but obviously you want to Wear your leggings for Comfort maybe not All of those tips will work but I feel Like there's definitely bits you can Pull out of that video and Implement Into your wardrobe the next one I wanted To speak about are flared leggings I Feel like there's just something about The fled leggings which is just even More kind of flattering and they're also Really great if you're kind of wanting Something a little bit more kind of chic And put together maybe for work Um so here I've just got on a black Blazer which is from marks and Spencer's Just a black Cami top and then these Black flared leggings which I think are From zalando again they'll be in the Description box Um but I just feel like they're just so Flattering and I would really recommend Them if you are pregnant especially if

You know you're working right up until The end Um these flared styles are just really Great for that kind of smart casual look So another tip that I would really Recommend are peplum style top so I've Just got on this peplum top which was From boohoo years ago now so I link a Similar one below with these kind of Like flared v-cut leggings which I think Were from zando again all in the Description box Um but yeah I would definitely opt for These peplum Styles they're super Flattering and also because they kind of Go out a bit they can very much kind of Grow with you and they're just super Comfortable as well so I definitely Recommend some of those and you can also Style them after your pregnancy too kind Of brings me on to another tip which Would definitely be to always kind of Opt for one size up so it was nearly all Of the clothes that I've been buying Recently so any of my leggings or tops And things like this this or my trousers I would definitely go a size up from Your usual size maybe even two depending On how stretchy the item is just so it's Super comfortable for you it kind of Lasts a little bit longer and also you Can style it afterwards as well so that Is another really big tip that I would Definitely recommend you do but I

Actually think that's it for the tips Today so I really hope you enjoyed this Video please give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to my channel if you did like It because that would really help me out And let me know your thoughts on any Tips that you might have too in the Comments because I would love to know Them as well and don't forget to check Out my Instagram and my Tick Tock Because I'm gonna be still putting on Some fashion reels and things on there I Just sometimes find it a little bit Easier and quicker for me to do it that Way as a shorter video in a real rather Than a long video like this so Definitely check those out as well and Yeah I hope you have a great day and I Will speak to you all in my next video Bye guys