REVIEW! Who makes the best white sneaker? Seven white fashion sneakers (or trainers) for women you’ll love wearing this summer!


Jack Rogers Rory Sneaker:
Sam Edelman Ethyl Low-Top Sneaker:
Lucky Brand Hadie Slip-On Sneaker:
Coach Westlyn Slip-On Sneaker:
Clarks Kerris Sneaker:
Ugg Brehn Slip-On:
Ugg Dinale Sneaker:

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my Channel today i’m showing you The best white sneakers of 2021 but Before we get started if you’re new here Today My name is abby and i make videos about Fashion and style so if you enjoy videos About fashion and style and you would Like to see my videos every single week Please consider subscribing below and Hitting that like button because it Really helps to Support my channel and then the youtube Algorithm shows my videos to more people That’s hard to say Youtube algorithm algorithm so make sure To hit that like button because it helps The youtube Algorithm to show my videos to more People now that that’s settled Let’s get started for this video my Purpose was to find the perfect white Sneaker To travel in to wear outside during Activities But still look really chic so that you Can wear it with a casual outfit And you could even wear it with a dress Especially during the hot Humid summer months my focus for this Video was to find the perfect pair of White sneakers That you can wear when you’re traveling When you’re out doing activities

But in a way you still look elevated i Wanted them to look good With leggings and a t-shirt and with a Dress as well My personal style is a little bit more Elevated a little bit more preppy i’m Not Super sporty unless i’m actually you Know going outside digging in the dirt Those kinds of things but When i’m going out into public i do like To dress a little bit more preppy and so Each of these shoes that i purchased is Focused around that i have seven pairs Of shoes to show you i Obviously won’t be keeping all of them i Will be keeping my favorite one and Probably returning the rest because i Just don’t need that many pairs of white Shoes this first pair i have for you is From Jack rogers never heard of the brand Before never purchased shoes from the Brand before but I’m really impressed with these the Material on them I think it’s real leather if it’s not It’s very Well made dupe it’s pretty thin and i Just have a feeling that with these Shoes they’re going to look Better over time as the material ages And as you wear them in which is always A positive and

It will make you want to keep your shoes For longer so the investment is totally Worth it These are a little bit girly i’d say These are for the girly girl The eyelids i don’t know if that’s what They’re called but the little metal Rings around The lace if you know what it’s called Drop it in the comments below Is kind of a rose gold color not totally Rose gold but It’s a warmer gold tone And then on the back they have blush Pink And then a gold j r For jack rogers they look cute i think They Definitely look designer in a way i Think they also have a ted baker look to Them They’re also very comfortable i think You would be Happy walking around in these all day um None of the show The shoes that i show you today i think Are going to be uncomfortable but Yeah i really liked these and when i Tried them on it was easy to tuck the Laces In these are five and a half I think you would i’m normally a six but Lately i’ve been having really bad luck With

Six sixes whenever i order a pair of Shoes and a six They don’t seem to fit so these are five And a half and These fit nicely with a sock on i also Think just Because of the nature of the fabric they Might stretch a little bit as you wear Them In so go true to size or maybe a half Size down I’m going to flip-flop back and forth a Little bit between slip-ons And lace-up shoes because i think you Could Really go with either one and in all Honesty i’ve never tried out a white Sneaker before and So i was really intrigued to try both my Inspiration Actually for this video is because i’ve Never tried a white sneaker before but The last few times that i’ve been Traveling i’ve noticed there are these Women In the airport who they are wearing Comfortable clothes Usually leggings it’s kind of like an Athleisure outfit It’s not sloppy it’s not overdone it’s Very understated and Elegant in a way way that athleisure Is you could you know you can only make Athleisure so elegant but it just looks

Really nice and thoughtful And every single one of them has this Bright white pair of tennis shoes on And i think it makes them look so Beautiful i think if You know you have white tennis shoes on It it obviously shows You’re a clean purse and maybe they’re Brand new and so they just hadn’t got Them Gotten them dirty yet but i feel like There’s just something to be said when You see somebody with a pair of Bright white tennis shoes on their feet It makes their legs look tanner if They’re showing any skin and There’s just something very clean and Beautiful about it so that’s what Inspired me I really wanted a pair for my summer Travels okay sorry back onto the shoes This next pair is a slip-on pair it’s From coach actually These feel extremely light the bottom Is a light foam material i Don’t know if it’s rubber it feels like It’s more Foam and then the Fabric on the top itself is i believe Like Canvas and so i i don’t know if you Would be able to throw these in the Washer machine at all but They’re canvas so you’re not gonna be

Able to you know wipe them off or Anything like that If you get them dirty these were on sale At nordstrom i will definitely make sure To link them below But i was pleasantly surprised When i tried them on they’re so Comfortable And i don’t know when i think of coach i Think of handbags i think of You know luxury high-end and i don’t Imagine them Trying to make anything look comfortable I would personally think that coach Would be for Aesthetic rather than comfort but i feel Like they’ve done Such a good job with these and making Them both aesthetically pleasing and Comfortable Something to also note is that on the Back there Is a little bit of leather that has Their classic c logo On it however it’s done in such a light White and tan color that you barely Notice but It’s a nice little touch next we have a Pair of sam Edelman’s if you’re a shoe lover i’m Sure you know who sam edelman is I’ve never owned a pair of their shoes But i’m pleasantly surprised i think That’s something i might be saying with

All of these shoes in this video and Maybe it’s because i just never even Tried on a pair of white sneakers before But I’m honestly shocked at how beautiful i Feel in them And how comfortable they are these have The sam edelman logo stitched into the Tongue of the shoe Which is a nice subtle touch it’s Also stitched onto the back here at the Back of each shoe You can tuck the laces in when you wear Them i think that gives it a nice crisp Look they’re also very comfortable Honestly when i open the box I wasn’t too impressed with the actual Look of the shoe i thought it just Looked kind of Honestly like two street style for me But then i put them On and i saw them in the mirror and i Think they just look perfect Also when i look down at them from above I think they look really weird on me but When I again look in the mirror i kind of see Them from how somebody else would be Seeing them on me i think they they just Look beautiful they look great on your Feet I also like that they’re completely White So it just is nice contrast against your

Skin If you’re going to be showing any skin When you wear these there is Padding also at the back which is nice So your heel You’re not likely to get a blister with These I think i would go true to size so if i Were to keep these i think i would Actually return the five and a half And go with my regular six so that They’re more comfortable When i wear a sock with them also i Think something to note here is the sole Of the shoe It’s completely smooth there are these Small little lines in the sole of the Shoe but other than that it’s completely Smooth So you’re not going to be wanting to Wear these on a slippery Surface yeah if you know if you’re if You’re wearing them on bleachers or Something and it’s raining you know you Go to a baseball game or something like That and it’s raining You are most likely gonna slide around In these shoes so just Just be aware of that be aware of where You’re planning to wear them If you do decide to purchase them and Now for the pair That i was the most excited about However

They’re nice um but they’re not my Favorite These are from lucky brand which is a Very well known uh Great brand on nordstrom’s website which Is where i searched for most of these Shoes these were completely sold out I feel like when you look at the Pictures of them they look Like the perfect most versatile slip-on Shoe because they’re just plain white Such a nice classic cut to them but For some reason when i put them on um They’re A little less expensive than the other Shoes in this video i think around Eighty dollars With tax but when i put them on i can Just Tell such a big difference in the Quality They’re still comfortable but for twenty Thirty dollars more if you can afford it I think you would enjoy Another pair of these shoes a little bit Better they’re still Really beautiful if that’s your budget If that’s your max budget Go for it they’re still beautiful They’re made Out of leather yep Leather uh upper fabric lining yep And i ordered these in a five and a half As well i think they would fit

Comfortably with a sock As well and then the bottom is super Grippy there’s a nice sole here so You won’t be sliding around in these They really are a good Shoe it’s just the comfort part that That gets me a little bit Also here on the back there’s a cute Little tan Um nude colored detail which i think is Pretty and If you’re kind of a girly girl and you Want to tie this Into those kinds of outfits if you have More of a neutral Color palette i think it’s a great way To tie it into those different outfits Okay this is a pair i’m super excited About they’re from Clarks i don’t know if you’re my age if You’re in your 20s Early teens maybe late 20s 30s Let me know what you think about the Brand clarks i feel like whenever i see It it’s like Older people style shoes nothing wrong With that And i actually really like it when i Find a good looking pair Of shoes or a piece of clothing from a Brand that maybe Older ladies would wear because it just Kind of makes me feel cool that i found You know something um from a

Sophisticated brand like that so These are from clarks so comfortable you Guys I think these might be the most Comfortable ones Definitely the top part of them let me See what it says they’re made out of It doesn’t say i think it’s some kind of Leather mixture however they feel more Like Foamy compared to the other shoes and One thing i noticed Is you know just from from trying these On to get the shots for this video I’m also i’m already getting a crease Right along here you know where my like Where the shoe bends every time you take A step so be aware of that i think these Are going to wear In a little bit faster i love the look Of these and just how unique they are However These definitely have a more sporty feel When i Opened the box i thought these were the Most aesthetically pleasing Shoes that i could have possibly ordered But when i put them on and looked at Them in the mirror something i realized Is This cute little tan leather line Which is what i loved about them so much Actually kind of Breaks up the the white and in a way i

Feel like it almost like Makes it look shorter it just blocks it Up it makes your leg look a little bit Shorter and i actually think that might Be a little less flattering it also Gives it a more sporty look so Depending on where you’re going to wear These they’re definitely More on the sporty side rather than the Girly side so if you plan to wear these With really cute fun frilly outfits Don’t go with these If you want something super comfortable Fun for sporting events i think these Will be So easy to wipe down and the laces seem Like they’re great quality Then go with these because they’re Amazing okay you guys Now on to a brand i’m sure you all know And love Ugh i have two pairs of shoes to show You from them Both are incredibly comfortable the First pair is this Slip-on pair they’re so light like If you were to pack these with you Wherever you go you could throw them in Your bag They’re so light they have a nice rubber Sole it’s a little bit grippy Um not quite like a few of the other Pairs but there’s definitely some Texture on it

And then these are actually fabric They’re not leather They’re some kind of woven fabric They’re definitely for the springtime There’s these Microscopic little holes all over the Shoe and then Some elastic here for you to be able to Pull them open So incredibly comfortable and i feel Like they look Really cute on your feet i love this Pair Ugh i got my first pair of ugg slippers This year and I just can’t believe how impressed i am With the quality of their shoes I know they’re a higher price point but The quality of their stuff is so great And you’re going to be So proud of it that you’re going to keep It for years and years to come I would compare the comfort of these Slip-ons to My toms they have a very similar feel When you put them on They’re light they’re squishy and you Could likely walk around in them all day Long now This last pair from ugg i can’t believe That i Like these they’re definitely the most Sporty looking i think they’ve got that Kind of

How do i say it like undone look To them they’re super sporty looking They’re kind of like a worn in leather But When you put them on they just feel so Cool they’re Super duper comfortable along the same Lines as the clark ones i showed you I don’t think these go super well with a Dress Or a girly outfit but if you’re going Again to a baseball game just i can’t Wait till we can go to baseball games And You know fun sporting events things like That you’re gonna look super cool I think they’re understated enough too So that you don’t look too flashy when You try to go to an event like that It does say ugg here there’s a little Plate but it’s all in white it blends in With the shoes so Unless somebody’s really looking closely At your feet they’ll notice but it’s not Like you’re like At a at a sporting event like oh look at Me and my designer shoes Very comfortable leather and i can just Tell that these are a shoe that you’re Going to have Forever and ever however something to Note Is if you take anything colorful i can Tell it’s going to transfer to these

So like if your jeans if you have jeans That sit over these shoes The blue from your jeans is going to rub Into these shoes So just you you have to be so careful With the type of Material you put around the shoes but Overall they’re really cool kind of Old school fun tennis shoe and that’s it For me today Thank you so much for joining me let me Know your thoughts on white tennis shoes Am i the only one who’s like I’m just getting on the bandwagon of This i feel like Forever i’ve just been trying so hard to Avoid tennis shoes so i can look a Little more elevated by wearing slip-ons And Booties and things like that but i think I’m finally ready because I’ve had so many beautiful women just Show me that they can be worn so well But let me know your thoughts on that Let me know what you think did you have A favorite pair What do you think about the price points I would love to hear all of your Thoughts and if you like this video Please don’t forget to hit that like Button because it really helps to Support my channel And make sure to hit subscribe so you Can see my next video next week we’ll

See you next time Bye